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Pure Cédrat (2002)
by Azzaro


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerRaphael Haury

About Pure Cédrat

The third in a line of three fragrances by Azzaro, called 'The Azzaro Collection', Each of the fragrances goes back to the roots of traditional mens fragrances. Other fragrances in the range are 'Pure Vetiver' and 'Pure Lavande'.

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Reviews of Pure Cédrat

Tony T Show all reviews
United States
your basic orange and lemon scent. average sillage and longevity. comparable to allure hmme sport minus the elegance. i think it's discontinued so the price is getting to be outrageous..
29th October, 2012
6of1 Show all reviews
United States
Very sparkly and crystalline in the opening. I was amazed for a moment before my brain finally kicked back in and forced me to realise that all these mesmerising citrus notes were not going to last. And they don't. Gone very quickly into the mid-notes, where I get some citron left and some cedar (both are faint). This runs into the drydown which is a very generic citron-tinged musk that really isn't much to write home about.

All in all, not a bad scent for an hot summer day, but one can do much better.

As with a lot of these citrus mixes, it is good to get some on your clothes, which seems to hold the citrus notes longer than the skin. I just pull on a shirt right after the spraying...
22nd September, 2010
Very, very citrusy and lasts and lasts forever. It is a little agressive maybe at the opening, but it gets milder very fast, more sofisticated and elegant than most citrus fragrances, and pure Cedrat have endurance, and for the price I paid, this has been one of my best perfume purchases ever.
04th August, 2010
This is a very light citrus fragrance and I detect a slight undertone of that grassy vetiver smell. Sillage is moderate, longevity is good and the price is outstanding. Overall, Pure Cedrat isn't bad, but to me is completely forgettable. Don't expect anything more than that and you won't be disappointed.
24th May, 2010
Despite being one of the work horses of the industry, Azzaro have an awful lot of naysayers and most of their releases don't manage to attract much more than mediocre reviews. Pure Cedrat is part of a higher end Azzaro trio of traditional frags, which are called (and purport to be) Pure scents, and include vetiver and lavender. As with most Azzaros, they are quite disappointing with the vetiver verging on dreadful. But Pure Cedrat stands alone amongst these and pretty much every other Azzaro frag - it's a beautiful rich woody citrus that holds onto its citrus accord right until the end. Unlike the vetiver and lavender releases, which are far from pure (the lavender seems to have been topped up with a ton of sugar and the vetiver is a weirdly synthetic herbal mess), Pure Cedrat is very much a traditional and simple woody citrus which smells like it should have come out in the 60s, not that it's dated. It's safe, but a pleasurable whiff all round and, despite that Pure title, at a good price.
05th May, 2010
Smells like last year's lemon zest. When you reflect on the cost of citrus, I think you'll get better value from your kitchen scraps.
12th February, 2010

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