Francesco Smalto pour Homme (1987)
    by Francesco Smalto

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    80's powerhouse that is laced with smoke and the feel of great outdoors.

    I just received my bottle of Smalto PH by Francesco Smalto and let me tell you, it's pretty incredible! This fragrance has been covered in great detail by a number of formidable BN members, but I'll give you all my take.

    Imagine it's 1988, you're sitting in front of a fireplace in your log cabin, the snow is falling and you're nursing a snifter of your favorite scotch. You're wearing your favorite flannel shirt and happen to be wearing Drakkar Noir. You're just about ready to crack open that book that you've been eagerly looking to dive into. The wood is ablaze and the aroma of smoke that is present is gently seeping into the fibers of your clothing an ever so gently finding its way onto your skin. Your Drakkar Noir and the smoke begin to blend, and in time, your scent becomes an amalgamation of both Guy Laroche and the charred wood that is bringing you comfort both through scent and warmth.

    I have found that this fragrance is Drakkar Noir that has been surrounded by smoke and drizzled with Montana Red Box. I would never say that this scent is "fresh." In fact, I'd say that this one is the antithesis of fresh! This scent is deep, smokey, woody with that undeniable "green" quality that pokes its head when attempting to come up for air. As others have said, it's undeniably "macho" and suits those who are wearing a tattered leather jacket as opposed to those in a Canali suit. This fragrance represents rough-edged masculinity at its finest and is absolutely intended for use by those who are secure with their masculinity. Those who wear this fragrance are ultimately looking to readily display this confidence via the assistance of olfaction.

    What I also find interesting is the way this scent evolves. The smokey quality remains front and center on my skin for a good 1-2 hours and then it begins to soften ever so slightly. At this point, it becomes much more of a leather/patchouli/organic juice that lasts and lasts and lasts... The evolution of this scent is amazing... I can't begin to describe it only because I truly believe this one will wear and evolve so differently on different people...

    I am happy to have added this one to my collection and look forward to wearing this winter and fall. I give this fragrance a solid B+ bordering A-. It's not for everyone, but for those who are looking for a rugged, smokey, semi-green, outdoorsy, powerhouse, this one may be your ticket.


    Pros: Unique, evolving, masculine and uncommonly smelled on others
    Cons: The dry-down is where it's at... It just takes time!"

    12 October, 2013

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    A Confident Fougere

    Bergamot, neroli and lavender make a fresh and strong start. The drydown adds classic fern, carnation and geranium, giving it a green/flowery character than very nicely develops over time. The base notes are dominated by a strong but balanced patchouli, with a light musk, leather, and, above all, a classic oak moss. Here the moss is quite paradigmatic but not on the harsh side. A very typical 1970/1980s fougere, with high quality components and very well blended. Strong, good silage and projection, and very good longevity of seven hours on me. Strong but not too overwhelming on my skin.

    16 August, 2013

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    very strong. not for the timid and weak. powerhouse of the 80's. no elegance, just a bunch of mixed up notes with really no direction. i gave it to my dad as he will wear anything.

    08 January, 2013

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    This is great, it get complements, it smells mature but awesome, it last and it projects. And the best: it is exclusive, not everybody own this so this is great for signature scent.

    23 November, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    I bought two 100ml bottles like 1.5 year ago of this old 80's powerhouse due to all reviews I read, not being able to test it.
    It was not in vain as I really love the stuff! Ubermasculanity in a bottle! This juice really rocks and contains all powerhouse qualities! It's macho, dark, smokey, leathery, ubermasculine, strong, lasting and projecting! Most powerhouses don't have all these qualities as Shamu points out correctly as they are mostly not smokey and this dark! (assuming the brilliant Tsar is no powerhouse)
    The opening is a mix of lavender, flowers and leather mixed with anise. The anise seems odd but makes this dry fragrance smell pretty different than any other powerhouse I can think of. The anise complements the other masculine notes during opening and smokey heart stage and disappears when the drydown sets in. The drydown which is pretty soft compared to the first 1.5 hour of the opening and heart goes on for many hours lingering around and never seem to leave you which makes it a pretty long lasting fragrance. The drydown is also still a little smokey with some masculine stuff going on. lots of patchouli, leather and oakmoss are the key players there which keep it dark. As ericrico pointed out there is no freshness at all in this scent but just brilliant boldness in a bottle! To be used in fall/winter only! Longevity is 8+ hrs and sillage above average first two hours and average to close last 6-8 hrs of its long life time. Thumbs way up! Rated: 9/10

    04 September, 2012

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    I was a little hesitant at first to buy this - although I am a powerhouse and aromatic fougere lover, I was worried it would be overly-done or perhaps a shadow of another scent. I was also concerned if the bottle I got was a good one as there are threads on other forums of cheap (possible immitation) bottles. I got the real juice from a reliable source and have very serious affection for this fragrance - excellent & MACHO!

    Shamu nails this - I got hit with the smoky opening full of rich artemisia and florals (similar to a Drakkar Noir base but with added smoke), which sort of floored a good way. It is not as tarry as Jacomo de Jacomo (which can be over the top for me) as the smoke blends very nicely into this - it is not over-the-top, but well-integrated. I would have to say that it is an Aromatic Fougere with a lot of leather, lavender, moss, patchouli, musk and other green/floral scents. The citrus is minimal - this is a rugged scent, not "fresh" - but in your face macho. It is not the tough guy at the bar - it is the bouncer who will throw him out!

    I recently have reviewed the reformulation of Drakkar Noir and feel it is very good (lighter than before). Ironically, this is like Drakkar Noir "Black" - ;-) ! The notes are very well-blended here...impressively so. The smoke stays, but other florals come forward and the fresh top green artemisia (which is a key ingredient in DN as well) keeps this from becoming dank or musty. This is the perfect smoker's fragrance...and yet there is no tobacco note. Apart from Drakkar Noir, I would have to say that this is actually fairly unique. It doesn't remind me of Azzaro Pour Homme (neither vintage or current formulation) - as I don't get a strong anise note from this (although it is mentioned). It is far too green and floral - I do get a hint of tarragon and some nice rosemary, so herbal indeed. I have a large collection of Aromatic Fougeres and this one just found a home in my rotation! Excellent.

    Throw my hat into the ring of really, really like - damn near love. I am curious for a full-wearing of this, but I can tell it is a powerhouse. For now, I give it a solid and respectable 8+/10 and a recommendation to buy (I have worn the latest Drakkar Noir several times lately and increased my rating to 7.5+/10 - I would say they are very close, but slight nod to Francesco Smalto Pour Homme for the depth and not reformulated that I can tell). I would reach for DN to be less-offensive/daytime scent. This bottle to hang out, evenings and just to feel I got a bigger pair. Great bottle of juice and only to be worn by men, not boys.

    19 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 26 March, 2012)

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