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Paradox Green for Men (2003)
by Jacomo


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Year of Launch2003
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Parent CompanySarbec

About Paradox Green for Men

Paradox Green for Men is a masculine fragrance by Jacomo. The scent was launched in 2003

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Reviews of Paradox Green for Men

The Cologneist nailed the review on this one. Very green and smells of freshly cut grass in the opening. Turns into a woody/leafy drydown with a bit of pepper. Very interesting fragrance and a must in your collection if you enjoy green fragrances. B+!
27th February, 2011 (last edited: 12th March, 2011)
Two Thumbs Up for this mass unknow jewel! You can almost touch the violet leaves, the lemon. Itīs green and fresh and woody and clean. God itīs good. And itīs cheap! Blind bought it and happy had done it! Projection is ok and lasting power is more than 8 ours, and the cedar lingers for even more.

God itīs good!
07th February, 2011
I love many of the Jacomo women's scents. This house offers scents of remarkable quality for a reasonable price. I wanted to find one for my husband to try, and I purchased Paradox for Men Green after reading all the positive reviews here on Basenotes.

It was love at first sniff for both of us. Paradox for Men Green has a lot in common with the original formulation of Christian Dior Fahrenheit, which both of us loved and wore in the early 1990's when we first started dating. Paradox for Men Green also smells like a beloved but discontinued women's scent I wore around that same time: Ultima II Sheer Scent.

Paradox Green is dry, citrusy, woody, with a hint of hot spice. Definitely masculine, but if you're a woman who enjoys non-sweet scents, there's no reason you can't wear this one, too. It is great for hot weather or days when you want to smell clean and fresh.

I agree with previous comments that the sillage is not great and it will require a few extra sprays to get a noticeable projection. Longevity is average for an EDT concentration (about 4-5 hours). This affordable little treasure is definitely worth a try!
05th October, 2010
I'm puzzled there aren't more reviews of this wonderful Gem. (Perhaps because it is so inexpensive?) "Tsk Tsk I say" to the $ per bottle snobs).
A fruity and fresh opening with a lime twist. Longevity may be an issue as mentioned in other reviews but it's such a reasonable purchase you'll want to apply often.
The plexiglass box is a bit unusual and the bottle design is fun.
Paradox Green was a blind purchase for me but what a wonderful find!
It also has some similar notes of Pino Silvestre Extreme (one of my favorites) which made this a very nice surprise indeed. I like it very much!
25th June, 2010
My first impression was "where have I smelled this" I looked back at the reviews and Soleil hits it right on the head with the comparison to Un Jardin en Mediterrane. Only difference is that it's not Hermes, so it's not as natural feeling or as earthy smelling. It opens up with a huge burst of energy and has GREEN written all over it. I try to compare fragrances that are less known to more common ones, so with Paradox Green it reminds me of Gucci PH II, Diesel Green minus the sweetness and a little bit of Tommy Bahama. It doesn't project incredibly yet has good sillage. Now realizing the dramatic differences between projection and sillage, I place my wrist 4-6 inches away from my nose to test projection, and I do the same for sillage only I wave my wrist and arm up and down and all around. With Paradox Green there's definitely more sillage than there is projection, longevity is at least 6 hours, but sometimes I get up to 10!

Can't go wrong on this one, it can be found very cheap, and it's different than most stuff out there, especially stuff in its price range. As Soleil says, it's not entirely unique, but it is different. If you put this next to Cool Water, AdG and Curve.. this would turn the most heads. For its price.. yes it's unique.. but for fragrances in general.. it's nothing super special.

More into the notes -- It's hard to say what's in the opening.. smells a little bit like seaweed or sea salt, but very subtle, lots of leaves for sure, grassy and very very green and fresh. As it dries it begins to remind me of Gucci PH II, I actually get a tea accord coming out of it, the pepper is also noticeable and it's not a very synthetic pepper like the stuff in L'eau par Kenzo. The rosewood lingers there behind it all, it's something you don't really notice until the end of your sniffing. Cardamom is very subtle, not overdone like in many fragrances, I smell a little nutmeg or possibly even ginger.. the only thing I don't get from the middle is the red berry. The base incorporates woods, moss and tonka bean yet still maintains much from the middle and that same green feeling that was so refreshing in the top. This actually makes for a pretty complex fragrance that still isn't all over the place. It's complex yet still somewhat linear, it switches phases very very smoothly which makes it seem linear. It's very precise at what it does and very well balanced, one of the best green fragrances I've ever experienced, and with a low price tag.
08th May, 2010
This is great stuff. Bought it blind, and I don't regret it. Has a nice fresh opening with a subtle woody-musky drydown that sticks around for a while. The citrus is somewhat subdued and fresh rather than sharp, and they are balanced well with the other notes.

I could do with it being a little stronger. I have to spray a few times to get the desired effect, so it's a good thing it's not too expensive.
10th April, 2008

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