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Individuel (2003)
by Montblanc


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerPierre Bourdon
SupplierFragrance Resources
PackagingFranzrudolf Lehnert
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Individuel

Individuel is a masculine fragrance by Montblanc. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The bottle was designed by Franzrudolf Lehnert

Individuel fragrance notes

Reviews of Individuel

I finally picked Montblanc's Individuel up after seeing Jeremy Fragrance reviews and top ten lists on YouTube. I am a huge fan of Joop! Homme and seeing this being compared to that was a no brainer to check it out.

From the first blast you immediately get tart raspberry, vanilla and leathery musk notes that give off a sweet yet masculine vibe. The similarity to Joop! Homme cannot be understated or ignored as they are extremely similar.

However, Individuel is like a less abrasive, more natural smelling scent when compared to Joop! Homme. You can think of Joop! Homme as the nightlife version, with it's super strong sillage and massively projecting characteristics that make it so popular.

Individuel would be the daytime, office or indoors version of the same scent. Its a little less cherry, a bit more musk, and while still a very solid performing fragrance when compared to Joop! Homme, its nevertheless more subtle and less offensive.

As it dries down, a base of raspberry, vanilla scented musk carries through for hours on end and smells absolutely wonderful.

Insider fragrance enthusiasts will immediately recognize that Creed Original Santal smells exactly the same as Individuel, yet costs at least four times as much. Individuel performs better than Original Santal and was released two years prior so go figure.

With a liberal application of a dozen sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders I am getting over 10+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection and sillage lasting several days on clothing and fabric. This leaves a wonderful trail of scent around you and gets quite a few compliments from women.

If you're a fan of Joop! Homme, or Creed Original Santal you cannot go wrong with Individuel. Get it while its still cheap because as word gets out the prices seem to be rising. Just as I wrote this review, a month later prices went up $5-$10 already.
28th April, 2017 (last edited: 04th May, 2017)
Bought this blind on a whim because the reviews were good.

Bottle presentation is great but something about this scent doesn't sit right with me.
Unlike my other fragrances this doesn't spark any emotion in me when I put it on.
Just not as exciting as I thought it would be, or maybe it's just too soft for me.

Sillage is ok but longetivity is average.
23rd February, 2017
There are a few differences from Original Santel by Creed, the opening notes in Individuel are a little harsher not as crisp, and the packaging is not as pretty as OS but everything else is. I have tested and also have samples of OS and they are the same frag. I paid $18, $140 less than OS for the same scent minus a sharper opening and a better made box, you take your pick
13th January, 2017
I blind bought this based on good reviews on youtube.
I found it to be very similar to Joop Homme with the main difference the drydown MI is less sweet and has more woody notes. It is fruity, but not as intense sweet as Joop. It has a more brut and more elegance than Joop, makes it more suitable for office use.Although Joop is bolder and beats MI for longevity and sillage .
I would say if you own both, use MI for office and Joop for club/night.
Now, few weeks ago i tried Davidoff Zino which proved to be a good experience.
DZ is has similar character as MI but much more masculine and bold.Also has better longevity and silage, plus it's cheaper
Personally I like DZ much better, it is five star while i only give MI three.

13th December, 2016
techt Show all reviews
United States
The opening is horrible, it really stinks!
After it dries up, really after one hour the floral notes take over. Still very synthetic.
10th November, 2016
Thumbs up just for pure value. It is a really pleasant, inoffensive scent.
However, I do find Individuel to be a very 2 dimensional fragrance that stays linear and doesn't develop on different wearings like other, more complex fragrances.
It is a fruity opening which I guess is raspberry note. I almost wish the very faint dark chocolate accord was a little more amplified. This then settles down into a lovely skin scent, which is great for warm nights, spring days, casual occasions and the office.

My other issue with this fragrance, as I get older is that every time I wear it, it feels more and more like a younger man's scent.
03rd November, 2016 (last edited: 22nd May, 2017)

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