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Still (2003)
by Jennifer Lopez


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseJennifer Lopez
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchBenckiser > Coty Inc > Lancaster Group

About Still

Still is a feminine perfume by Jennifer Lopez. The scent was launched in 2003

Still fragrance notes

Reviews of Still

The milky, viscous sweetness of rice wine
its fragrant steam floating over the cup
beckons to take a seat and listen

Sweet orange slices, placed with care
gently mirroring the sun from the plate

Damp flowers picked after the summer rain
Mrs Dalloway planning a party
her thoughts flow back to the orchards of her youth

Still life painted
blending Western colours with the East

I was introduced to Still not long ago, and for my love of both Earl Grey and the rice wine in taste and smell,t stayed in my collection since then and I would miss this very much if it ever disappeared. I tried an unsuccessful 'haiku' instead of a review, because this fragrance to me is rather like a snapshot of a moment, triggers the mental cinema the instant I smell it.

It is a clean, composed, calming and, above all, quiet scent, the opposite of "dramatic" - the name and colour is very fitting. It has an introspective air, like listening to the silence. In its focusing and relaxing effects (at least on me), it could be seen as a milder equivalent to lavender. Still does not project much, but lingers on me for at least 8 hours; it just seems to love playing hide and seek.
The soapiness is certainly there, but not in the style of Glow, and the bergamot in the opening adds a certain piquancy which makes this a fine unisex fragrance and, together with the exotic rice wine-accord, it could appear less attractive for some people.
Regarding the sake (rice wine), it might be perceived stronger if either its smell is familiar to the wearer, or exactly the opposite as something 'strange'. No idea about the aromachemical formula, but rice wine definitely smells different from rice, the same as wine and grapes. I used to perceive mostly bergamot in the opening during colder seasons, which served as a gentle morning kick for me; now in summer, the boozy, sweet rice wine accompanied by subtlely tangy orange is like a treat for my nose and I'm really enjoying it. Still, and supposedly for the next long while.
05th July, 2017 (last edited: 15th July, 2017)

Though personally i am impartial to JENNIFER LOPEZ,i diden't think i'd like this until i had a whiff and now i would say STILL is so cute and beautiful just like JENNIFER LOPEZ herself.It is surprisingly pleasant,fresh and very pretty clean scent but it is not at all unique. Captivating,Soft,Elegant,Subtle, Feminine,Clean and Seductive.

A hint of earl grey tea and mandarin orange open the scene for the romance of jasmine and the intimacy of amber and musk and brings a modern scent that is both beautifully refreshing and warmly sensual.It makes you feel a little like Jennifer,who is active and ful of energy.

STILL is a floral delight,without being overly floral or heavy.The perfume is perfect for Spring/Summer and Everyday wear or that Romantic evening out.This exciting perfume makes you feel happy and also makes your boy friend or husband want to hug you.Suitable for the Young and Mature lady.In concolusion STILL comes in a packaging as attractive and sensual as the star itself.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

01st June, 2015
Jennifer Lopez fragrances are, to me, a real win. I buy these for my lady friend, and it's an utter meltdown on my end. I love her smelling like Live Luxe or Glow. Now... Still, on the other hand... I'm not sure what to make of this. It comes off unassuming and light, perhaps so light that it might not have the best projection or sillage. To think this would be folly. This is a very strong, long-lasting, super-scented fragrance. It smells nice and all, but it has this certain thing about it that I used to dislike a great deal when I was in high school... A lot of other women's fragrances give off this vibe... I am not a fan of Still. It smells okay, has knock-your-socks-off projection, and is very feminine and pretty, and would work EXTREMELY well for a lady in her teens or twenties...

... but to me, this smells exactly like canned green beans with some fruit thrown in. So many other scents have this unbalanced, off-kilter vibe. Green beans and fruit. Totally.

Smells okay, but I would rather get close to my girl when she smells like Live Luxe.
11th September, 2012
I bought this blind on the recommendation of a friend at a great price. I enjoy tea scents - this has a lovely earl grey tea note balanced with flowers and a little fruit. Nice sillage nothing over the top. I recommend as a summer scent. My partner loves this on me, so two thumbs way up!
25th December, 2011
Still is surprisingly quite pleasant. Like many of her fragrances, this scent is very Summery and fresh.

It's not quite fruity, yet not overly floral. Still is a nicely balanced blend of the two.

This fragrance is obviously still popular because it is being sold almost 6 years on. I personally have never known anyone that wears this scent, yet I know of guys that swear by this fragrance as being truly sexy and captivating.

If you mixed Paris Hilton with Escape by CK, this would be your result. Strange because I love Escape but detest Paris Hilton.

The apple and floral blend in the top notes and heart of this perfume is what reminds me of the Paris Hilton fragrance. I would definitely recommend Still over Paris Hilton anyday.

The scent is strong, but it's not strong enough to knock one out. I also found the lasting power quite impressive for a celebrity scent. I would suggest this fragrance to an older audience, I'm not sure whether this would suit young teen girls. It has a sense of maturity and sophistication that gives me that opinion.

By the looks of it, this is a perfume that most agree with. I highly recommend.

27th April, 2011
I don't love j.lo's fragances, but this, this is her best
11th November, 2008

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