Piper Nigrum (1999)
    by Lorenzo Villoresi

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    Piper Nigrum Fragrance Notes

    Piper Nigrum information

    Piper Nigrum is a unisex fragrance by Lorenzo Villoresi. The scent was launched in 1999

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    I was really not a fan of this one. The smell was like instant heartburn. The pepper and star anise were the strongest notes, and I used barely any but the smell didn't seem to mellow out almost at all from the time I went to work until the time I came home ten hours later. In my favorite scent, I would say that's an amazing quality. In this one, that's extremely unfortunate. For some reason this scent reminds me of the ones the drivers will wear in taxis in the area to cover any and every other smell that might pass through their doors.

    01st August, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    This is my favorite villoresi and in my view one of the best and most unique and sophisticated fragrances that exist. Its natural and gentle and take you on a journey. This man is a genius. Initially the opening overwhelm your senses - the trademark chaos opening. A strong pleasant black pepper smell. This becomes sweeter and softer as it develops. Its masculine and its complex and beautiful. Love it

    17 July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Oriental

    Unlike some previous reviewers, I have no problem finding the black pepper in this one. It jumps out of the topnotes and grabs me by the short hairs. The development is stupendously complex and surprising, and the rich, ever so slightly sweet drydown is a comfort and a joy. The brisk minty note and the peppery kick make this oriental easy to wear in warmer weather. A “real kick,” as far as I'm concerned.

    23 June, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    The infamous Piper Nigrum's (mint/pepper/rosemay centered) opening is undoubtedly compelling and decidedly balsamic with its powerful fist in your face of aromatic patterns running along the insidious territory located in the middle beween an "O'driu'-esque" aromatic modern compositions and several renowned balsamic lotions/foams a la Vicks VapoRub-Tiger Balm-Tea Tree Oil. I detect for sure the juxtaposed vegetal (vegetal in to a cosmetic balsamic way and not in to a culinary mode) duo prickly pepper-mentholated patterns (mint, anise, fennel, rosemary, cloves may be oregano etc) but there is by soon detectable in the air something soothing, smoother and more appealing which I perceive as a combination of grapefruit, spicy lemon-orange (citrus plus cloves and mostly cinnamon) and mild amber (supported by woodsy and balmy resins) extending a smoother bed over which the "confrontation" dry sparkling spices-aromatic elements holds on longly to perform its valzer. Frankly I appreciate a lot the soothing intervenction which manages to transform a medicinal forbidding opening in to a more accessible real fragrance which along the dry down keeps surprisingly morphing towards something actually exotic, almost smooth, classy and wearable. A great final sleight of hand by the master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, a real guru for the new generation perfumers today operating. In this final phase I still detect the aromatic background but the aroma appears mostly centered over cinnamon, citrus, woods and resins (amber, benzoin, myrrh, resins from the forest). The resemblance to Heeley Esprit du Tigre (anyway less complex, more camphoraceous but finally lighter and more on a "fluidy" vetiver centered) appears in this stage absolutely plain and undeniable but I catch a lot several O' Driu's aromatic references as for instance to Linfedele Haiku and Laltrove 1001. The final still aromatic aroma appears woody, ambery, hesperidic and with a just subtle cool/aromatic/spicy vibe. Not my cup of tea but undoubtedly a well appointed renowned (and largely imitated) experiment.

    08 June, 2014

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    Explosive opening, a bomb of spices, flavours and herbs, mainly cloves, pepper, cinnamon and cumin. Still not in a traditional Oriental meaning – this is more in a dry, organic sense, like opening a bag of spices walking in a vegetable garden. There is a base of green aromatic herbs which actually makes me feel like wandering my dad's garden – oregano and fennels, he has them both (actually this scents reminds me of my father for some more intimate reasons I still can not get). As a counterpart, a pungent, bitter lemon/lime note, which to be honest does not much "fit" in there (pungent on pungent, kind of cloying). As minutes pass you feel a warmer, softer base emerging, mostly comprising a sweet balsamic-resinous accord and amber. The most prominent smell for the whole cycle will however remain the accord of cloves (eugenol), lemon, cinnamon and pepper. You also feel a mentholated/balsamic vibe emerging, which gradually makes the whole scent more and more closer to a medicinal/herbal feel, which is how it ends – I mean that the drydown is in fact undoubtably medicinal, as in Diptyque's Eau Lente or Esprit du Tigre by Heeley. Cloves, balsamic notes, a debris of pepper, dry vetiver and dry resins again. Which in turn gradually developes a kind of gingerbread note. Overall is a peculiar, powerful, challenging scent, with a really complex texture and and elusive personality; all is vibrant, naturally "alive" and dynamic, but still it is also a bit messy for me. There is some accords just layering on others and that creates weird, cloying and noisy superimpositions. Surely unique and interesting to smell, but really challenging to wear – if you manage to do it, it can probably turn into either a disaster or a total win. Strong projection and persistence.


    23 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 25 April, 2014)

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    latest formulation watered down

    when I tried this a few years ago, it barely lasted a couple of hours.

    I thought the boutique tester was somehow damaged.

    then yesterday at the boutique I saw they had s brand new tester.

    same thing though, barely lasted a couple of hours.

    as had been mentioned on the forums, yes it's been watered down.

    tsk tsk Lorenzo.

    Pros: excellent composition
    Cons: but latest formulation watered down"

    20th July, 2013

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