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Gentlemen's Cologne
by Castle Forbes


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About Gentlemen's Cologne

Gentlemen's Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Castle Forbes.

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Reviews of Gentlemen's Cologne

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The citrus-bergamot opening is of simple beauty, and very early I get woodsy notes - including some hints of oak and also lavender - with a gorgeous oakmoss of great classic quality and authenticity. Delicious, strong, and convincing. Letter I get wonderful fern in the background; this a mild fern without much sharpness and just a whiff of harshness.

This is a no-nonsense straightforward classic aromatic fougère made of high quality ingredients, well blended without losing structure and performs very well: Inhet string sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity. A classic. 4.5/5
28th June, 2015
This one belongs in the genre of classic citrus opening, green and mossy dry downs fragrances. The citrus persists for a little while before the heart turns this one green. As noted by a previous reviewer, there is something “piney” in there. A little bit of lavender, but very faint. Ultimately, this one turns into a woody dry down with the cedar most prominent. There is nothing wrong with this one, but there are far too many in this category that are just more well rounded and better.
29th November, 2011
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Gentlemen's Cologne is meant to evoke the bracing stimulation of the Highland air. I think that it achieves that and the result is a wearable, traditional scent that has all of the classic masculine elements: citrus, lavender, sandalwood, cedar and musk. Very British, nothing to scare the horses, suitable for office wear. That may seem like faint praise and while this will never set the house on fire, it is a classy scent that I am happy to own. Just the thing to wear with a kilt!

Notes are:

Top note: Bergamot, Lemon & Lime.
Middle note: Lavender & Sage
Base note: Sandalwood, Cedar & Musk
18th August, 2009
Hoos Show all reviews
United States
To my nose, CF Gentlemen’s Cologne just has too much going on – it seems to want to be all things. It’s not muddy or unpleasant. But it’s not unified or harmonious, either.

The topnotes are definitely citrus (I get bergamot and neroli; maybe some petitgrain – kind of a greenishness to the citrus). The citrus notes last for about an hour and fades down into a green middle. Oakmoss and some lavender, but a “piney” kind of lavender.

There are still notes of citrus for a fairly pleasant chypre. But it’s not an elegant chypre. It kind of bounces around the middle notes – sometimes more green/mossy than floral; other times it’s more floral. There were a couple of times that it smelled like a very feminine floral.

The drydown. Oh my the drydown. After about six hours of the middle notes, the drydown comes across as spicy/woody. It seems to go back and forth between cedar and cinnamon. I will say that the cedar in this frag is excellent. The few times I get a whiff of it. For much of the drydown, it has been mostly cinnamon and maybe cardamom.

Sillage is good – there’s a potency to it that’s not overpowering. An application to the wrists/hands has been plenty. It doesn’t have heavy projection, so it’s not bugging the folks down the hall.

The thing about this fragrance, for me, is that there’s just too much going on. I am not partial to one-note fragrances, but I don’t enjoy things this complex.

Overall, the individual notes in this frag are excellent. It creates ambivalence in me: I like the individual notes tremendously, yet am neither overwhelmed nor impressed by how they play together. It plays more like an orchestra at an early, partially-hungover rehearsal than an orchestral performance led by a maestro. Maybe that’s it! There seems to be no maestro to this concoction.
07th May, 2008
A refined, pleasant classic British (in this case Scottish) barbershop fragrance. I don't find it particularly distinctive, but it is evocative and pleasant. I speaks of quality without ostentation; and convention in the very best sense of that. Not quite sure if there is anything in it, or about it that would distinguish it as "Scottish" as compared to "English" but will leave that to more partisan noses. As I smell it, it is in the same ball park as some of the grand old Trumper, Taylor's and D.R. Harris stalwards, except it is more expensive. The dry down results in a slightly acrid note that I don't like very much, but the overall effect is all right, masculine and distinctive. For mature blokes with a bit of dosh in the pockets. Makes me think of T.S. Elliot. Does that help at all?
23rd January, 2007 (last edited: 03rd June, 2008)

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