parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Anbar (2002)
    by Comme des Garçons

    • Launched: 2002
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 3

    Based on 35 ratings
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    parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Anbar information

    parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Anbar is a unisex fragrance by Comme des Garçons. The scent was launched in 2002

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    Australia Australia

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    I'm new to this game, but sample of this cologne that just arrived at my doorstep is terrible.
    I strong citrus opening which was pleasant and quite mature, but after about an hour the citrus was in a death roll with a clove scented crocodile. Now I may be an olfactory philistine, but cloves on my skin is an offensive smell.
    I wish my nose and/or skin chemistry allowed me to share the experience of the reviewers whom gave this cologne a thumbs up.

    16 February, 2013

    alfarom's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    A long lasting EDC at a very reasonably price. Anbar opens with the usual blast of citruses (mainly lemon and mandarine-orange to me) supported by a faint lavender note. Neroli breaks in right away providing the typical Eau De Cologne vibe while a sublte amber note starts to lurk in the back. The fragrance evolves turning into a very simple, yet nonetheless enjoyable, neroli/amber drydown. A very nice all rounder...

    24 December, 2011

    Marathon Alchemist's avatar

    United States United States

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    I sampled all three from the cologne series and came home with Anbar. That's not to say that I didn't like the rest, it was a winner above the rest. Citrico's longevity was much too short. Vettiveru's scent was great but much too common. Anbar starts off like Citrico but ends with a character all its own. Creamy orange blossom. Some have said like a jawbreaker but I never liked jawbreakers as a kid so I wouldn't know but the scent does remind me of a candy for sure. However, since this aspect of the cologne reveals itself on the drydown it's not overtly sweet. It's a thoroughly engaging experience and that's why I bought the 500ml bottle.

    02 August, 2011

    jtd's avatar

    United States United States

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    Expectation is the issue with an eau de cologne. What do you want? Citrus? Yes. Uncomplicated? Yes. Easy to wear? Yes. Long lasting? Not likely. Anbar finds a little bit of a work around here. The name should give it away. Amber is a material that gives a longer drydown missing from most colognes. This is a cologne that both lasts and has a bit more time evolution than most. It starts with a simple lemon with a touch of lavender. Granted it’s a fairly loud lemon, but the lavender takes a bit of the edge off. Soon a bit of green from petitgrain or some other citrus leaf/twig. In the drydown, there is a ghost of the lemon and petitgrain held up by a simple sweet amber and what seems like a bit of musk. Dull? I can’t say no. But does it have endurance? Yeah.

    I went back and forth between this and Vettiveru which is arguably much more interesting. In the end bought Anbar. If what you want is a simple cologne, but want it to last longer than dressing and walking out of the house, this works. Eau d’Hermès and Mugler’s cologne are interesting takes on cologne, too, and are the two other eaux de cologne I wear, but they don’t have the simplicity of Anbar

    05 December, 2010

    Myspunge's avatar

    England England

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    It’s so long since I smelled 4711, I can’t tell whether this one really does bring back those blue and gold splendours or whether my brain is just taking another of its fantasy-shortcuts to the conclusion : ‘rank, over-emphatic cologne’. Odd too, that I’ve worn three mandarin scents in nearly as many days (Tarocco, Hespérides, and this one) and in what turns out to be a descending order of merit, for, though the CdG idea of making colognes with warmer components than usual triumphed in Vettiveru, the project clanks to an impasse here. This dinky orange is drowning in a recently disinfected bathroom bowl. The amber is pushed by the carnation and musk to a curdled opoponax and the citrus responds by turning hissy and cheap. Heartening, in a way, that something so misjudged could get past the corporate guard. Twee and repulsive, like a Komodo dragon in a pink cardie (you know those shocking pictures where people have dressed up their pets, well, like that). There’s an aftertang of cola too. How odd, and yet faintly appealing in the way a squint can be attractive. ‘Anbar’, so they say, is Arabic for amber; it’s also a province of Iraq, where stuff went on you don’t want to think about when dousing yourself of a morning.

    27 August, 2009

    Sugandaraja's avatar

    Canada Canada

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    I find this fragrance charming, luxuriant and unusually well priced for a niche fragrance.

    I think the title may have mislead people looking for something in the vein of Ambre Sultan or Ambre Russe. This is nothing like those rich orientals.

    Sure, I can picture an Anbar where the carnation was amped up to clove territory, more spices were added, a stronger amber note present in the base... but then it wouldn't be the refreshing citrus cologne it is.

    Anbar starts out all sweet orange, mandarin and neroli, the carnation adding spice to the blend. Gradually the amber begins to take over, and after two to three hours this is a quiet ambery skin scent.

    For a cologne, it has excellent longevity.

    This is a warm fragrance rather than a cool aquatic, and I find it to be every bit as good in winter as in summer.

    05 December, 2008

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