Garofano (1995)
    by Lorenzo Villoresi

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    Garofano Fragrance Notes

    Garofano information

    Garofano is a unisex fragrance by Lorenzo Villoresi. The scent was launched in 1995

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    United States United States

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    Garofano opens with a pungent indolic rose accord of tremendous strength. Only after thirty minutes or so does it reveal an astringent clove note that’s apparently meant to suggest carnation. The rose and clove accord is straightforward, potent and linear, but ultimately clumsy and lacking in depth. Comme des Garçons’ Series 2 Red: Carnation approaches carnation through a similar rose-and-eugenol approach, but is altogether more complex and rounded. If it’s a carnation soliflore you’re after, I suggest you go for the Comme des Garçons.

    14 June, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    As someone said, 'sour and dusty' ... on me, at least. My lasting impression was of a blast of frankincense, which isn't mentioned in the notes.

    02 June, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    I'm wearing it right now: it's incredibly beautiful! Long lasting too, and it's an it.

    07 February, 2012

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Dry dusty dessicated florals over musky woods, with carnation and rose taking turns to sing the lead. It feels familiar yet different somehow, rather like Molinard's Habanita with no leather and less powder. While I prefer my florals on the fresh dewy side, the assertive tone that GAROFANO conveys seems tailored for those times when you feel like throwing your weight around. Go on, wear this to work and boss your co-workers around for the day.

    09 July, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I don't really want to smell like a carnation all day, especially one as sour and dusty as this. 'Piper Nigrum' is an acquired taste to say the least but has it's acolytes -- the rest of the range from this House confuse and disappoint me, apart from Dilmun which is a solid orange blossom. Garafano is plain nasty.

    Stop Press.... 10 Corso Como have a new masculine out called very originally 'Uomo', which has ginger, mandarin, ylang and vanilla notes. It smells divine on the testcard for all of 2 minutes. The blurb for this uses the adjective 'airy' -- I would describe it as worryingly thin. It may act better on skin.

    12 May, 2010

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    Singapore Singapore

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    I wore LV Garofano to work yesterday. The weather was fair as there was a shower the night below. The fragrance has a very good basenote which is not too sweet. It is rather comforting to wear it in cool weather but I think in hot, sweaty days, it might not be wise. It has very good sillage and is really very good lasting.

    09 May, 2009

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