Rochas Lui (2003)
    by Rochas

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    This scent is designed to be a mix of old and new. The bottle is made of heavy glass and has a rounded base so that the fragrance rocks.
    The perfumer behind the scent also created Joop! Homme

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    i had 2 full bottles of 3.4 oz that i sold. hey i needed the cash more than the frag. wish i would have kept one though.wood,wood and more wood, albeit subdued and not in your face. patchouli and vanilla are discreet players that cover the bases quite well. very refined and rich. not an everyday scent. more for formal occasions..

    24 March, 2013

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    Finland Finland

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    I discovered Lui too late.. it was already discontinued. Fortunately it is still quite easy to find.

    The key thing that i love in Lui is its bittersweetness. Lui is a vanilla based fragrance, but
    the sweetness of Lui never gets overly sweet,thanks to bitterness of citruses and the tie with patchouli and neroli, a good example of the vanilla scent which is still stricktly masculine. A very nice work from the perfumer Michel Almairac. Longevity and sillage both are great, a little goes a long way.

    Again, i find this fragrance a very soothing and relaxing kind ; it has an anti-stress element.

    First i rated this a 4-star fragrance but soon had to go to correct my rating to a full 5-star fragrance. Found myself liking this more than Dior Homme Intense and that's a lot! Already a 3rd Rochas fragrance that gets 5 star rating from me. A coincidence?

    29 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 30th January, 2013)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Welcome back to the 70s! Bright, lemony neroli over a smooth, sweet, well-balanced vanilla and patchouli base. It has a similar Disco Stu vibe to Acier Aluminium, but this is more wearable today IMO. Good longevity, you'll be smelling great 'til the glitter ball stops spinnin'. Sadly my disco years are behind me, but this would be great for the right trendy young go-getter.

    29 August, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    To me this woody-chypre is mostly a tribute to the wonderful note of cedarwood (a touch of pencil shavings feel is notable) in its bloody and deep accord with the other starring note of neroli since each note circulating around that chord is perfectly appointed and balanced in order to exalt a sort of woody melancholy and an almost agreeable intensity that in this fragrance are plain and protagonist. The note of neroli, after its initial sour and alcoholic link with lemon and herbs, becomes more intense and appealing in a new chord with sharp flowers while a masculine blend of patchouli, vetiver and amber leads the smell towards the more virile, mysterious and comforting territories. A touch of vanillic smoothness imparts a final velvety trail to the wake. Really a good fragrance unfortunately discontinued.

    27 April, 2012 (Last Edited: 04 September, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    I can determine no particular notes in this melange, simply an overall "aquatic" blue lightness that seems to me to be nondescript. Pleasant, but not at all out of the ordinary.

    20th March, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Well... Rochas Lui is a good scent and sadly it was discontinued. It has great longivity e good sillage, and thats important for me. For me a unisex pherfume. I dont get heavy cedar notes... What is very dominant here is the spice and florals... Its comfortable, and i imagine using it for a walk, as a well-being state of my soul... just that...

    09 May, 2011 (Last Edited: 03 May, 2012)

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