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Eau de Campagne (1974)
by Sisley


Eau de Campagne information

Year of Launch1974
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Eau de Campagne

Eau de Campagne is a shared / unisex perfume by Sisley. The scent was launched in 1974 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

Reviews of Eau de Campagne

BLUF: A fantastic, uplifting, sharp, absolutely rock-solid green fragrance. Effortlessly unisex. I am surprised there isn't more talk about this one. *Review based on most current formulation.

From what I understand, this is Jean Claude Ellena's first commercial release. It is very, very nice. A refreshing light green scent with a sparkling lemon note in the opening. Seems like it would only get better on a hot day. Soapy fresh, mossy/grassy, herbal, and natural smelling bitter green notes with some vetiver showing up later on.

I can't help but wonder if this partially inspired Christopher Street by Charenton Macerations. This came out in 1974 and Christopher Street smells like it came out in 2074. It's like Eau de Campagne from the future. A surrealist version, if you will.

The vegetal notes in this are quite realistic, so bright and clean that I'd considering carrying some around with me, in the event I find myself in a shitty mood. Perhaps this could take the place of those "sun lamps" for people who get bummed out by Winter gloom. For me, this is a good mood in a bottle.

I would consider getting rid of a half-dozen other fragrances and replacing them with this. Only drawback is longevity, but I don't really expect anything in this genre to last all day on my skin. Easy thumbs-up for me.
09th August, 2016
The first fragrance by J-C Ellena? It is also one of his best, at least for me. I really enjoy the herbal-green-freshness since it suits me perfectly here in the hot, humid climate. It is not very long-lasting, but what is here in the tropics where scents are beaten into submission. Just keep on spraying is a perfectly fine solution.

Completely unisex and a keeper.
13th February, 2015
Genre: Green

Eau de Campagne is perhaps the most uncompromising green scent I’ve worn. It’s also one of the finest. It displays all of the elements that characterize Jean-Claude Elléna’s best work – clean lines, concision, focus, and clarity – without the stinginess, the anorexic pallor, or the penchant for self-repetition he demonstrates when working below his potential. Unlike say, Cologne Bigarade or Terre d’Hermès, it does not smell like something cobbled together from the leftovers of Déclaration. Nor does it follow the overused pseudo-cedar + tomato leaf + froot du jour formula of the Hermès “Jardin” series. For me Eau de Campagne stands with Déclaration, Globe, and Bois d’Iris as one of the most original and appealing of Elléna’s compositions.

In Eau de Campagne Elléna gathers some of the most bitter, sharp, and refreshing green notes, including galbanum, tomato leaf, and basil, spikes them with a very tart lemon, and highlights their herbaceous character with a deeply aromatic geranium leaf. All of this rests upon a bone-dry, chypre-like vetiver and moss foundation, with a resolutely green jasmine as the only remotely sweet element in the entire composition. With so much that is green, herbaceous, and citric in its composition, it will come as no surprise that Eau de Campagne’s middle notes are neither very potent nor enduring. On the other hand, the nutty, spicy, and ever-so-slightly smoky vetiver-based drydown that arrives after about two hours is as hauntingly beautiful an effect as you’re likely to find in modern perfumery.

Like the equally bitter Campari, Eau de Campagne will strike some as pleasantly astringent, and many as unpalatable. Too bad for the many. For lovers of foliar fragrances, Eau de Campagne belongs next to Chanel’s Bel Respiro, Aramis Devin, and Diptyque’s late, lamented Virgilio in the pantheon of green scents.
08th June, 2014
I remember when I first discovered Eau de Campagne as if it were yesterday, though it was likely over 10 years ago. I had been dutifully trying out various designer ‘masculines’ in a shop and having a ‘Is it just me?’ moment, because they all seemed to be blurring into one another. Then the sales assistant picked up a bottle that looked as if it had been designed by the owner of one’s neighbourhood pizzeria and handed me a sprayed card. Oh yes, this was IT! There was no way I was walking out that shop without it. It was singular in a way the others weren’t and – despite my coming to it decades after its creation – free from cliché.
Today it is the perfume I have gone through the most bottles of. I love what it does to me, I love it despite its shortcomings.
There are times when I have been walking in untamed meadows overrun with an abundance of vegetation that the urge to somehow merge into this setting, be wild and natural, a scuttling, slithering thing, comes upon me. Eau de Campagne brings that feeling home.
Its opening salvo of bitter greens – tomato leaves, basil, grasses, glints of mint, and goodness knows what other foliage – makes the lungs expand with pleasure. There are curls of enlivening lemon zest here, a mossy undergrowth keeping things sharp, and a suggestion of flowers hiding under the tall grass. This gorgeous impression remains, though the progression is away from the sap and juice of the opening towards a dryer herbal territory, and several hours later a bit of soapiness and the chemical undergirding becomes a touch more evident. What doesn’t change is the feel of something uncultivated and open – truly a scent of freedom.
It is remarkable that J-C Ellena pulled something so fully formed and with such a marked personality out of the bag right at the start of his perfumer’s career.
One does need to spray liberally, which doesn’t bother me one bit. I think Eau de Campagne is probably the reason I plumped for the name gimmegreen here on Basenotes.
06th November, 2013
The opening of Eau de Campagne is a sharp, fresh, green salvo of, as many others seem to agree, basil and tomato leaf. I also get what reminds me of a spicy and dry geranium. Very vegetal and brings back memories of playing in the garden as a child. This is not a very long lasting part of the fragrance, and it quickly fades into a soapy, moderately sweet and leathery, mossy accord after about half an hour. A very clean and invigorating green scent, just not as sharp and vegetal as its early self.

Longevity seems to be its only downside. It lasts about 3 hours maximum on my skin, and has quite weak sillage for the final third of its life. This might make it a good choice for at work though, as it is not likely to offend, yet it is still a bit different.

Eau de Campagne is very invigorating and a delight to wake up with early on a sunny morning fresh out of the shower. I highly recommend finding at least a sample for the experience of a truly green fragrance.
26th November, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Eau de Campagne opens with a gorgeous tomato leaf note supported by other herbal green notes evoking a fresh day out in the Spring countryside surrounded by vegetation. It is super fresh, and really pleasant smelling. The scent then turns slightly soapy clean, mixing with the now subdued tomato leaf creating the heart notes. The scent is relatively short lived (as you might expect from an Eau de Cologne), with minimal projection.

Eau de Campagne has got to be Jean-Claude Ellena's best work outside his masterpiece, Terre d'Hermès. Here, he shows his early skill in perfectly presenting the smell of a countryside meadow and it's associated gardens. It is a minimalist but impressive composition that rightly went a long way in putting him in the top tier of noses when it was first released. I wish the longevity was greater, the bottle more interesting and the price lower, but Eau de Campagne is a superb classic EdC that merits everyone give it a sniff, and certainly it is full bottle worthy. 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.
26th April, 2012

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