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Bogart pour Homme (2004)
by Jacques Bogart


Bogart pour Homme information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 190 votes)

People and companies

HouseJacques Bogart
PerfumerMaurice Roucel
PackagingJacques Konckier
Parent CompanyBogart Group

About Bogart pour Homme

Bogart pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Jacques Bogart. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. The bottle was designed by Jacques Konckier

Bogart pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Bogart pour Homme

I blind bought it based on some YouTube reviews. I hate it!
It's a synthetic cherry bomb. It's very linear and one dimensional - cherry is all I can smell.

I found it quite nauseating and I'm surprised so many people like it.
15th February, 2018
A lavender/vanilla bomb that lasts all day, and i mean all day.

i usually wear this when i know im going to be sweating a lot while working, stays on you forever!

Also can't beat that price!
20th November, 2017
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This scent is one of the best values going…. Provided you like the way it smells. Bogart Pour Homme is a bargain, powerhouse scent from the well-respected yet in many ways under-appreciated house of Jacques Bogart. The sillage of this scent is amazing and as for its lasting power, well, try to get rid of it and you’ll see. This has a sweet, floral opening with lots of lavender but with a very prominent lily note. The opening reminds me strongly of a household cleaning product called Fabuloso, which claims to have a “Fresca Lavanda” smell, although it is unlike any lavender I have smelled. I detected this “Fabuloso” note in Dior’s Sauvage which really annoyed me, as I do not want to go around smelling like a mop left in the cleaning cupboard. I do not mind it so much in Bogart Pour Homme—it just smells like you are in a freshly cleaned villa in Spain, which is never a bad thing. From there a strong cherry tobacco note comes into play, sweetened by the tonka and vanilla of the base notes. All in all, a comforting—albeit very sweet—scent for fall and winter. I have worn it a few times and was trying to figure out if I liked it when my wife very pointedly asked me what perfume I was wearing. Not aftershave, not cologne but perfume. I told her all about it and she made a face and shrugged, as if to say “fine, it you WANT to smell like that….” Throwing it back at her, I have offered her my bottle and we’ll see how she gets on with it.
11th October, 2017
BpH - purchased blind online for $16, due to all the positive reviews. Gotta say, this is an amazing bargain. Bergamot and lavender opening provides the cherry-tobacco tone other reviews mention, but actually I don't detect anything here that really feels like that, although I'm not familiar with pipe tobacco. I would liken the scent to more of a fruit liquor, with a holiday sweetness. There is a floral undertone but nothing prominent or feminine. The base notes are rich patchouli, tonka and vanilla. Really well blended so that it all stays together for 8+ hours in terrific harmony. A good holiday season fragrance that isn't too winter heavy. Obviously at this price the scent is out of market favor, because nothing really comes across as cheap synthetics and the performance is excellent. Really a great budget purchase that I'll happily wear often. An easy thumbs up.
06th October, 2017
One of the classiest fragrances i own (images of 007 in a sharp suit, spying on a target in Istanbul or Athens come to mind) , amazing when you consider the price point...i get a freshly washed linen and tobbaco with a creamy tonka, almost middle eastern in feel. This is great with projection within the first hour and then settles to a beautiful gentle creamy cotton blanket smell but doesn't last too long 3/4hrs ..totally wearable in any situation and not too overpowering or obnoxious that it cant be worn in the summer. I blind bought this and it turned out to be one of my best blind buys along with nautica voyage and perry ellis red. I find this vaguely simular to mont blanc individuel and jpg le male..but in my opinion this is better than both (or more wearable and flexable)..certainly blended better and less synthetic, i'd loved to have tried the pre-formulated version..fantastic find.
09th August, 2017 (last edited: 31st August, 2017)
I really enjoy Jacques Bogart fragrances. 'One Man Show' is a masculine masterpiece and one of my favorite winter fragrances. I picked up 'Bogart Pour Homme' on a mistake order which I am glad they made the mistake and sent me the wrong one.

This is a lovely fragrance at a price that is easily blind buy worthy. Bogart could charge twice the price and label this a designer fragrance and people would buy it. Fans of JPG's 'Le Male' and Versace's 'Eros' may take note of this scent.

Initial spray is bergamot, vanilla, watery accords and a hint of lavender. This stuff comes out strong and has a good spray nozzle that disperses plenty of fragrance easily. It also projects far and wide, like 3-5 feet out from you for the first couple hours.

As it settles in, it gets more powdery and the vanilla base becomes more prominent. I don't get much floral notes, but its definitely a sweet vanilla matched to powder, covered a watery aquatic tone, but not the 'sport' or body wash kind of aquatic notes. More of a fine spa or hotel room note.

The base is all vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli. Powdery, sweet and lovely. It's definitely a fragrance all its own, and gets me a decent amount of compliments. Its definitely non-offensive, not overly-masculine nor is it loud or cloying.

With my liberal application of a dozen sprays (neck, chesk, wrists and shoulders), I am getting 10-12+ hours of longevity, with very good projection and sillage for the first 6-8 hour range. After that, its becomes a lingering skin scent, but stays on clothes and fabrics for about a week or so.

I am really glad I found this gem. I have tons of powerhouse colognes, and plenty of sport and aquatics. This fragrance is mature, and more for the 30+ crowd definitely.

Ideally suited for business events, elegant and upscale social gatherings, office environments and casual environments where you are still dressed in perhaps loafers, club shorts and a polo shirt. Country club fresh, if that is such a thing, is what this is. Definitely worth checking out.
24th May, 2017 (last edited: 14th June, 2017)

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