Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc (2003)
    by Bulgari

    Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc Fragrance Notes

    Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc information

    A new unisex Bulgari scent. This contains notes of White Tea and Musk.
    The fragrance was created by Jacques Cavallier, who also created Bulgari pour Homme.

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    United States United States

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    This eau is the epitome of fresh, and indeed unisex. A beautiful fragrance which, although subtle and light, has a lot of staying power for me. However, I find the musk overpowering all the other notes after about an hour. For fans of musk, this is a wonderful, light, all-purpose fragrance. For those who prefer a light scent without the musk, Bulgari's Green Tea is an excellent choice (and one of my personal favorite perfumes of all time).

    21st January, 2014

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    Light and fresh

    A perfumed water for summer - light, please, a bit of citrus in the top note and a delightful white tea note, with a touch of white pepper and a touch of white musk. Very ephemeral and gone after and hour - it is a perfumed water after all. Nice.

    17 June, 2013

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    very nice, almost unisex.

    29 March, 2013

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    If I cannot decide which fragrance I might want to wear, Thé Blanc might be the one. For me it is an unoffensive comfort scent that works well every time I wear it. Nothing special like Bulgari Black. Nothing sophisticated like some of my chypres. Just one of my goto scents for any occasion.

    12 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This is a nice light, almost unnoticeable fragrance. Yet it remains a fresh and clean scent.
    Very fresh.

    31st January, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    A unisex fragrance that in my view should be classified as a feminine.

    At the beginning we have a dominance of Artemisia leaves, a delicate aroma, pleasant.

    After about 15 minutes the heart notes begin to appear, where Artemisia decays (not completely) and white tea begins to dominate, accompanied by a very subtle white pepper, giving the scent a spicy and sweet tone. But it still remains a delicate fragrance.

    At the base they list musk, but I did not feel even a little of it on my skin.

    Projection? Almost zero, is a soft fragrance, delicate, which is close to the skin from start to finish

    Longevity? 3 hours after using it, the smell practically disappeared.

    21st August, 2011

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