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Scent (2002)
by Costume National


Scent information

Year of Launch2002
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseCostume National
PerfumerLaurent Bruyère
PackagingEnnio Capasa
Parent CompanyBeauty San Spa
Parent Company at launchKanebo > Maxibell

About Scent

Scent is a shared / unisex perfume by Costume National. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Laurent Bruyère. The bottle was designed by Ennio Capasa

Reviews of Scent

A whiter, lighter, more delicate version of Scent Intense, with a more floral-linen soul and less darker contrasts, less warm-sticky ambery woods. Personally I prefer the Intense version (so basically my same review for that applies here too), as it sounds more interesting, fascinating and "stereo", but this may be a good lighter and more luminous alternative.

20th June, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i do enjoy although a bit feminine. very long lasting jasmine with a toch of amber in the drydown. the jasmine lasts and lasts which makes this one a great night scent but not as sweet as you would think. the amber is very toned down,very minimum sweetness but more of a floral scent than oriental.. i blind bought mine and will have it for awhile.
16th January, 2013
Scent is a basic name, and basic is what this composition is. However, despite its simplicity, it's pretty, interesting and likable. Scent is a fragrance that could easily appeal to anyone.

I find it a toned down, more floral version of Agent Provocateur's Strip. The jasmine and frangipani blooms are soft and slightly creamy, which are further complimented by rich notes of tea and amber. There's perhaps other spices also in this blend.

It has a beautiful sensuality, one that is almost unisex. I'd actually like to smell this on a man. There's a rich, ambery woodsiness about Scent which hints at masculinity. While Costume National Homme is the most masculine offering from the brand, I wouldn't dismiss Scent altogether as a fragrance for men also.

The opening of tea, jasmine and frangipani was quite aromatic to my nose. It had a lovely, soothing quality which I really enjoyed. As the fragrance progresses, the amber note becomes more prominent, before settling into a rich, ambery and powdery incense accord.

It's that smouldering sexiness which is conveyed through Scent that has gained this fragrance its fans. The longevity and the moderate to strong sillage has also won hearts. Scent may not be a modern classic and it may not be all that memorable, however this is one fragrance that manages to be quite captivating and a great success for the Costume National brand.
21st April, 2012
This is the lighter and exotic version of one of my absolute favourites, the darker brother Scent Intense. While the latter stresses the combination of woods and amber, Scent exalts the floral note of hybiscus which appears floating on a sink of jasmine tea side by side with a lighter dosage of woods and amber. The outcome is a less dangerous but more bright and balanced version of the magnificent Scent Intense. Genius... it's like an acid organic amber meets the tea-veined CK One's fluidity. Scent is in my opinion more floral and versatile than Scent Intense, better appointed for the daily battles with its touch of more detectable sheer (and subtle) freshness. Decidedly less obscure than its dangerous brother, Scent has a more developed pungent floral note and a more perceivable touch of crispiness while in its formula is far less pronounced the resinous-animalic temperament and the smoky obscurity of the Scent Intense's amber. A great fragrance to be worn in alternance with its more eminent brother.
27th June, 2011 (last edited: 31st July, 2015)
This scent must be changin greatly on skin as i had no jasmine at all. hibiscus makes a spicy accent which reminds me of curry. I just smell spice over amber and it is definetly masculine. No brightness no shine, introvert and boring....
30th October, 2009
I've owned this for a awhile, but haven't worn it in a couple of months. Tonight the air is damp and warm, so I figured it would be a perfect time to review... Scent
I must say not the most dramatic or imaginative name, but for some reason I have yet to swap this one off. It definately carries a more feminine feel, and I would put this at the far vagina end of the "unisex" marketing, but like all fragrances it really is all about the wearer and not the semantics. At 6'3" and 240 lbs I can pretty much get away with whatever the hell I want to wear, so comments about gender dynamics never really affect me. Scent is extremely lovely albeit a bit subdued. I don't have a "note" pyramid handy so I can only go off of what my marginally trained nose says, and this is what it tells me. The top is extremely heavy, even for an EDP. The ripened, almost rotting, berries are completely smothered in intense white floral, so intense that you can almost feel sunlight bouncing off of thousands of blooming tuberose with the pinks and purples of hibiscus barely peeping through the blinding light. After about ten minutes the light starts to dim, and the floral element melts into a juicy, sweet, berry experience. This is the part of the journey that I really love. These are the sweet berries that melt in your hand, not the acrid berries that stain your mouth, your teeth, and most often your clothes. The floral element is still carried in the wind, whispering through your hair and crinkling your nose, but the precious fruits are on the main stage at this time. The heart continues on and on and on and on for at least a couple of hours, until it gently fades into a faint incense tinged aroma that, as strange as it is, reminds me very much of a newborn baby. I don't think there is a person on this planet that hasn't kissed the head of life's greatest miracle and been blown away by the purity of the smell. The drydown isn't substantial... it doesn't offer massive sillage or extreme sexual motivation, but it is entirely comforting. I find that whenever I wear it I just have to smile and let the trivialities of life pass me by, because two hours or more wrapped up in the subtle beauty of 'scent' washes away any of the numerous stresses in life. Sometimes you just want to smell "new"
23rd July, 2009

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