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Cuba Brown is a masculine fragrance by Cuba Paris.

Reviews of Cuba Brown

Honestly nothing bad with this fragrance. I detect an initial kind of "liquid-metallic" floral lime morphing soon in to a pleasant still "aqueous" (I mean light and dry) but more "solid" spicy woody scent quite versatile, piquant, virile and fashionable (with a tad of sweeter tobacco-driven final spicy powder). Musk is just accessorial and its feel tends to disappear along the way. Cuba Brown plays in the same league as scents a la Herrera for Men but (despite yet slightly woody-metallic in its background) is finally more spicy, sweet and powdery (vaguely a la Le Bateu Male's dry down). Cuba Paris well works when it comes to decent super cheap alternatives to more expensive (and often disappointing) new releases.
05th November, 2016 (last edited: 07th November, 2016)
I get none of the leathery spicy notes others do. All I get is a slight - very slight - citrus - lemon and lime - and then it disappears. It is on me practically a non-scent.

I doused myself liberally with it and could hardly smell a thing, but after ten minutes definitely nothing.

Only Cuba Red of the six I've tried so far is a winner.
05th November, 2012
What all Cuba fragrances seem to do wonderfully is give you a quality scent at an unheard of price. How can they make this stuff so good, and so cheap. Trust me with the scent of have from this line, no one will ever think you are wearing a cologne that was $10 online for 3.0+ ozs. They will believe you spent at least 4 to 5 times that. And for that alone these fragrances are worth owning. My wife loves all the ones I own and I get more compliments with these and the Cubano fragrances than with any others I have.

What cuba does well is take a scent you already love, and imitate it nearly perfectly, but as it moves to the dry down, you get a soft but very man tobacco/powder scent.

BROWN to be is a more accessible version of CATALYST. At first spray, it is straight Catalyst. It's unique, and manly, but never over powering, Catalyst is a bit to in your face for me. But this is a wonderful twist on this scent. It warm, spicy, one of a kind. But on dry down it gets leathery and more tobacco, while never losing the subtle spice. The only issue I have with this cuba scent (that I have with none of the others) is longevity, This scent doesn't project, after about 20 minutes, and gets so close to the skin so quickly your not sure your even wearing it within 3-4 hours.

But at this price you can always reapply. This is your WINTER scent. Fall, winter, NYC cold weather, cuddle by the fire, reading a good book with a glass of cognac, scent. And you will not smell like anyone else, nor can this unique scent be confuses with any other cologne. If you have used, or sampled CATALYST and been intrigued. This scent to me is far superior, and drys down to a more pleasant natural scent.

It gets more pleasing and warm the longer you wear it till it "sadly" very shortly disappears. So just reapply. There's some cloves in their, some musk, woods, and tobacco. IT IS A WARM COZY SCENT, that never smells cheap or fem. Get some today.
31st December, 2011
This is supposed to be a blend of woods, jasmine, with a bit of bergamot. That is probably true, and those notes are acceptably accomplished, but in performance the fragrance turns aimless, nondescript, and conglomerate with something in there that is off-putting: violet leaf, I suspect. Unlike what EricM experienced, Cuba Brown doesnít become increasingly spicy on my skin; it just sits there being bland except for its bit of annoyance. I have no idea what they were trying to do with this one; there doesnít appear to be a dominant theme or hook, no apparent direction, and itís strongly ehh with a little bit of erp.
18th October, 2007
I expected this scent to smell heavily of unlit cigar, since it did from the cap. That was not the case. It's woody and musky. At first it has a hint of clove, but as it dries down it becomes more prominent, thus the fragrance gets spicier. It reminds me of Catalyst on the drydown. Duration is good as well.
30th April, 2003

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