The One for Men (2008)
    by Dolce & Gabbana

    The One for Men Fragrance Notes

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    New Zealand New Zealand

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    The One is an intimate fragrance but I would be anosmic to say "no projection or longevity". This is certainly not the case and I am still smelling a single spray at arm's length after 4 hours. If you are looking for a ghetto-blaster fragrance then look elsewhere, because The One to me is about the romancing of one special person. It is an olfactory love letter intended only for the one person whom you desire. I find myself wanting to be closer to the scent. It offers a game of chase to its recipient who must come closer for the mystery to be revealed. The notes are warm, soft and seamlessly blended. The fragrance makes a strong statement without being obtrusive. The One is perfectly suited for romantic wear, special occasions, and those who prefer discrete everyday wear.

    26 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Great smell. Good for work or dates where you're up close together. I'm not good at detecting specific top, middle, and base notes. To me this scent is spectacular from application through the drying process, and right up to when it disappears.

    Longevity varies on the person and how it's applied I guess. It's best for me with a couple spritzes on my shirt and one to each of the inside of my forearms. I usually get 4 hrs or so. The One holds on cotton fabric much longer than on my skin.

    I try not to do my wrists and the bottom of my forearms because I sit in a cube at a keyboard most of the time. Fragrance from those locations just end up on my desk.

    20th March, 2014

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    Just like everyone says. Amazing scent, ok longevity, zero sillage/projection.

    06 February, 2014

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    I love this scent. On me, it lasted like two days. Longevity is great, smell is great and I think it goes with my ethnicity (Jewish). Maybe it's the color, but my dad really liked it too.

    05 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This is an absolutely beautiful-smelling fragrance with no projection or longevity. I bought it in a two-bottle package and was disapponted especially because of the high price. I found there is a body-lotion that comes in a different package and might have kept this if I could have bought the lotion by itself to help with the longevity issues. Too bad.

    Pros: The smell
    Cons: The longevity and the price

    01st January, 2014

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    Tried this at a shop the other day and loved the smell. Smooth, sexy and warm. Best for a wearing at night and in cold weather. The scent stayed on the leather strap of my wrist watch for a day or two. Couldn't stop myself from smelling my wrist again and again. People thought I was CRAZY! So went ahead and bought a bottle. To my utter surprise and disappointment, it has no longevity and silage at all!! And i mean none. Have to spray considerable amount just to get it noticed and my bottle is already half empty. I wish they could have made it last a bit longer as in my opinion it is well suited to be in the league of other giants such as Dior Homme Intense. A word of caution: Some men may not like it as it may seem a little feminine to them. Better try before buying especially considering the high price tag! But this is it for me, I wont be buying another bottle of this. What's the use of it if you can't smell it?

    12 November, 2013

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