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Nicolaï pour Homme (2003)
by Nicolaï


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPatricia de Nicolaï

About Nicolaï pour Homme

Nicolaï pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Nicolaï. The scent was launched in 2003 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï

Reviews of Nicolaï pour Homme

Lavender Green, Dilly Dilly!

This is for me a very dry, dark, restrained lavender. Initially I get the burst of lavender, amber and mint, all well balanced and well combined.

The green of the galbanum and mastic accompany its initial note trio, eventually warming down with generic woods, vanilla and musk.

The scent is so quiet and so close to the skin as to be practically undetectable without putting nose directly to wrist.

Discontinued and nearly impossible to find. A kind Basenoter supplied my sample from his private and extensive collection.

Nice, decent, but not worth going out of one's way for.
22nd January, 2016
Genre: Floral
Nicolai pour Homme enters with a harsh blast of mentholated lavender. As the scent evolves the mint and lavender come to rest on a bed of powdery musk, woods, vanilla, and what just might be a dab of...coconut! Because there's no warmth to this scent, I find it oddly detached, enigmatic, and maybe even alienating. In the end, it creeps me out.

The drydown is a pretty standard issue woods, clean musk, and vanilla, but to my nose there's something unpleasantly "scratchy" about it. Not my thing.
21st June, 2014
gimpy Show all reviews
United States
Cool, balmy lavender.

Nicolai PH is a very nice cool, balmy lavender scent. The mint/menthol gives it a slight cooling effect. As it dries down it is not that unlike Caron's Third Man (minus the overripe fruit note), as it becomes more resinous and ambery. Someone below said it was 3rd man perfected, and I like that comparison. However, the more I wear this, the more I think that this is a minty Heritage (minus some of the heavier basenotes of Heritage).

I can't explain enough how wonderful this scent is. Extremely elegant and gentleman-like. Smelling it puts a smile on my face. Very french, very intoxicating.

Lasts a good 8 hours. Perfect for work and/or a spring day. Five Stars.
21st August, 2013 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)
I am fascinated by this scent, its even more appealing then new York, which has better opening, but for me as a woman i feel i can wear this one!!, its floral perfume, lavender-jasmine with hints of smoking , this lavender has pipe n its mouth:-)

Its not very long lasting scent unfortunately, but while it lasts it gives you warm mild smoky feel of lavender garden on your hand

Why would someone discontinue something like this?
10th October, 2012
Sadly discontinued but this one is a fascinating study on lavender. Subtle lavender. Opens with the aforementioned lavender but it's smooth and nuanced. There's hints of galbanum, that bitter green plant but it's not the bombast of Halston's 1-12. I also smell hints of jasmine too. I think that's the key here, everything hints and intrigues you further. The base is a complex blend of oak moss, musk, cedar and dry note that I can't put my nose on. Smells like Miller Harris' L'Air de Rien and that's saying something. Get it if you can find it.

Oh, by the way, it's unisex so ladies, have at it!
16th June, 2012
A classic French juice, very much in the mold of Guerlain and Caron, which is to say, beautifully blended and balanced, strong on the lavender, with multiple aromatics and vanilla… while studiously avoiding the synthetic, strident fruity ambers and metallic citruses that make up most modern juices. This could easily have been put out by Guerlain a couple of decades ago. And -- as a couple of others have noted -- it is startlingly similar to Caron’s Third Man. I A/B’d both on my arm; the the PdN has a more citrusy opening, and the Caron a smokier one, but the drydowns are very, very similar. With 3rd Man running at (ahem) about a Third of the price of the PdN, it is hard to recommend it at current prices if you’re looking for something in this general vein. But still, a thumbs up for its refinement, regardless of price or the competition.
09th January, 2012

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