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Unforgivable (2005)
by Sean John


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseSean John
PerfumerDavid Apel
PerfumerAurélien Guichard
Parent CompanyPerfumania Holdings > Parlux
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies > M.A.C

About Unforgivable

Unforgivable is a masculine fragrance by Sean John. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Aurélien Guichard and David Apel

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Reviews of Unforgivable

To me, the opening is all green and bitter. I don't think this resembles MI at all. There's no citrus or sweetness to me. The drydown is worse, makes me nauseous.

Unfortunately, performance isn't good either. Projection is poor and longevity is below average.
07th January, 2018
This stuff used to be fantastic in its original form. Not anymore as it was been sold off and recreated. I actually liked the original SJU scent better than Millesime Imperial by Creed which smelled similar at 3 times the cost. Sean Combs created this cologne (or ripped it off from Creed actually) in 2005 with three versions available. The first was an extremely limited version which cost $400 and was only sold during the holidays in NYC. The other was a version loaded with essential oil and lasted all day long for $150 called Multi Platinum. I have looked high and low for existing bottles of this. All the Multi-Platinum bottles on EBay are likely fake. I have been screwed 3 times with fakes and gave up. Then, there is the original scent which was more mass produced and cost $60 and was available until around 2011 in its original formula.

The old version lasted half a day or more easily. It was touted as being Sean Combs' ode to being on the beach resorts of Italy's Amalfi Coast and was said to contain notes of salty ocean air, Scicilian lemon, bergamot and verbena. I smelled lots of cola, salt air and citrus. It was so fresh and clean and really did smell like an Italian vacation in a bottle.

After 2011, the cologne was discontinued and quickly picked up by a huge company that takes some of your favorite brands, buys them, figures out how to make them cheaper and then sells them in Walmart, CVS and other cheap retailers. You'll notice that is the only place you'll find Sean John scents. What is left is barely reminiscent of the original formula.

Today's Sean John Unforgivable replaces the Scicillian Lemon with citrus on the orange side. The salt air note is gone and replaced by a pine needle scent which is the dominant note in the new version which smells like one of those cheap pine car air fresheners. This was the prevalent scent in the 'designer imposter' fake version of the original. There is also a synthetic leather smell which is added likely to attempt to replace the verbena. The scent no longer smells crisp and clean. It is more masculine and harsh like an astringent. Thankfully it only lasts 30 minutes whereas the original version lasted literally all day and into the night.

The only thing that remained the same is the look of the black bottle which was inspired by a black apocathary bottle. I find myself wanting to buy Creed MI now to capture the original scent of SJU which is ironic because when it first came out, I was doing just the opposite. Creed's MI however has a bit more melon notes and is a bit more floral than SJU in its original form. It's also 3 times or more as expensive and has horrible longevity for the price. I'm hoping the original formula will come back but doubt it giving Diddy sold away the name, etc.

There are stories about how Sean Combs would have his designers take apart Italian Brioni suits and have Chinese designers recreate the cut of the suit using Chinese labor in order to bring expensive style to the mainstream market. His $400 suits were cut relatively the same as $5,000 Brioni and featured cheaply done 'bells and whistles' such as working sleeve buttons, faux pick stitching at the lapels to replicate handmade garments and added faux ticket pockets, etc. The same thing was true of his colognes ... they were cheaper versions of his favorite handmade luxury colognes. Sean John Unforgivable was a very suitable copy of a Creed mainstay. The new version is nothing like the original, which is why it gets a big thumbs down from me.
31st December, 2017
I bought this because they claim it is 80 to 90 percent as good as Millesime Imperial. They don't sell either of them where I live, so I decided to blind buy the cheaper of the two to test it out and maybe buy MI later... what can I say? I sure hope MI doesn't smell anything like this.

Don't blind buy this is my suggestion to you guys. Especially not the 4.2 Oz like I did haha.
03rd December, 2016
Like squeezing a fresh orange in an abandoned dusty leather workshop. Makes my nose clog up. I used to like it at some point, but then realized I didn’t.
07th November, 2016
opens with a slightly sour herb flavored citrus...hard to pick out an individual citrus note...just blends into one citrusy accord...greenish herby flavoring...a little sweetness...agree a little with comparisons other reviewers have made...I can see this being a mutant offspring of a beachfront romance between MI and B#9 Wall Street...has somewhat of an aquatic fresh feel to it...this would be pretty good, and I might have kept it in my wardrobe, but alas, as is often with me and this type of fragrance-it starts with a nice blast, but the projection dies on me after about 15m and within 2 hours or so I can't really smell it at all...does have a half way decent ambery/woody/sweet mid and, this is one of the scents I'm purging from my wardrobe and gifting to a friend at work...
FB worthy if you're into this kind of scent and can get a good deal
Aromatic Citrusy Aquatic
18th January, 2016
A blast of synthetic orange, albeit non offensive, then poof gone nothing. Waste of time.
04th December, 2015

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