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M7 (2002)
by Yves Saint Laurent


M7 information

Year of Launch2002
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People and companies

HouseYves Saint Laurent
PerfumerAlberto Morillas
PerfumerJacques Cavallier
PackagingTom Ford
PackagingDoug Lloyd
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute
Parent Company at launchPinault-Printemps-Redoute > Gucci Group > YSL Beaute

About M7

The first male scent from YSL since Tom Ford took the helm, is packaged in a deep brown bottle with a silver band at the top. The fragrance contains notes of Agarwood and is a fresh and woody sensual scent. Created by Alberto Morillas (Tommy, cK One, Angel...) and Jacques Cavalier (Issey, Ultraviolet..). The fragrance is so called as it is the seventh mens YSL brand.

M7 fragrance notes

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Reviews of M7

I know everyone who reviews M7 has to mention the oud, but to me, the rubbery and medicinal oud elements fade within a half an hour, leaving M7 much more of a well-crafted creamy sweet boozy wood perfume than an oud.

The real star seems to be a mix of sandalwood sawdust and an especially nice oak note, with a hint of green (herbs on top, vetiver later), a careful creamy milky vanilla that gives everything a wonderful richness without crossing over into candy, and immortelle that gives a boozy medicinal quality to the top and eventually melts into the vanilla and woods to give a really great impression of maple wood.

Even in the vintage, I'd be shocked if there's any actual oud in here - it's more of a Farenheit-esque simulation, though it's masterfully done.

In all, a wonderful scent.
07th September, 2018
I don't dislike M7; it has a mixture of vanilla and berry-type fruity notes, against a spicy background. It actually reminds me of a spicier, heavier version of Patou's Ma Liberte. However, M7 is one of those fragrances that I am very aware of every time I breathe in, which I really find too much (and I enjoy heavy fragrances). Therefore, I have to give this a neutral: I like the fragrance, but find it too heavy and clinging.
31st March, 2018
M7 is sweet, sticky, heavy and masculine. Not for summer or casual wear. Very unique, mature and has the cola vibe. Very similar to the newer, Oud Absolu version, so give that a try if original M7 is hard to come by or too expensive.

It's a very interesting experience because you can smell the woods and incense but that's really not what comes to mind when smelling. It is strong and sweet enough to get a compliment but just not in that same vein as those other more popular scents. You'll wear this for yourself, not others.

Excellent performance, projects nicely and lasts all day.
07th February, 2018
Dark, resinous, and powerful, in terms of intensity, YSL M7 lives up to the hype that it's built as a bygone fragrance from the Tom Ford era of YSL. Seemingly a mix of oud, incense, and resin, but nothing too well-defined, lending credence to its superb blending. I do like how it sweetens and the sharpeness gives way to sweetness in the dry down. It's sophisticated, masculine, and strong, while not being overpowering or cloying.

This original is definitely superior to the reformulated version, M7 Oud Absolu, that is part of a line, "La Collection," of a handful of reformulations of vaulted classics, like Jazz.

Certainly for an EDT, it's superlative in terms of power, along the likes of the 1980s powerhouses, or even some of the Mugler A*Men line.

I'm not blown away but I'd still say it leans more toward a "love" than a "like" so I'd be happy to have more than my decant but am also content to test my decant out while I test the market, though the market surely seems high for it.

8 out of 10
04th May, 2017
I won't knock M7 outright. It's a daring, bold scent that is an acquire taste, both for wearer and those who smell it.

M7 grabs you from the very start and demands your (and others) attention with the tangy opening notes coupled with the agarwood. That's where one would determine, IMO, whether or not it's the fragrance for him.

In my case, I found it too strong and unrelenting. Woody oriental scents are a favorite of mine; I like what M7 is trying to achieve, but I think there are other fragrances that do it in tamer, more accessible ways.

Nevertheless...if you're looking for a pungent, powdery fragrance that won't pull any punches, M7 is for you. Quite hard to find nowadays for a decent price, alas.

15th January, 2017
Stardate 20161228:

A nice fragrance. I find no oud in it though.
It is sweety, ambery and has that medicinal vibe.
I would recommend it but for the price. I would get Kalemat instead. Kalemat is an EDP to M7 EDT.

28th December, 2016

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