Camera for Men
    by Max Deville

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    Antarctica Antarctica

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    I accidentally spilled a good amount of this in my apartment because the mini container was missing the stopper.

    I like the scent and I definitely had time to think it over, since it filled my living quarters for a while and rather strongly.

    While sitting at the computer going through the basenote website it hit me. Heavy, and I mean HEAVY, a huge in your face cinnamon note! That is what I get from the aroma of Camera, a very syrupy, sweet cinnamon flavored cold cereal smell.

    12 July, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Horrible overbearing, bug spray like top notes that fade after a few minutes. Powdery floral mids with rosemary as mentioned by Russlan. Base is uninspiring generic wood with a hint of the bug spray opener. Muddled notes throughout, first fragrance to literally give me a headache.

    25 September, 2008

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    United States United States

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    Linear fragrance. Bam, bam, bam. Right through it goes from citrus to watery herbal florals down to a cedarwood. Average and just fine for casual wear.

    29 June, 2008

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    I wore this a few years ago, a sensual manly fragrance, great for a night out with the sweetheart. To be honest i know of nothing that smells quite like it(which is a plus) and its a suprise that it is somewhat difficult to find.
    My closest approximation of its likeness would be the opening of HERRERA for men and the drydown of PHOTO by Lagerfeld, My guess is if you like any or both frags you'd probably like CAMERA for men

    09 March, 2007

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    The fragrance created by the design house of Max Deville, with notes of citrus, cedarwood and rosemary. Simple and casual. Fun bottle - made in shape of telescopic photo lens.

    06 December, 2002

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