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Signoricci (Original) (1965)
by Nina Ricci

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Year of Launch1965
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HouseNina Ricci

About Signoricci (Original)

Thanks to George T. Calofonos for the following info:
When the original Signioricci (Signoricci 1) was discontinued, the number was dropped from Signoricci 2's name. What is now marketed as Signoricci is the old Signoricci 2.

Signoricci (Original) fragrance notes

Reviews of Signoricci (Original)

Herbal and zesty citrus notes on a light tobacco base, elegant and mellow, soft but animated by crunchy green notes and tasty citrus drops, with a subtle mossy-balmy side accord, also slightly resinous. You can smell all notes loud and clear: vetiver, galbanum, rose, citrus, herbs... Simple, classic, fresh and transparent, refined and cozy, with a nice, warm, clean soapy side, perfectly and effortlessly blended with the woody base (a soft, aromatic woody accord of vetiver and cedar). Elegant, modern but at the same nostalgic in its austere refinement, fairly discreet (I mean close to skin) but with a decent persistence. Not the most unique around, but a solid masculine classic.

11th July, 2014
Zesty lemon and bergamot top notes that broaden to a floral and vetiver containing composition. Hints of wood develop. Overall fresh, lemony and a beautiful top summer scent. Very well blended, but with the short longevity that these types if scent usually have on my skin: after 45 minutes it is gone and needs reapplying. A great fragrance though.
25th August, 2012
I still have a little edt left in my old bottle of Signoricci 1 (original). Oddly enough it is almost exactly the same fragrance as Mademoiselle Ricci which was launched two years later. I sometimes wear Mademoiselle Ricci. I consider these two fragrances as unisex anyway. Mademoiselle Ricci may be a little more powdery at the dry down stage but to the untrained nose, it is exactly the same as Signoricci. Both fragrances are very green and fresh without being too citrucy. They don't make edt's like these anymore, unfortunately...
21st April, 2011
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Green and citrus notes in the top, with a slightly metallic vibe on my skin. The base notes are not in evidence much at the very beginning; they do come out after a little bit, but the sillage is not very strong. This is a kind of skin scent, and would probably do well in warmer weather. There seems to exist some confusion over various formulations, but the bottle I have (and its box) look exactly like the picture for the original formulation in the Basenotes Directory. It just smells much fainter than I would have expected from the accompanying pyramid. A full wearing should tell the tale...
18th March, 2010
This review is for the current version in the cylindrical bottle, green juice and black plastic top. I can certainly smell the lemon and bergamot in the topnotes as they hit you with a zesty freshness that cannot be matched not even by Eau Sauvage. I had a slight aversion to this fresh lemon at first but it really has grown on me. My previous favourite lemon from this era was (and still is equally) Arman eau Pour Homme. Iinto the mids, maybe a quarter of an hour later, I get a hint of the rose and ferns; a foliage fight as I get several green notes, none having the upper hand but very well-blended indeed as it gets into the end notes. This has become my favourite fresh scent, ahead of the other two mentioned classics as this never gives me olfactory fatigue in a hurry. very well blended, subtle, sparkling green and citrussy fresh and unassuming. Very much a classic in my book and highly recommended for a morning wake-up spritz, for the office or summer time.
12th November, 2009
This original Signoricci is quite a bit heavier fragrance than the next two. The green in the opening — galbanum — does nothing to help create a sharp, clear, light citrus accord, and even, I would say, darkens the opening with its resinous green. The resulting opening accord is densely green with the citruses adding only sharp and lighter highlights to an essentially verdant opening. Likewise the heart notes — especially the balanced and refined fern and rose add to the heft, mustiness, and density of the fragrance as a whole. The base is solid; it presents a predominating oakmoss, and with a recognizable vetiver and labdanum provides an earthy, woody, smoky touch to the herbaceous green / light woodiness of the scent. I get neither civet nor tonka, but I’m sure they are there, because the resulting accord is very broad, deep, and full. I love this fragrance but, at the same time, I find it rather an enigma: It is both of the sixties and ahead of its time. The solid spirit of the fragrance is very comfortable in its sixties persona, but it is definitely a different kind of heft than many of the sixties fragrances had. The fragrance as a whole is expertly blended and sophisticatedly complex. This is a superior fragrance that was much ahead of its time.
23rd October, 2007

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