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Subtil pour Homme (2003)
by Salvatore Ferragamo


Subtil pour Homme information

Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 93 votes)

People and companies

HouseSalvatore Ferragamo
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group

About Subtil pour Homme

Subtil pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo. The scent was launched in 2003

Reviews of Subtil pour Homme

Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This is not my favorite type of fragrance by a long shot--new age aquatics are a dime a dozen and if I do wear water-inspired scents I tend to like them to be oceanic v. aquatic. That said, this is a really nice and easy to wear fragrance that is exactly as described: subtle. The starter is a slightly fruity opening that drifts into a main course of watery freshness. An herbal side dish adds some vegetal bitterness to offset the sweetness of the fruit which nicely sets up the desert course of cedar and musk. So many others have dished this up but Subtil just simply does this better than most of the other fragrances of this genre and Ferragamo, which has drifted a bit over the years, was still focusing on delivering a high class product when this came out in 2003. I first got it as a gift at a charity event held at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills--after the store closed, there was a private party on the men's floor (cash registers were open and a portion went to charity). Lots of Martinis. Lots of shopping. Everyone went home with a gift bag containing a gift set of Subtil EdT, Shower Gel, etc. I don't think I ever would have bought it on my own but wore it and--spurred on by my wife--bought another bottle when it was gone. That is saying something.
23rd May, 2016
Subtil Cologne by Salvatore Ferragamo is another aquatic which is definitely leaves a trail of masculinity wherever you go. Diffuses well. The only downside to this aquatic is that it is not long lasting but for the price you can't beat it. I love the opening notes of cardamom and ginger. Then the heart of this aroma is coriander, rose, violets finishing off with the base notes of patchouli, dry amber and musk So I give it a thumbs up because it is clean and refreshing, not overpowering and smells great! The only drawback is the scent duration which I wish was longer.
30th September, 2014
Acceptable generic.

Subtil isn't a bad smelling fragrance. It's a bit too powdery for my tastes, but overall it has a more floral Acqua Di Gio thing going on that makes it pleasant to wear. Perfect for office wear which puts it firmly in the boring category. Considering that this is priced cheaply it's hard to say it's a bad buy because it's not. The problem is that there are a lot of other fragrances at the same price point that do the exact same thing. If you like this fragrance, but want something a bit more interesting look into Tous in Heaven for Him.

Pros: Inexpensive. Versatile.
Cons: Boring. Powdery."

31st July, 2013
Ferragamo scores with an underrated fragrance... I just wish "Subtil" last longer...

I had originally purchased Ferragamo Subtil Pour Homme a number of years ago and have been big fan of the scent since.. While the fragrance still smells the same, it seems there is a remarkable difference in the longevity to the bottle I just purchased. Of noteworthy interest, I did buy my first bottle from a department store in the mall. The fragrance rocks..!! Each of our noses are different - I detect fresh citrus fruity notes almost lemon/lime out of the gates and then it settles into a clean aquatic fragrance that is pleasant to the nose. The fragrance is really that good.

Today for example - I applied a heavy dosage prior to leaving for work (around 7:30 AM) - the fragrance died out a little after 1:00 PM (even on my shirtsleeve). What is up with the colognes of today - they just don't last..?!?! It seems the cologne we purchased 5 years ago would last the whole day. Regardless, the scent is very pleasant and you will get compliments - the Wow Factor is above average. I am comfortable wearing this scent any time of year and for any occasion - for those who get into that sort of thing - stick to Spring/Summer and evening wear.

The bottle is an extremely cool design and is well packaged. Ferragamo, nice job..!! The value on Amazon is just $25.00 for a large bottle with Free Shipping - for the price, are you kidding me? - even with below average longevity, it is a steal. Add it to your collection.

My cologne collection has now surpassed 300 bottles and growing - you have to spend your money on something, right? Subtil Pour Homme has been, and will remain, in my Top 10. Something about those clean citrus fragrances that work for me...

All things considered, I give Subtil 4.4 stars out of 5. While the longevity is below average, it is a deal and should be added to your collection. Life is full of twists and turns - drive with caution.. !!
06th November, 2012
A perfectly acceptable aftershave.
04th September, 2012
Violet is the main note here: Subtil is a powdery light floral nothing. I don't ever need to say its longevity is weak.
19th April, 2011

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