Intuition for Men (2002)
    by Estée Lauder

    Intuition for Men Fragrance notes

    Sage, Cucumber, Nutmeg, Cardamom

    Intuition for Men information

    An oriental scent for men by Estée Lauder, which makes a change from thier long running obsession with fresh clean scents. (eg Pleasures, Tommy, Chemistry, Freedom, Athletics, Happy, DKNY Men, Surface Cologne T for Him etc etc...)

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Sharp, zesty, conservative and quite Terre D'Hermes like. Strong in character, somewhat bitter and not a mainstreamer at all. In the initial wave there as if there is an echo of Fahrenheit but that's only for a while. A good quality scent for "stronger" men who'd like to avoid sweet orientals and yet smell contemporary and masculine.

    25 September, 2012

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    If anyone reading this has tried Arpege Pour Homme, you will recognize some of this structure. Intuition is an utterly white-smelling mix of cucumber, pepper, a beautiful creamy nutmeg and vanilla. It smells a bit synthetic upfront for several minutes but softens into a pleasant and desirable lightweight oriental suitable for hot weather. It projects like an ace for all of half an hour, and then the spice notes simply die. Then you are left with a cosmetic powder and vanilla skin scent which is very hard to detect after 90 minutes or so. Very nice scent, but absolutely pathetic performance. If you like Intuition but want more out of it, snatch up a bottle of Arpege PH before it's all gone.

    09 May, 2012

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    When so many fragrances end up smelling like boot polish on my skin, this has a warm understated afterglow which is perfect for every day use.

    06 April, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I'm a little surprised by all of the negative reviews here. Somebody summed it up as "nice" and I think that's an apt description. No, it's not going to rock your world but then, where in the rule book does it say a fragrance has too? Can a fragrance not just be a pleasant, enjoyable scent?

    I like the way this works on my skin. It's not a heavyweight. It goes on light and stays light. I found myself earlier standing there, having a think about something or other and then noticing this scent. I thought "is that me??" and sure enough it was. I thought "you smell pretty good!".

    It is on the sweet side of the spectrum, clean and romantic in style. I read talk of Pheromones but I'm not sure that's strictly true. I remember the same was said of YSL's Kouros but it was never the case.

    I enjoy wearing this as it's a pleasant change to some of the heavyweights and aquatics that I normally go for. I have had compliments and no complaints. I can't sum it up any further than saying, as has already been said, it's a nice fragrance that has an edge of romanticism about it thanks to it's sweet edge. There is a very lite amount of spiciness too it that just gives it a boost of warmth.

    The pyramid is:
    Top Notes: Sage Absolute, Cucumber, Nutmeg, Cardamom.

    Middle Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood.

    Base Notes: Amber, Myrrh, Labdanum.

    03 July, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This offering from Lauder is certainly not awful, nor is it spectacular. For those who think the sweet/spice combo in Opium Pour Homme is too much, this mellower rendition may be just the ticket.

    Intuition is at root a vanilla/nutmeg/cinnamon scent. On me it does have decent longevity. Sillage is mild, so I don't quite get all of the comments about offending people within a wide radius.

    The name is silly for a men's flanker but the bottle is pretty cool in a modernist abstract way. I enjoy this well enough and it'd probably be pretty good on a young man as a first scent.

    06 October, 2010

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    Force of One
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    Got this as a gift from a college gf who presumably liked it. Me, not so much. It has been a few years since I have smelled it but I do remember it seeming rather feminine. That's about all I can recall. I guess the fact that it made such a weak impression on me and I never remotely had the desire to re-up when the bottle ran out says something.

    28 June, 2010

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