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Dia Man (2002)
by Amouage

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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Dia Man

Dia Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2002

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Dia Man opens with a fruity floral structure, with some leather and woods humming in the background. It smells dignified. After a while the floral character becomes more prominent. Though musk is not listed as a noted, I get a musky vibe. I detect very little of the spices. Neither do I get any of the incense. Very soon everything collapses to a powdery smell with hints of leather and woods.

Coming from Amouage, it is uncharacteristically subtle and fleeting. If you are looking for a very subtle, traditional smelling fragrance for men you might want to check it out.

The only reason not to give a negative rating is that it doesn't smell bad by any stretch of imagination.
13th May, 2015
Great scent, very easy to wear.
Only downside is that if people suffer from allergies, it will cause sneezes.
25th March, 2015
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United States
A very pleasant floral woody fragrance. Suitable for daytime or evening wear. Perfect for the Spring and some say the summer however, it gets very cloying on me in temperatures above 85 degrees. Some complain about longevity, on my skin however I get 5-6 hours of projections about 3 feet out and about 9 hours of longevity with projection about 1 foot away. So needless to say longevity and silage are amazing as is the case with 99% of the line that I have tried thus far.

EDIT: I did not get the similarities to Arsene Lupin at all initially, as I own a decant of the latter as well. Wearing it a few more times, the similarity is unavoidable. While the Guerlain is a bit more harsh in the opening, I find them both to be pleasant. If I had to choose between the two, the choice would be Dia Man

Pros: Smells great, gets compliments, excellent longevity and silage
Cons: The opening is a bit feminine. Can be cloying if oversprayed or in hot humid temperatures.
22nd September, 2014
I don't know what it is about this fragrance but it does it for me. That freshness mixed an earthy tinge. A very manly fragrance in my opinion definitely bottle worthy.
03rd August, 2014
Amouage Dia Man (Dia), poor dear, suffers from the Middle Child Syndrome. Dia sits in the long shadow of older Amouage brother, Gold Man, and can't match his egregious, universally adored younger sibling Jubilation XXV.  And what's with the names?  Dia? Day Among such names as Gold, Honor, Epic, Beloved. You might as well have named Dia Bob.

The smart money, though, will look past the names, the hype  and Amouage’s own trepidation. With the substantially quieter Dias, Man and Woman, Amouage wanted to take a step back from the apparent grandness of the Gold twins.  The middle child might get lost and become invisible to the outside eye, but for a child with a strong sense of self and a good degree of introspection, this scenario could be perfect.  This fictitious child is Dia.  Dia has a composure that is ideal for those who appreciate beauty over finery and values refinements over attention seeking.

Dia is spicy, woody, ambery and just two shades away from grim.   Many of the Amouage men's fragrances are statement perfume's. They announce your arrival. Gold, Ciel, Epic. I'm thrilled to see such unrepentant beauty in masculine fragrances, but as a daily wear, they can be ball busters.  Dia is perhaps the perfect daily wear perfume if you wear perfume as a gift to your own soul. Dia works it's magic over time, reminding you that pleasure should be neither postponed nor uncommon. I’d love to try Dia reality-gameshow style as a test of character. Put a sample of men in a room with all the masculine Amouages and ask them to pick the one that they would wear as a signature perfume. Introduce me to the men who choose Dia.
19th June, 2014
Genre: Leather

As congenial as Amouage Gold is challenging. Where Gold is grandiose and baroque, Dia is balanced, poised, and elegant. It's hard to imagine when you'd wear a scent as big as Gold, but little sibling Dia is an exemplar of versatility. Amouage makes much of its rarified frankincense note, and in Dia it occupies the place of honor. The frankincense is immediately obvious when Dia leaves the bottle, accented by cardamom, soft neroli, and a brief flash of bright citrus. The gap left by the citrus is soon occupied by some sweet dry fruit, cardamom, and gently balanced floral notes, led by peony and ylang-ylang, as Dia settles on the skin. Soon after there emerge two notes that in tandem with the incense carry Dia’s central structure: a smooth, buttery iris, and a subtly smoky leather.

It doesn’t take long for the spices round out and blend with the frankincense, iris, and leather in a tightly blended accord that is at once gentle and exotic. Dia’s heart accord is more openly floral than most contemporary men’s fragrances, but unlike Gold it eschews aldehydes and indoles, making it at once a sparer and less prissy scent.

Dia is not a weak scent, but it does wear fairly close to the skin, which is just how I like it. Though it’s anything but loud, Dia lasts for the better part of forever before entering its suave leather, iris, and amber drydown. I think that the luxurious drydown alone makes Dia worth wearing. It will persist overnight and greet you with its gentle touch when you awaken. Like all of the Amouage line Dia is costly – it was shockingly so when first released in 2002. Now that you can pay more for the Comme des Garcons Luxe line, scents from Indult, or limited editions from L’Artisan Parfumeur, Dia doesn’t seem quite as extravagant.
12th June, 2014

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