Jaguar (new) (2001)
    by Jaguar

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    United States United States

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    semi-sweet orange/citrus opening that quickly devolves into a synthetic floral mess. I get a little woods/musk in the drydown, but overall the cloying synthetic floral/alcohol smell dominates the entire fragrance. Not good. Not good at all.

    20th November, 2011

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    India India

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    The opening is nice with some citrus/tangy feel but it fades away very fast. Then comes a synthetic vibe like a nail polish remover as The_cologneist said. But a good amount of ginger in the drydown saves some grace. The ginger in the base is well balanced and it reminds me of Bvlgari Blv. Overall it has nothing remarkable. I got it as a gift so I cant complain either.

    04 November, 2011 (Last Edited: 08 November, 2011)

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    United States United States

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    Like all Jaguar perfumes, this is not exception, a solidly built perfume that has been done before. Nothing new, nothing that would stand out in a crowd. Slightly citric, orangy opening with some spicyness thrown in to a heart that is pleasant but not with a clearly dominant note, to end in a woody musky base, Not the best aJguar, not the worst Jaguar either. I like it and I enjoy it, but is a "office" fragrance, a fragrance you use when you do not want to be noticed.
    It is a perfume that will offend nobody, but I would not write home about it either.
    Good quality for a fair price, thumbs up!!!!

    31st July, 2011

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    I feel the benzoin may have killed this one. How on Earth did this mix come up so powdery? The opening is nice, but 'nice' is about the best this karmically bankrupt incarnation of Jaguar is going to get.
    Make the citruses more lively, amplify the volume of the heart notes (seriously, Jaguar, do this), and tone down the powder screaming from the base and you'll have a real product to sell. The original Jaguar has a citric top that pounces. This mewling just won't cut it.

    05 January, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    Rather sweet and musky. At times, it suggests bug spray or a screechy synthetic.
    Boiled celery leaves?
    Verges on irritating, what saves it a bit is that it is not too heavy.

    28 December, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Assuming this is the Jaguar in the picture posted, this stuff is not very good at all. In fact it is a replica of a past fragrance that I can't quite put my name on, I wanna say Lucky You, but I haven't smelled it in a while. Get ready for another honest and critical review by The Cologneist.

    Onto the juice itself.. It starts off decent, very tangy.. Smells similar to sweet tarts actually. Within the first 15-30 seconds that tangy-ness (which I enjoyed) gets overlaid by a very odd flowery note. Picture a flower that you walk up to and smell, and it smells very bitter and unappealing. To finish it all off -- add some sort of pesticide and a lot of nail polish remover to the juice, and BAM you've got Jaguar. Jaguar stays on your skin for an excess of 8 hours unfortunately.

    The bottle came off as strikingly nice, but there was this sticker on the bottom with the oz. size, (I got the 1.35 thank god) and it was aggravating and lopsided.. So I began to pull it off. Here's the great part, once I pulled it off, the whole frame of the bottle came off with it. I'll be trying to return this one soon to get my 12.99 back.

    So all in all, we get this cologne that will make anyone nauseous, unless they're fortunate enough to get a whiff of you in that first 30 seconds when you sort of smell like a sweet tart. With insane longevity 8+ hours, all of these hours were projecting at least 6 inches off my skin (more than this in the beginning obviously) With a very undesirable and cheap smell and one of the worst dry downs I've ever experienced from a citrusy scent. Finally a flimsy bottle. Do not blind buy this one, even if you read the reviews.. this one is a total disgrace.

    Jaguar should rethink making this their signature fragrance, although I doubt they care much about their lineup. I still feel sick to my stomach after smelling that stuff. I wore this stuff all day and it rendered not one compliment, in fact a co-worker asked what I was wearing, I said "Jaguar" she said "Wow, I would have expected better from such an expensive car company" I wasn't at all insulted because we are close, and I actually wanted to ask for her opinion anyways, her feedback assured me that it wasn't just me who felt repulsed. Anyone who gives this a thumbs up does not have insight into the world of fragrances. There are far better things out there.. a cheapo that lasts all day isn't gonna cut it for me. There are "cheap" colognes and then there are "inexpensive" ones. Jaguar is cheap and gets an F in my book.

    10th March, 2010

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