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Armani Code / Black Code (2004)
by Giorgio Armani


Armani Code / Black Code information

Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGiorgio Armani
PerfumerAntoine Maisondieu
PerfumerAntoine Lie
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Armani Code / Black Code

Giorgio Armani's first masculine oriental-style fragrance is Black Code. Armani say that it is elegant and understated and that the bottle is inspired by the "satin lapels of an Armani tuxedo".
The name was changed in 2005 from Black Code to Armani Code.

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Reviews of Armani Code / Black Code

This is Armani's shot across the bow of JPG Le Male. And they crush it.

It has the same essential effort to it: nighttime, dark, spicy, powerful. But it has a formal touch to it that JPG doesn't have. Beyond some of the intent behind this fragrance, the comparison with Le Male stops.

Powder. That's the first thing to detect. It is very present in the opening. There is a faint citrus worked into it, but powder is all I get up front.

It does dry down fairly quickly into something more complex. The spice is always well balanced with a vanilla accord that I can appreciate.

This is a great cologne. Not my favorite. Maybe it cracks the top 20 in my collection; there are some days I think 'this is my last bottle' and some days where I think I should always keep it around.

My ex demanded I wore it for most every close encounter, for whatever that's worth. Ultimately, I could do without the powder, but projection and longevity are solid.

I also like having something in my wardrobe that has this scent profile and isn't Le Male.

Wear this on a date, to an after-work office party, and never without a white collar.

Scent: 7/10

Longevity: 8/10

Sillage: 7/10
24th July, 2018
Pure gentleman's cologne; slightly citrusy and sweet with a bit of floral and coconut as well as tobacco; very "upper class" type scent and very masculine although sweet; scent transforms throughout the day and is complex; mild-to-moderate sillage and moderate longevity (5 hours).

11th May, 2018
Citrus, powdery and fresh. Nothing special here,your daily modern perfume with an exclusive brand. Wearable at any time, this one is okay and nice at best.

Scent 7.0/10
Longevity 7/10
Sillage 7.4/10
23rd February, 2018
Cool, sharply synthetic and powdery. Armani Code smells good at times but leans cloying to my nose.

Performance is great, lasts all day and projects strongly.
27th September, 2017
A complete non-entity, beginning and ending with guaiac wood, Satan's answer to all the good scents the Deity wishes we could enjoy together.
10th August, 2017
White powder, black glass.
Warm woods, cool tonka, warm musks.
Beauty's Enigma.
09th July, 2017

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