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Dia Man (2002)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2002
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About Dia Man

Dia Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2002

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I've had the opportunity to smell 3 different formulations of Dia...the current magnetic cap, the pre-magnetic cap version, and now , the old Khangar bottle me, this is Amouage's most polite and laid back scent...the scent profile seems to say the same , but it seems to get progressively weaker as it goes along the years...the Khanjar version is definitely somewhat juicier and richer than the current version...a shame that in all 3 versions the projection and longevity are poor, because I do find this to be a very attractive scent and gives me much pleasure smelling it...I can understand comments that I've read comparing this in various ways to XXV...there's the incense, the flowers, the flavor of rich fruits and citruses...and there is a vague resemblance in the overall smell of the 2 me though , XXV is a true oriental , whereas Dia strikes me more as a quasi-oriental with a Western edge...I think if there was a designer scent at a decent price that smelled like this, it would be a smash hit with the general public...a gentleman's scent...
19th June, 2018
Dia is subtle and doesn't project much. It is meant to be worn as a skin scent, daily. Although I concluded otherwise on my first wear, I have realized that it actually has pretty good longevity (8-9 hours). Its low sillage makes it less noticable, though. I love Dia for its subtlety and will probably buy a FB, but this is not a compliment getter or "wow" scent.
27th March, 2018
Stardate 20171209:

I have a sample of Dia man. I did not like it. It is thin, weak and meh. Could not understand why people like it.
Then I tried the vintage Khanjar version. And now I know.
It is a masterpiece. Starts a lot like R de Capucci but then veers off to more floral, spicy path. It is very vintage (70-80s) in character and performance ( those who know me will know that this is a compliment).
A shame they reformulated it to green vetiver-cumin mess. Well actually it is not that bad and does get better after and hour or so.

10th December, 2017
The word beautiful relates to Dia Man more than any other fragrance I have ever tried. If I picture heaven in my mind this is what I smell. It smells of the angels.

Elegant, powdery, floral. Just the right side of manly. Longevity isn't great but in fairness I believe the fragrance was deliberately made this way. It is not supposed to jump out at you. It is discreet and gentle. Probably the greatest understated fragrance ever made.
15th November, 2017 (last edited: 02nd June, 2018)
Opens up like the smell of really expensive skin lotion and transitions into the mid/base within an hour to a powdery, spicy (cumin), vetiver dry down which vaguely reminds me of Cartier's Declaration.

Love the opening which feels really classy & sophisticated but the dry down not so much.
It sits very close to the skin throughout its duration of about 6-7 hours.

Would had given a thumbs up had the opening lasted for 3-4 hours.

29th October, 2017
This is the work of a true master. Discreet but brave, persistent, self-conscious, full of the respect for the history of scents.

The opening is floral with touch of plums. Next phase is mix of florals and suede. Final transition is to the mixture of suede and vetiver with hints of patchouli. At the very end I can see a nod to history of barber shop fragrances, at one point even reminds me to some the royal version of Aramis by Aramis.

Dia man lasts about 8 hours on the skin. Projection is persistent and in the range that i like the most, people have to get close to you to smell it, but it’s definitely not a skin scent.

Probably one of the best and complete fragrances on the market today.
24th October, 2017

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