Vicolo Fiori (1996)
    by Etro

    Vicolo Fiori Fragrance Notes

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    Jean paul Jicky
    Italy Italy

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    Well, not much to say about this, it's floral, it's fruity, it even has some "beach" feeling, but the game is too short and can they just think that someone would pay that price for this kind of fragrance! Boring all the way.

    Pros: nice fruity-floral
    Cons: just nice, typical Etro musky-granny drydown

    18 June, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Top notes: Tangerine, Bellflower, Lily of Water
    Middle notes: Lotus, Jasmine, Cyclamen, Fruity Notes
    Base note: Ylang, Musks, Wood, Amber

    I just donít know how to wrap my mind around this floral fragrance. Itís traditionally structured and intentionally old fashioned, yet itís modernly synthetic: It is a bit surreal and a bit Victorian flower shop. Within the core of its abundant floral structure there is a captivating elemental floral uniqueness that is almost out of place: I believe it is the lotus that takes center stage in this accord, and I find its use enjoyable. The first two pyramid levels last a couple of hours before the fragrance turns to its musky, ambry dry down Ė which is so very traditional. Itís a pretty fragrance Ė not beautiful Ė itís a bit gaudy, and more than a bit synthetic. It holds my interest with this note or that... but it just feels so interiorly conflicted that I feel rather sorry for it, like for a friend who is obviously going through a period of confusion. Itís either a work of art that I am not understanding or else itís Ö well, Iíll just say itís a pleasant fragrance.

    23 August, 2008

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    United States United States

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    Very different...for my nose I perceive a green, lemony rose. It also smells wet. Strangely, it took a few wearings for me to decide that I like it...but it's just not a frag for me.

    11th July, 2008

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    United States United States

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    This is an extremely pleasant and relaxing floral fragrance without any screechy overtones so many
    floral blends have. I wear this quite happily during the day. I don't quite understand quite how it
    is perceived as girly a scent. It doesn' t smell exclusively girly on me (or to me) anymore than Habit Rouge , Hammam Bouquet, or Rose d'Homme do--All of which are much stronger, deeper florals.
    I already have the small bottle- I'm going to get the largest one when this runs out( which will be soon)!

    15 May, 2008

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    United States United States

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    I have never worn VdF, but I have given it to two women who wear it for me, and it is so charming. It doesn't really break any new ground, but it is balanced and nice. I don't get a synthetic feel, however, it is cooler than most florals I have sniffed and a bit linear. It is classy but simple.

    11th October, 2007

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    United States United States

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    An intriguing "wet" floral that would be charming for a young woman. Yet on my skin Etro once again strikes out with an ominous synthetic note that prevented me from truly enjoying it.

    15 January, 2006

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