Yerbamate (2001)
    by Lorenzo Villoresi

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    Yerbamate Fragrance Notes

    Yerbamate information

    Yerbamate is a unisex fragrance by Lorenzo Villoresi. The scent was launched in 2001

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    Australia Australia

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    I love yerbamate its my second favorite villoresi. Smells like green powdery turkish delight candy. Quitedifferent from other villoresi perfumes. More one dimentional and quite linear. Not such a journey. But pleasant and I would say unisex but only just - more feminine side of unisex. Smells like canoe by dana to me

    17th July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Green

    Given the polarized views that Yerbamate seems to generate here, I was hardly sure what to expect of it. As it happens, expectations were irrelevant: Yerbamate would have confounded them no matter what they'd been.

    Yerbamate goes on green and herbal, almost harsh, with just a hint of spicy sweetness in the background to keep the greens from getting out of hand. The herbal notes assimilate quickly, revealing some incense beneath. The tea and mate surface soon after, blending with the incense to create a very beautiful, yet austere accord that marks the heart of Yerbamate. The smoky note observed by some reviewers seems very faint to me - almost a soft shadow of the tea. The tea and mate volley back and forth between woods, incense and a very light powder in a long, slow drydown whose character changes, sometimes abruptly, until it finally fades.

    This fragrance utterly transcends the typical green scent experience. It is complicated, surprising, and more than a little bit mysterious. I'm not sure why some find it so offensive. Maybe it's just baffling, or maybe it responds inconsistently with different skin types. At any rate, I encourage everyone to give it at least a try.

    09th July, 2014

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    The opening shows the tea and mate note very well, and the mate grows stronger. The greenness with the galbanum and labdanum impression in the drydown add to an overall freshness, that has reminiscences of a nice gin on my skin. Longevity around three hours. A fairly unique scent and is totally enjoyable.

    11th February, 2013

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    Quite powdery overlay on a refreshing greeness. I find myself wanting more green and less -- much less -- powder. It opens with a very fresh and inviting green, rich in complexity, but soon gives way to the powder. It is reminiscent of LV Musk in its powderiness. It is just not my style. I rate neutral because I know that there are people who like this kind of sweetness. I give it two out of fives stars.

    01st December, 2012

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    Finland Finland

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    Very fresh herby beginning, with some softness (that is about to grow). Herbal stuff is (was) not my favourite, seemed to me like fresh after shaves of older men. Elegant men, though. Italian. Acqua di parma, which I like, came to mind. I hadn't tried any other Villoresi's scents. But compared to AdP Colonia this was way greener and stronger. After spraying it I felt like there was this green fresh aura surrounding me when I went around. Very refreshing. Some dry very crispy herbiness, lavender as a main lead, but also some smoothness (vanilla kind of powder), and for me, absolutely right level for a fresh day-fragrance.

    In total: very fresh, green, herby, projective italian quality scent. Might not buy a bottle but would like to have one for those times that a fresh herby uplifting but elegant scent is needed (and that would happen often).

    26th May, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I've started to re-evaluate Villoresi scents and pretty much love Yerbamate now. It opens up very green but also slightly aromatic. It then settles down to a rather lovely infusion of tea and vetiver and retains its freshness throughout.

    Interesting to note that in Tania Sanchez' damning review of this fragrance, the most prominent note of mate or tea isn't mentioned at all. Mind you, this is from a lady who can detect civet in Bond's Little Italy(D'oh).

    19th March, 2012

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