Aqua Velva Original Sport
    by Williams

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    Aqua Velva Original Sport information

    Aqua Velva Original Sport is a men's fragrance by Williams.

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    Italy Italy

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    Mythical, fresh citrus, dry woods, moss, sharp floral patterns, aromatic herbs and menthol, so refreshing and virile with its cooling sensation and the powderful alcoholic presence, absolutely cheap and affordable, an after-shave-like invigorating barber-shop lotion still nowadays retrievable somewhere neaby old shops (like southern tobacconist's shops or decrepit barber-shops selling lotions and shave items). Trying it again by chanse has been an exercise of nostalgia. Enjoy it.

    05th August, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    My husband's cologne of choice; mostly because his father used it before him. It almost has a minty scent that lingers afterwards that I find smells incredibly sexy. It doesn't last as long as one would like , but it's still very warm and very nice for the amount of time it does last.

    25th August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Pleasant enough, but not as distinctive and more generic than its Ice Blue counterpart. For a lighter version of the Ice Blue, I prefer Ice Sport somewhat to this. That being said, apart from the scent being of the "decent but uninspiring" variety, nothing to complain about. Works well as an aftershave too, so a weak thumbs-up overall.

    14th March, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I picked this up as an impulse purchase when I needed some razors. Being a fan of the usual blue variety, I thought this green one would be a fresher, more sporty version of the same. Apparently this is not available in the USA, which might account for why nobody's heard of it.

    This is quite a hit of pine when you splash it on. For a second, it wants to smell like Irish Spring, almost. But there's a harshness here, kind of like industrial cleaning supplies. This bite takes a while to go away, and you're left with a muted permutation of Ice Blue's powdery/soapy undertone for a few hours.

    It's a bit lighter than the ice blue, which, I guess, makes it a bit more "sport-like," and it's an interesting variation. I don't think it replaces the classic ice-blue, but it has its place.

    29th June, 2009

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