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Mémoire d'Homme (2002)
by Nina Ricci


Mémoire d'Homme information

Year of Launch2002
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseNina Ricci
PerfumerChristine Nagel
PerfumerRosendo Mateu
SupplierQuest International
PackagingThierry de Baschmakoff
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Mémoire d'Homme

The long awaited follow up to 1989's Ricci Club. Created by 217Quest and featuring notes of Grapefruit pulp and Vetiver Sap.

Mémoire d'Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Mémoire d'Homme

This is funny, over at this scent gets rave reviews and here it gets a beating.

It's also funny how people can get so many different notes out of one scent especially when some of those mentioned notes are not listed anywhere. Upon first application I get a great boozy and smokey whiff.

After a while I'm also reminded, distantly, of a root beer-like smell. This is not a dark cologne or deep, it seems airy but somehow keeps a serious or formal vibe to it.

I can't really make out licorice, at least outright, I guess it mixes in enough to keep you wondering. Some mention woods, that's something else I cannot say stands up out in the foreground.

Unfortunately this great scent does not stay strong and the projection falls off after a couple of hours, I'm glad I have it though.

If you have the kind of skin or chemistry with fragrances that soaks them up you might find yourself bathing in it to make an impression or project.
03rd March, 2015
Genre: Woods

This smells like a case of miscalculated dosage. After a pleasant enough grapefruit and lemon opening, Mémoire d’Homme lets loose with a staggering blast of Calone, which endures tenaciously to blot out all other content. Every now and then one or another ingredient will bob up for a quick breath in the raging cucumber aquatic tide. Those that do suggest there might be a halfway pleasant spicy-herbaceous citrus chypre somewhere deep beneath the flood, but I can hardly find it. In the end it’s just plain nasty.
19th June, 2014
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United Kingdom
On my skin the opening in dominated by the citrus-grapefruita blast, which soon is enriched by an elegant ginger note that is pleasantly unobtrusive. In the drydown I get a touch of vetiver, but dominating are wood notes that, in contrast to the nice top notes I find to be a bit too generic. A discrete, restrained scent, simple, but with an excellent longevity of around nine hours.
15th May, 2014
ginger and nutmeg done right. Nina Ricci have surprised me with their Pour Homme fragrance. while I usually dont really get Ricci's (reminds me of my grandma who loves L'Air du Temps so much), I get quite good deal for this one. I thought like... its cheap and its Ricci. it can never go wrong

the result is wonderful. projects really well and have great longevity. its not projecting in offensive way, rather elegant and soft. the ginger-nutmeg combo smells masculine-elegance with soft touch and caress.

but... I see a reason why this fragrance get discontinued. its light, but not sport. its elegant, but not smooth enough. its spicy, but smokey. its done very well but losing any wow-effects. its like seeing a men who behave sporty and casual but wearing a suit... oh wait, I know. Barney Stinson. he fits this fragrance. very underrated astonishing fragrance for jack of all trades. doesnt impress to much, but still got his charm
16th January, 2013
A languid effect from the powdery and spicy licorice is notable since the beginning,  few minutes after a first sample of grapefruit, and it reminds me slightly for a while when the licorice softness (a sort of creamy anice) swirls around while somebody is wearing Jasmine Noir Bvlgari. In a while unfortunately, while JN keeps on being soapy and gentle as a dark butterfly flying under a starry sky, Memoire d'Homme starts to become woody-gingery, sweet by nutmeg and chemical with a sort of plastic-aquatic (a liquid kind of common tea-vetiver) final undertone (which rises up slowly melting the gassy woodiness). A touch of smoke is widespread  in the blend. Wonderful bottle. Not a disaster but nothing groundbreaking in my humble opinion.
20th September, 2012
Nothing particularly expiring. Typical male woody scent somewhat dry
original. Duration real poor
A touch of smoke, not much else, no surprise it was cut out!
10th September, 2012 (last edited: 09th November, 2012)

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