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Individuel (2003)
by Montblanc


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerPierre Bourdon
SupplierFragrance Resources
PackagingFranzrudolf Lehnert
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Individuel

Individuel is a masculine fragrance by Montblanc. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The bottle was designed by Franzrudolf Lehnert

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Reviews of Individuel

Thought I'd give this one a go after all the hype and was really looking forward to trying it.
Received, and unfortunately it went on eBay the next day.
For me this is far too synthetic and cloying.
I'll admit I purchased this as it is compared so often to Creed's Original Santal. However to me, although there is some similarity, Santal it is not. Far too much of a one note linear scent, being too sickly sweet.
10th March, 2018
There is so much hype over this frag, but I just dont get it. Im probably the least picky when it comes to scents, but one thing I know is, when I sniff xomething, I know right away, "YES, I can work with this!!!" Right away my mind knows when a scent fits my style and flow and this one does not. They say it smells like dryer sheets......and it does! Like literally open a box of dryer sheets and rub it on you and that is this! Sucks imho. Rather grab a diff juice and leave this one for the swaggless. No Huff and Fluff, Just facts Bro!
02nd February, 2018
I feel sorry for Mont Blanc Individuel, it lives in the shadow of Creed Original Santal and this is thanks to fragrance snobs who call it a clone because they smell so similar and OS is more expensive and prestigious. There are obviously similarities but what a lot of people don’t realise is that Individuel was launched in 2003 whereas OS was launched in 2005. Individuel is a very inticing fragrance, very versatile and garners many compliments. The only trouble is that it sometimes gets mistaken for Joop which is sad because when you compare them side by side, Individuel doesn’t have that overbearing adolescent sweetness to it. Can be worn in all climates however it is very easy to go nose blind to this fragrance. Don’t over do it, remember less is more.
Solid 8.5/10
19th January, 2018 (last edited: 11th February, 2018)
A fresh oriental.

Individuel is a cleverly composed (none other than Pierre Bourdon) fresh oriental, moving from candied lavender, to a heart of raspberry laced with cinnamon and juniper berries, to a dry-down of musky vanilla. A few years later Creed came out with Original Santal, which is woodier, and is sort of a high quality clone.

I can't personally warm up to Individuel because of three reasons: 1) It's sometimes a little synthetic, and even a bit crude, and is lacking in smoothness. 2) It's a bit too sweet in the dry down. 3) I feel this works best on young 20-something men, a phase of life I've left behind.

Else, I like the idea of Individuel.


28th December, 2017
Ok, full disclosure: I have been going back 10+ years into my collection to find those offerings that were overlooked when they were released. I reckon I will do the same a decade into the future for such releases like Lacoste L'Homme: no love at the moment 'cause the l'homme market is crowded. Ditto Guerlain's L'Homme and flankers for that matter.

On to Individuel: LOVE it. A masculine gourmand relying on raspberry for its sweetness. Perhaps TF's Tuscan Leather has opened up raspbery in a new way...I find myself fawning over Individuel despite being a decade and a half old.

Comparisons to Joop and Creed OS are valid...but Individuel is different: strangely restrained but manages to deliver all the goods.

Buy it may soon be hard to come by. Remember V Valentino?
15th November, 2017
Heard the hype so I booked a ticket and decided to get on the train.

My sample arrived lats week. Very disappointed.

The opening is just awful. In the dry down I do get some similarities with Original Santal but not the 95% likeness that some harp on about. Maybe 40%. But it is much cruder. The best thing about OS is that it is super smooth and very creamy. This is very sharp and very harsh. Great projection but not for me!! This is something an 18 year old on a budget would wear.
08th November, 2017

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