Time Uomo (2003)
    by Krizia

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    Mar Azul
    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    A 'white' , 'clean' fragrance but with a bitter floral-woody twist and somehow loud. Like with DSquared He Wood, the combination of woods and violet makes for me the overall impression of driftwood. Then there's something piney and herbal-fresh. This doesn't explain why the fragrance is 'white' but it is, and I wear it often in summer.

    20th July, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Time Uomo is a boring fragrance. I bought this blind because I like the Krizia house - Krizia Uomo and Moods Uomo are among my favorite fragrances - and the price was right.

    However, Time does nothing new at all - it's yet another light, inoffensive, slightly sweet woody violet leaf scent. I like the way scents like Grey Flannel and Narciso Rodriguez use violet leaf: to add a strong bitter, sharp and peppery aura to the scent. In Krizia Time, violet leaf is blended with cedar (a note I generally don't like) to create a soft, limp and lifeless fragrance. I like its transparency, but this is just too wimpy and bloodless to enjoy. This is a fragrance with ZERO character. Its sillage stays very close to the skin, which is fine, but its longevity is terrible - about 2 or 3 hours tops - for a perfume that contains wood notes and violet leaf.

    Overall, Krizia Time is not an awful scent, but it this style of fragrance has been done so many times before by other designers in the past ten years, it just ends up being a big snoozefest. An exercise in pointlessness.

    MY RATING: 6/10

    20th September, 2010 (Last Edited: 15 December, 2010)

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    Time Uomo is a warm, but completely un-sensual, light masculine woods and green florals scent. Think Gendarme with woodsy-green florals in place of Gendarme's detergency and you'd be on the right track. It smells like something that Ellena could have made: light, almost transparent, sort of like the bottom of Terre d'Hermes without the grapefruit or even better, the woodsiness of Bois d'Iris without the iris. Far from "joie de vivre," Time Uomo strikes me as lonely and quiet, like walking through an eerily quiet woods (the way it is right before a storm) by oneself. It's too indistinct, vague, and wispy for my tastes, but some will definitely appreciate its light, inoffensive, and warm woodsy quality.

    21st September, 2006

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    Great classic scent walking the line between many concepts. Time Uomo is some sort of balanced mixture between an oriental and a floral (mainly jasmine). It's not too floral to be mistaken for a woman's fragrance, though, nor does it feel at all 'heady'! Time Uomo is in no way excessive with vanilla, nor does it bear a heavy carriage of spices or a dominant spice note. What to compare it to? Maybe a kind of Patou pour Homme with less amber and even more 'joie de vivre'!

    17 December, 2004

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