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Individuel (2003)
by Montblanc


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerPierre Bourdon
SupplierFragrance Resources
PackagingFranzrudolf Lehnert
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Individuel

Individuel is a masculine fragrance by Montblanc. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The bottle was designed by Franzrudolf Lehnert

Individuel fragrance notes

Reviews of Individuel

Floral, especially jasmine and fruity.....overall, creamy.

This is one of those scents that can easily be worn by both genders.

If you get caught up in the whole "masculine" or "feminine" projection like I do then you might pass on this.

I don't concern myself with what others are wearing and whether it fits their gender but for me, overly "soft" scents just don't make the regular rotation.

I cannot see myself purchasing this after my miniature bottle is done with.

Great sillage though.

03rd June, 2015
Not a bad scent but really didn't do much for me as something that I would have to own or even wear often. It did evoke some memories of Joop and Original Santal and I would describe Individual as a sweet oriental, but not distinctly similar to really anything I can pin down. I got a bit of mint-chocolate-metalic scent on the drydown, which was probably where the whole thing lost my favor. IMO, both Joop and OS are finer fragrances with much less synthetic tint.

25th February, 2015 (last edited: 02nd May, 2015)
Individuel scores big points with me because it has excellent projection and longevity, and is fairly priced at around $35 a bottle. It's not easy to describe how this one smells, though if you've ever gotten your nose on Original Santal or Joop! you'll at least be in the same ballpark. There's a ton of notes listed in the pyramid and none of them particularly stand out, except for maybe some cinnamon and lavender. I guess there's a sweetness to it that could be linked to the dark chocolate note as well, but it doesn't smell exactly like chocolate. Either way, it's really good stuff. Individuel has a very clean feeling to it despite the fact that there are no soapy, citrusy, or green notes involved. Although it's kind of a sweet, oriental fragrance, it's also bright, and unless you over apply it, it's not heavy or thick. So it wears well and works great for daily wear, especially in the cooler months when you're looking for a casual, daytime fragrance for work, but are tired of the stuff you wore all summer. A solid 4 out of 5 stars.
11th October, 2014
I never smelled Creed's "Original Santal" but this gets the job done. Very classy scent and I haven't ran across another Mont Blanc fragrance that smells better. I purchased this from Ross for about $20 and ladies love it. It can be casual or formal and very nice projection in colder climates. This can be an everyday scent and should be in every beginning men's fragrance lovers wardrobe.
06th October, 2014
Man, I really like this one. I think MB Legend is good also, but Individuel is much better IMO. Among one of my fav's!
17th July, 2014
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
This IMHO is the best Mont Blanc has to offer. This is so close to original santal its scary. Though it would seem creed ripped off mont blanc as this was released a year before santal. As far as the comparison to Joop! ? Well yes and no. To get joop to smell anything like this you need to spray it and give it 5 or 6 hours (yes hours) to let some of the offensive burn your nose out accords to die off. Joop to me is a disaster when first sprayed and then gets magical after 8 hours. Good luck getting to that point. This and santal is for those wanting the drydown of joop but dont want to wait. And while it again resembles the dry down of joop it is much more pleasant and infinitely more deep and natural. Now would I buy this over original santal? Yes. Hands down. This stuff is just amazing stuff. Santal is good but I honestly like individuel better. And normally I would pick creed any day over anything. I love aventus, git and original vetiver. But Individual wins in this fight. If anyone says joop is a good alternative to either I would recommend anti psychotic meds and less paint sniffing. You really have to be a huffer to enjoy Joop.

Scent grade: A
Projection: B+
Sillage: B
Value: A+++
15th June, 2014

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