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Magot (1996)
by Etro


Magot information

Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 37 votes)

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About Magot

Magot is a feminine perfume by Etro. The scent was launched in 1996

Magot fragrance notes

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Reviews of Magot

Magot is a delightfully retro, claustrophobic and "cleverly addle" fruity-floral that evoques the atmosphere of an old parisian attic endowed with brown-bejes multipainted moquette impregnated of the smell of time and garnished by vintage objects and antiquities. The loft is occupied by an old, old , silent and mysterious woman with a mass of swab grey hairs and with a sinister aura. The walls of moquette exude odours of mould and old hesperidated corrupted colognes and the smell is stuffy and stuck. The ancient feel is produced  by a strong combination of bergamot, lemon-orange, cedar, a huge dosage of lavender, patchouli, mellow fruits (apricot?) and iris. This chord, melted in a sink of musk-vanilla and utterly darkened by a sinister jasmine, becomes ancient and vintage, airless and brown. The floral approach is deep, old fashioned and almost acid.The spicy note of cloves is another key element that imprints an hint  of aromatic, pungent and sweet spiciness with its touch of antiquity. The note of lavender, in its link with hesperides and noble iris, reproduces a pleasantly stuffy angular initial smell of old cologne that with time morphs in a woody and oriental sort of bed. Some ancient woods are stuck in the composition. The outcome is romantic, bohémien a bit esoteric and deliberately retro. Yes, Magot is stressed in lavender, corrupted fruits and deteriorated bergamot but it must be like this. Another great Etro.

04th November, 2011
Magot is too much… too much powder and too much lavender. It’s a strong fruity floral with a peach as the fruit note and with rose and maybe tuberose as the florals. The fruity / floral composition is okay with me, although it’s not my favorite construction. The strong patchouli note running through the levels of the pyramid is very nice. The patchouli is the smoky type and gives the impression of a bit of healthy dirtiness. But to me the overbearing powder and lavender negate the good aspects of Magot… Magot has a strong sillage and very good longevity.

24th January, 2011
I guess people in the famous Parisian café´"Aux deux magots" would think you'd just poured the WC-desinfectant over yourself if you entered the place smelling of this incredibly screechy, dismal creation by Etro. There's so much unpleasantness in this one contained for me that I'd rather not go on writingabout it. Suppose you're ready to spend loads of cash on a scent which is worse than most of the average drugstore perfumes (say "Kate Moss" or "Halle Berry") - then MAGOT is the one for you.
07th December, 2010
Thought I would try a perfume favored for its floral notes because I tend to favor scents with musk, spice, wood, cedar...a bit of amber...some tobacco, some smoke, some incense...maybe a wee bit of lavender-smile. I recently bought Etro Etra and loved it, so I thought I would try Etro Magot.

Uhhhh...sadly, this one ended up on eBay. I guess it was worth a try. Bought a near full Tester for a fraction of the unopened bottle price. Unfortunately, this is simply not for me at way. I cannot say I find this fragrance pleasant or unpleasant. Perhaps I am just unfamiliar with floral fragrances. I just could not wrap myself around this potion.

Rose, tuberose, lily, violet, flowery, messy, INTENSE. Intense!! Seemed to last forever! Started to hurt my nose! Asked a few people to take a whiff and those who didn't turn away choking said, "Oooooh...I don't think so!!"

Not a mainstream fragrance by any means (which is a GOOD thing)...not for everyone...not for me :0(
23rd April, 2010
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It's a love at first sniff! I bought it immediately and still treasure it as one of my most feminine floral- sweet&sensual-with a very light powedery accent, dayly perfumes. It's a perfume I am looking forward to wear in the first spring day! Great silage. I love that the tuberose is not dominating but gives the perfume the nesessary deapth and sensuality.
10th February, 2010
Etro Magot

Sweet, boring floral scent...It is not pleasant to me.
06th May, 2009

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