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    Almost identical to the marvelous Azzaro Pour Homme on me EXCEPT.....Lasting power is not as good. For the price though it's a gem!

    03 March, 2012 (Last Edited: 07 May, 2012)

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    Cuba Black has the grace to imitate a really good men's fragrance (Azzaro pour Homme) and the technical chops to imitate it well.

    Black is a classic 1970s-1980s masculine fougere, though I find it sweeter than the noted bruisers of its genre (Drakkar Noir, for instance). There's a penetrating, chewy note that makes me think of anise, plenty of lavender, and a general soapy barbershop niceness. Is there tobacco in the base? Maybe.

    I find Black MUCH closer to Azzaro than to Tuscany, which is an entirely different idea (herbs galore, incredible bitterness). Black doesn't even smell particularly synthetic, which is a marvel given that it's about $4 for 50ml. Projection is monstrous; apply in moderation.

    I'd probably pick Azzaro over this but I'm not sure if I could reliably tell the two apart in a blind test. Highly recommended.

    22 March, 2011

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    Mar Azul
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    If I have to visually describe it there's a big black something (tarry, almost bitter, similar to isobutyl quinoline found in Aramis, Bandit etc. but without the loudness and directness they bring) with a pale white spot on top (camphoraceous, medicinal, herbal). When I think about it, I always imagine two layers not so well matched - and I have a similar image for Black Jeans and Passage d'Enfer, and I actually like this type of structure. Gradually these two layers start to merge better and the fragrance becomes more plain and flawless, the 'bright' top turned to calming aromatic mix of lavender and flowers, black base remaining quite the same. No bitterness - yet all the time lingering on the edge of it, the aromatic layer not letting it to go further and become a burned tar monster. Quite an achievement. I had a brief affair with tarry leathers like the above mentioned; now I find them outdated and in-your face. This one manages to balance the film noir feeling with an 80's refinement. Good!

    05 March, 2011

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    Feels like a mix of Azzaro Pour Homme and Versace Black Jeans (the "cooked cabbage" smell is here). Like the latter, it is a very dark fragrance that lives up to its name - "Black". Not particularly enjoyable to me, but somehow more wearable than Black Jeans.

    07 October, 2010

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    I hate stuff like this: another so-called "Black" fragrance that doesn't smell dark, black or edgy at all, and is nothing more than an overly sweet, synthetic boring oriental scent for guys. Frags like this smell to me like grape bubblegum.

    How many other "Black" fragrances are out in the market right now? 30?PS Onyx, Perry Ellis 360 Black, Polo Black, Polo Double Black, etc., etc., all smell like this and like one another.

    A real stinker AND snoozer with no originality whatsoever. You want a real "black" designer scent? Go for Jacomo de Jacomo.

    13 June, 2010

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    I'm leaning more towards a thumbs down with this one. Then again, as long as I don't have to smell it so often, it is alright. If I had to smell this every day, I'd get dizzy a lot and pass out. It has a very cloying opening that seems to capture the middle and base of ApH and then kick it up 80 notches. This doesn't smell "black", rather overly cloying, sweet, and ultra synthetic.. while at the same time it doesn't smell cheap, so kudos to that.

    I paid about 8 bucks for 3.3 oz of this, bought it completely blind based on nothing but positive reviews at the time, that's about to change though, because Cuba Black isn't that good. Definitely not worth my stamp of approval. Its title is misleading, as are some of these reviews. No disrespect to the reviewers though, but I feel that the next blind buyer should be aware. As for this staying close to the skin. ARE YOU INSANE!? This stuff lights up a room just a couple sprays. It actually makes ApH look weak.

    So I'd say if you like cloying, sweet, synthetic smells trying so desperately to mimic 80's powerhouses then go for it here. This can be a headache in a bottle indeed, and can project into next year. I like projection, but not when I dislike the scent for the most part to begin with.

    Is it worth the dough? Well, if all of the above appeals to you, then yes. But for less than twice the price you could get about half the amount of ApH; smell really nice, not offend anyone, and not be afraid to tell people what you're wearing either :)

    20th May, 2010 (Last Edited: 13 July, 2010)

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