Bogart pour Homme (2004)
    by Jacques Bogart

    Bogart pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    I really, really liked this at first but after wearing for a couple of months, it suddenly began to, well, nauseate me. I have no idea why but had to stop using it.

    It is a great fragrance - if it doesn't make you sick.

    11th March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Lasts for days and yes..smells of cherry pipe tobacco. A typical Bogart fragrance meaning easy on the wallet and a great lasting scent. This can be a little cloying so easy on the trigger. Btw it has the best atomizer of all the colognes in my collection.

    09 March, 2014

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    I can definitely smell the cherry and tobacco. The only problem I have with it is I get some level of an almost menthol-like feeling when I smell it close to the skin. If I smell it from a distance or get a fleeting whiff the menthol is non-existent and it's just a cherry pipe tobacco scent. I'm undecided at this point, but it's only my first time wearing it.

    05 December, 2013

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    Welcome to the cherry pipe club

    Bought it in Spain last year and as i was on a perfume hunt for the lesser known brands in my country.
    It was after reading here on my wishlist so i bought it.

    Its a heavy tonka/vanilla/cherry bomb!
    Linear from start till end.

    Dont expect a mystical scent but you will get pleased with a moody dense gentlemans club fragrance.
    Indeed as stated cherry pipe tobacco but dont expect much heavy tobacco its more on the sweet side.
    Good fragrance to have in your collection and good for cold winter days...

    Pros: Sillage and Longevity, draws attention
    Cons: Linear"

    23 August, 2013

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    Marathon Alchemist
    United States United States

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    This is a decent scent, however, I wouldn't want to spend all day smelling like a cherry blunt wrap or a fruit or wine flavored black & mild. I say all day because the stuff is potent. It definitely gets major points for that. It's masculine but super sharp on the opening and cheap smelling at first. It does settle into a very nice sweet cherry tobacco that is very pleasant but, again, it smells like a headshop, with burning berry incense, tobacco and blunt wraps blending together.

    02 April, 2013

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    France France

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    BPH is an incredible scent. It's a bomb... that makes you feel good, confident, manly! My wife notice this scent everytime I put it on and she loves it. Yes, the opening is harsh but just give it the time needed to "unfold", BPH is worth the waiting. And no doubt, you'll be noticed. But this is not a offensive, disturbing kind of powerhouse, unless applied like a serial sprayer. It's warm and gets smoother, comfortable, with the time, the tonka being the central player, backing the tobacco and woody drydown. However, as far as notes are concerned, other basenoters has already described it, and way better than I can do.
    For me it's Thumbs up! Highly recommanded!

    19 December, 2012

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