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About Vermeil for Men

Vermeil for Men is a masculine fragrance by Vermeil.

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The mysterious Vermeil pour Homme by Jean Louis Vermeil.

Forget the avalanche of notes, this essentially smells of tobacco and mossy leather. It's totally old school, you can dress it up or down, but it would feel right at home after work in that smoky little beat down jazz club, with inexpensive drinks, unpretentious bartenders and music men who appreciate cool cats like Art Tatum and Ben Webster.

Not much complexity, but reasonably abstract, and its character is simple, honest and totally effective.

It will come to life as long as you're at the club, and linger on thereafter, and be sublime throughout, from the first notes till they fade out.

P.S. It's vaguely similar to Davidoff (1984), minus the glorious citrus-florals-greens of the Davidoff, and a stronger focus on the tobacco accord.

11th January, 2018
Old school boozy tobacco and a close enough dna-match to Davidoff '84, yet for a $fraction$. Arguably one of the best values I've come across while searching. Like that there are still houses like Bogart, Puig, Azzaro, etc...? Well, Vermeil is one of those. Not meant for overthink.

An observation that made me chuckle and that sums it up pretty well: "About Vermeil for Men -- Vermeil for Men is a masculine fragrance by Vermeil." LoL, Nailed it!
12th October, 2017
Vermeil definitely falls into the “powerhouse” category without question! Upon initial spray I get a deep and animalistic oakmoss kick alongside a sweet, almost boozy black currant. I can see where one may say that this is similar to Salvador Dali Pour Homme in it’s animalic nature, but Vermeil is much sweeter and I can only make that connection in the opening…and it is fleeting at best. The Dali Pour Homme is much more dry to me and has this sort of fermented quality to it. I definitely smell the carnation and a tiny bit of galbanum in the florals present here, and although I don’t really pick up on much patchouli or citrus independently at this stage, I can only assume that they are helping to create the freshly-opened-pack-of-cigarettes accord I notice in the middle stages of this fragrance. The carnation note really supports the ‘cigarette tobacco’ feel honestly. The tobacco accord is another characteristic that is lost in the dry down and in the end you are left with a slightly musky, wood/cedar with a bit of oakmoss and a light patchouli. Although this ended up not really being my type of fragrance as it was bit too “heady” for me in the opening and middle stages, it is a great option for someone looking for an affordable powerhouse that has an animalic/oakmoss kick! The longevity on this one is powerful as well and it definitely projects, so be careful upon application.
09th April, 2017
For my nose, whenever I see oakmoss in the pyramid, I recoil with caution. I should had tested this first before blind buying it (although no big loss, $13 for 3.4oz bottle).
I am a big fan of powerhouse scents -- Zino, Witness, Paul Sebastian, Krizia, Jacomo, Azzaro, Quorum, Salvador Dali PH, etc. However, this, to me, smells like a sweaty mess. I tried it three times -- last two times I simply had to wash it off after about two hours. First time, I wore it through -- the drydown takes hours and I like it actually once it settles. However, getting there, to my nose, smells like herbs soaking in poopy sweat. I get no bergamot, black currant, muguet, carnation, yling-ylang, or mandarin orange -- all supposedly present. I do get whiffs of coriander, but mostly I get oakmoss and cedar wrapped in something that smells like a person who hasn't showered in days. Too bad -- I was really looking forward to this bruiser (it is a macho bruiser, I give him that). But not a good fit for my nose. I am not thumbing it down since I sense its power.
22nd January, 2017
Oh Yes!! Although there is no indication of tobacco as a note, the collection of ingredients creates an accord of tobacco in this Masculine perfume. The opening has an astringency reminiscent of Maxim's. The sugar content is kept to a minimum by using the natural floral sweetness of Freesia, Rose, Ylang Ylang. Whispers of Fumerie Turque(pissy Currant) and Lagerfeld Cologne. Mossy, musky background creates a little earthiness and adds longevity. Reminds me, in some ways of Criminal in Love by Killian because of the Blond tobacco.
Both perfumes use "interesting" bottle shapes.
Nice quality for pocket change.
15th September, 2016 (last edited: 05th March, 2017)
Stardate 20160804:

An animalic powerhouse in the vein of Balenciaga PH and Davidoff but much more wearable and affordable.
People get tobacco I don't, I get some tea but it is all drowned by the loud sweet animalic blast.
A must for all and at $20 for 100ml for a vintage FB (I doubt there was ever a reformulation) a no brainer.

04th August, 2016 (last edited: 09th December, 2017)

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