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Cuba Orange is a masculine fragrance by Cuba Paris.

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A sort of ideal blend of Paloma Picasso Minotaure, YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense, Cigar Remy Latour and Dunhill Red Desire. Clean, dry and soapy. A barely creamy synthetic blend of woods, spices, tobacco and orange blossoms. Decently appointed and affordable. Smells delicate, balanced and close to skin. Dry down is spicy, exotic and virile. I detect a final touch of patchouli. Never overly sweet and this is a great quality. Cuba Orange is nice choice if you are on a law budget while you are looking for a really appealing juice for the women around.
14th July, 2015
Have you ever had an Orange Sherbet Cream Popsicle? That's exactly what this is like. It's like slathering Orange Sherbet and Cream all over yourself. That not might be cool for everyone else, but I love it and find it intoxicating. I'd wear it on a very casual occasion or a date, but not on a first date. Mostly though, I just want to spray it all over myself and squirt it into my nose when I'm all alone at home with nothing better to do than sniff myself like I'm ready to take a bite.
13th March, 2015
For me this is a strong, sweet floral fougere, redolent of honeysuckle - something that a young girl (teen-aged through early twenties) might wear, but definitely not for me or mature women.

A delightful balance of florals supports the honeysuckle - jasmine comes through about an hour into the dry down. Perfectly decent for its type and the price cannot be beat.
22nd October, 2012
Really gorgeous frag. Tobacco and fruits and well done too. One of THE best value scents in the world!!!
06th September, 2012 (last edited: 07th September, 2012)
Cuba Orange, like the rest of its Cuba stablemates, relies more on its novelty elements thanks to its cheap but creative packaging that combines several disparaging and contradictory elements. A Cuban cigar body with the face of an American inventor and statesman from Pennsylvania raised in a world of Quakers and German immigrants, Benjamin Franklin, manufactured in France and given a name referencing pastoral tranquility? Maybe Thomas Jefferson and images of Tobacco fields would have been more fitting for the entire affair, but for its embracing of pure tackiness, Cuba fragrances are synonymous with fun.

Orange begins with a fruity and overpowering synthetic blast of orange peels, tobacco, amber, cream and a touch of spice. To call it overwhelming and abrasively cloying would be a bit understated, and this is when most already lay a justified negative verdict on Cuba Orange.
Then something quite remarkable happens. The tobacco note starts to assert itself into the middle notes and transforms the fragrance into a better balanced and more wearable scent. The modified scent that stays linear from the middle notes on balances itself more into a peaches and cream (possibly vanilla?) desert being eaten in a smoked filled Andalucian flamenco bar. In the background of that bar orange peels are being burned to honor its Syrian Arab/North African roots, the two cultures that originally brought the orange to Spain in the ninth century and transformed the culture into a citric growing paradise. This is what Cuba Orange smells like. Granada in the old gypsy quarter on a warm summer night.
Previous reviewers are right on about the similarities to Rochas Lui and Dunhill Desire, this serves as an interesting compromise that bridges both. The tobacco note doesn't really fit with the fruitier elements. It has a hard time mixing with natural skin scents and can imply the smell of sweat during the dry-down. Very sweet and synthetic and a bit too much amber and cream for sensitive noses.
There is no real occasion or place for a fragrance like Cuba Orange, but it's still interesting. This one projects more than most Cuba fragrances, still as far as life-span, you shouldn't expect to get more than three hours but it grows on the wearer once you get past the richly synthetic opening.
A flawed but still enjoyable compromise between Rochas Lui and Dunhill Desire. Not as bad as the reputation that proceeds it. Cuba Orange is a viable, affordable alternative to more expensive fruit and tobacco fragrances and despite its lack of class and attention to detail in the mixing, still fun and enjoyable and a perfect transporter to Andalucia !

26th October, 2011
If you are giving this one a chance, do it for the mid and base notes for they are quite similar to that of Rochas Lui. The top notes are, simply said, off putting.
24th October, 2010

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