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Unforgivable (2005)
by Sean John


Unforgivable information

Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 395 votes)

People and companies

HouseSean John
PerfumerDavid Apel
PerfumerAurélien Guichard
Parent CompanyPerfumania Holdings > Parlux
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies > M.A.C

About Unforgivable

Unforgivable is a masculine fragrance by Sean John. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Aurélien Guichard and David Apel

Unforgivable fragrance notes

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Reviews of Unforgivable

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United States
Only a wee bit reminiscent of Luck & Love on the dry down. Luck & Love is a much brighter scent. I only tried MI when I was at Neiman Marcus once, and it did smell very similar to Luck & Love, which I happened to find at Ross for 4.99 for 1.7 ml (best blind buy ever).

The citrus is quite heavy in the opening -- I interpreted it as a dark "berry" scent. It isn't a lemony type citrus.

Not love at first sniff, but not instant hate, either. I think this would work well on a spring or maybe summer evening, after wearing Luck & Love during the day.
10th April, 2014
Smells wonderful, very clean and fruity, a little too fruits at first, smells like fruit loops

It's a good scent, i really like the smell, good for office/school wear. You should carry a little bottle/vial around with you because every 2-4 hours you'll need to re apply, because it dies down fast after the first 30 minutes. It smells the same to me through out the whole time wearing it, fruity and clean is what i smell the whole time. I think this one falls under any age group, you can wear this going out on special occasions or wear it every day. Doesn't deserve the hate it's getting, i could see someone not liking it due to it being really fruity and it might get annoying but still too much hate.

Pros: Smells clean and fruity, projects well for first 10-30 minutes, can spray on clothes because smells the same the whole time.
Cons: It dies to fast and after the first 10-30 minutes it gets weak. Doesn't last very long"

21st August, 2013
review by stefly321

A very poor fragrance. Doesnt last and is very weak, its like its been over diluted. Sprayed 4 shots on my wrist, it was dripping off! But soon as it dried there was virtually no smell. From a few inches away there is nothing at all.

26th July, 2013
One of the best aquatic openings that I've smelled, ruined by a hideous dry down.

Similar to: Millesime Imperial, Bond No 9 Wallstreet

First off, emphasis on "somewhat" unique. Of course this is compared to its rather expensive predecessor in Millesime Imperial. I haven't really spent much time with MI, so I can't comment. But, I'd say if the dry down is better than this, it may be worth the extra bucks. Unforgivable has really nice opening notes, you can tell that all of the money went to the opening notes here, as well as the advertising of course. I get this uplifting blend of sweet citruses, lime, juniper, and a hint of basil. It mellows out into a more floral heart, bringing in a wet iris note, and sandalwood. But after the first hour of an amazing opening and heart, it just goes down hill, and stays downhill for 7 hours on my skin. All I smell is wet dog. The same wet dog smell I get from Bond No 9's Wallstreet. What a shame, because Unforgivable has some of the most enjoyable top notes I've ever smelled. They transition so smoothly into the floral heart, but then they leave me disappointed in the base. The base is just vile here. Maybe it's the odd combination of rum, amber, woods, and tonka bean, in the base the sits on top of the top and middle notes that just don't mesh well with the base. Maybe it's a hidden "aqua" note, a smell used in some aquatics that's meant to mimic H20. Whatever it is, it loses my vote. Replace the base notes with something simple like just sandalwood, cedar, musk, and maybe tonka, and I think we'd have a winner.

Pros: Opening notes, Invigorating, Longevity, Somewhat unique
Cons: Hideous dry down"

15th July, 2013
I get the MI comparisons - but it's a different fragrance altogether (even if Puffy was going for a Creed knockoff).

The basil is totally synthetic, but it works well...and this is what gives it a punch and what makes it a very good desginer frangrance for me. It's fresh, but a bit dark. I wear it when I am in casual sits pretty close to the skin after two hours, so if you are looking for a lasting work scent - I'd look elsewhere.

Of all the celebrity endorsed scents I have tried, this one is at the top of the list by a longshot. Nothing even comes close in my opinion.
13th March, 2013
Sean Jean's Unforgivable is definitely Unforgivable... Enough said.
10th March, 2013

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