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parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Citrico (2002)
by Comme des Garçons


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Year of Launch2002
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseComme des Garçons

About parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Citrico

parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Citrico is a shared / unisex perfume by Comme des Garçons. The scent was launched in 2002

parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Citrico fragrance notes

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United Kingdom
Welcome to a true summer fragrance! Bergamot, neroli and lemon make for a refreshing blast characterized by a bigarrade-style refreshing bitterness. In the drydown some gentle floral components are added, mainly iris with a hint of young roses, with a faint cedar notes added towards the end. The real surprise is the longevity, usually very short in such summer colognes: six hours on my skin! That silage and projection are quite acceptable is another bonus. Whilst a touch of artificiality means that it lack the supreme quality exuded by Creed's Citrus Bigarrade, it is one of the best summer scent if you like it zestfully fresh without sweetness. 4.5/5.
07th August, 2014
This reminds me of Acqua di Parma. It's a solid addition to your collection. It's fun putting the Citrico on one arm, and the Acqua di Parma on the other just to compare.
03rd December, 2013
Citrico follows the basic cologne recipe of bright orange over orange blossoms and petitgrain, but is mostly notable for the way it makes use of lavender. There's a certain synergy that happens when you mix orange and lavender - you don't really smell the lavender, but instead you get a very dirty bright orange smell that I personally find intoxicating. Citrico does this exceptionally well, even including a dash of black pepper for added dirty brightness and a hit of neroli to extend the juicy acidic citric smell beyond the reach of an average orange scent, so the end result is a cologne that's dirtier than average, and with good staying power. Hours later, I'm left with the smell of honey and orange blossoms smeared on wood, which makes for a good ending, too.

As a side note, I have some serious pet peeves with citrus colognes. First, I hate it when the orange gets too fake and artificial and ends up smelling like Sunny Delight or Tang or some kind of candy. Second, I dislike untempered petitgrain, which can be incredibly harsh if not mixed perfectly. Citrico doesn't fall into either of these traps, which is why it's one of my favorites of the genre.
03rd December, 2011
Everyone must know that cologne means citrus and some kind of lavender. Fresh and open, Citrico is a good study in synthetic colognes. Very pleasant and a good offering, it can get a bit too much at times but on the plus side it fades away quickly. Weird? Yeah. Good pick me up for summer.
17th November, 2008
I guess my love affair with Comme des Garcons perfumes had to end sometime and Citrico was the culprit, although I won't go as far as to say it has ended on a "sour note" (ha ha). After experiencing the intriguing and wonderful Comme des Garcons' Ouarzazate, Kyoto, Zagorsk and Jaisalmer, Citrico was a return to the world of mundane, bland perfumes which seem dumbed down so as not to offend any potential purchasers.

There is no zest or liveliness with Citrico. Instead, it focuses on emitting a light herbally lemon smell that is rather boring. In the herbal/dry aromatic sub-genre of citrus perfumes, Etro's Lemon Sorbet is better made and more complex than Citrico, but that old stand-by Roger et Gallet's Extra Vieille outshines them both. And is much cheaper!

Here are Citrico's notes, per The Perfumed Court: bitter orange, bergamot, neroli, cedar, sandalwood and lemon.
17th July, 2008
Wonderfully fresh, light, and perfect for Summer.

It promises this and delivers for about...5 minutes (at least for me)no matter how much I put on or even if I dab it on clothes (discreetly). I have read all these reviews and wonder if I got a bad batch?

I wish it would last longer because it is exceptional and less spicy than C&S Neroli.

09th May, 2007

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