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Eau de Santal (2002)
by Floris


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Eau de Santal

Eau de Santal is a masculine fragrance by Floris. The scent was launched in 2002

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Reviews of Eau de Santal

Eau de Santal is the shy, more educated and sophisticated older brother of Gucci Envy.
While Eau de Santal is reading a book in his Oxford study room (Lady Chatterley's Lover, for science), his little more extravert brother is taking a ride in the woods with his dog, after his work as a gardener.
It almost reminds me as the less velvety, less sweet version of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme.
It is very rounded, smooth, not much sillage, nice drydown.
I get smooth lavender, spices, vanilla, all very smooth, not strong, but delicate and natural.
It can be used in every situation, it is so rounded, fresh, sophisticated.
I wish it was stronger. It can be a signature scent, it's made of good ingredients by the old house of Floris.
I bought it straight from their internet shop, came in a nice wrapped, ribboned package, and a nice sample.
Though, for 99 Euro, I will not buy again, it's just too quiet, nice for me.
I like it more loud.
projection: 7 (out of 10)
longevity: 8/9
overall: 8
01st July, 2015
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
Reminds me of LIDG

The first time I tried EDS I was underwhelmed, but after trying it again I am pretty impressed. It smells great, kind of reminds me of summer evenings getting ready for an exciting that calm before the storm. It actually reminds me of LIDG without the lipstick note.

Smells: Soft, flowery, powdery, yet with an undertone of aggression. I can't really describe the notes beyond the powdery sweetness.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that I would like to wear, nor is it something I'd like to smell on a woman, unless it is a much more mature or older woman.

Pros: Soft and subtle
Cons: Lacks sillage"

09th July, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Spicy vanilla

A smooth, lightly-spiced vanilla. Unlike many vanilla-dominant scents it isn't heavy, cloying, nor too sweet for non-teenagers. I don't know where the name 'Santal' comes from, I can't detect any. As others have noted, there's a resemblance to Gucci Envy for Men but Envy is much denser and Santal lacks amber and ginger. A heavily-diluted Jaipur Homme might be nearer the mark. Dubious comparisons aside, it's a versatile, office-safe, affable oriental, light enough to wear year round, with appropriate dosing. Longevity is good but sillage is low. I get 8 subdued hours from 5 sprays. P.S. this layers well with the inexpensive Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood, which amplifies the spice notes.

Pros: Versatile, good longevity
Cons: No sandalwood

23rd May, 2013
Too masculine for me to wear, but I love this on my boyfriend: a classic pairing of vanilla and lavender, a male version of Patou's classic feminine, Moment Supreme.
01st October, 2012
It opens with a watery lemon which quickly gives way to a cardamom and nutmeg with a slight hint of vanille. It gets soft and spicy with the pepper and clove mixing in with the ingredients.

I find this very refined and restrained and would make a perfect office or anytime and anywhere fragrance. It smells really nice and I love the soft spice which is the "star accord" within this fragrance. The only thing I wish is that the volume of the fragrance was slightly turned up as it does feel to quiet for its own good. Nice fragrance though.
26th July, 2012
A lot of people like this one among sandalwood scents, but to me it's really an odd mix. Of all the sweet, vanillic sandalwoods, I recall thinking that this stuff takes the cake, going beyond the sweet concoctions of Trumpers Sandalwood and Truefitt Spanish Leather, though I'm not getting that as much this time. The opening is still reassuringly sharp, but with a very christmas-wreath sharpness and some leather underneath. There's a period in the mid notes where I find a surprisingly smooth and suave nutmeg, without its usual bite, and this fits nicely over the coniferous wreath notes. This phase is like a more refined and balanced Rocabar, with less vanilla. I thought I remembered cherry cough syrup emerging from the forest notes last time, but now I'm only getting smooth and slightly medicinal wood. Finally it hits me, though: some kind of unearthly mango or banana, the same that appears in spades in Lucky Number 6, making a sort of fruity oriental over the wood. It's much more restrained here, though, and doesn't upset the overall balance. If I didn't recognize this surprising connection, and a sudden similarity to Gucci Envy in the final base notes, I'd have just said Floris Santal is an unnaturally sweet woody oriental. Since I found those links, though, and especially the fruit component, I've warmed up to it as if I suddenly got where the scent is coming from.
15th December, 2011

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