Angel Garden Of Stars - Violet Angel (2005)
    by Thierry Mugler

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    Angel Garden Of Stars - Violet Angel Fragrance notes


    Angel Garden Of Stars - Violet Angel information

    The "Garden of Stars" series is intended to reach out to both consumers who are fans and those that do not like the original Angel.
    Angel is a Woody-Foody scent with no floral notes -- this new range intends to 'floralize' the scent. The three fragrances are Violet Angel, The Lily Angel and Peony Angel.

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    Four stars cuz it's Angel, and I don't detect anything else. Some of these fine fragrance distinctions are beyond me for whatever reason. Could I be anosmic to violet, and many other things? Lack experience? Likely. Anyway, nice bottle, nice smell. Wish they'd lose the blue in their marketing materials, or find a more appealing shade...

    18th December, 2012

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    Ethyl Maltol. In such concentrations that my poor unsophisticated olfactory apparatus shuts down and won't register anything else.

    Oh dear, I feel like a doddery old fool insisting I don't understand the music the kids are listening to.

    AND they play it too loud. ;-) 

    I shall persist. I shall not accept perfume generation gap. I'm sure that fault lies with me. Surely the youth of today know what's what? 

    All self deprecation aside, I can pick a sweet sweet orange oil and something quite violet-like, maybe even a hint of violet leaf. There's something long, cool and pepperminty. Nose against the skin the effect is very sticky and syrupy, the sillage more ethereal - like the breath of someone who's popped a strong mint and a violet pastille in their mouth at once, savoured and then rinsed with raspberry cordial. I'm persisting... I have to try so hard with it to get something beyond the confectioners' sugar.

    Just as it's hard to get to know anything beyond the superficial when talking with someone who's the life of the party, so it is with this: carapaced with a sugary floss that acts as shield and armour protecting complexity of personality.

    Maybe that's the post-modern point. Scent is analogous to the in-public face we wear. It's meant to be a show, a façade. We save our real self (as is proper and special) for our intimates. What scent does the Angel girl wear at home?

    Six hours in there's something pretty, spicy and powdery going on. Egoiste for teenage girls. With. Sugary. Floss.

    How successfully this scent achieves its aim. I would not be at all displeased if a young person of my acquaintance favoured this scent. And I am grateful to it for being such a fine example of its kind that I learned a thing or two.

    04th October, 2012 (Last Edited: 09th October, 2012)

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    This is a funny one. Bought as a blind buy, because I love Angel and I love violets; seeing as it was discontinued, when I found a bottle available online, I pounced. It's sweeter than the original Angel, more obviously 'gourmand' - and it's as though the elements which make Angel interesting are missing. Someone has commented that it smells like 'a deep fryer' - to me it's what a deep-fried Mars bar would smell like, only with added violets. Bizarrely, I still like it....

    08th October, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    I love the smell of violets when they are not too strong or too powdery. In this fragrance they are perfect.

    Violette Angel is delicate, fresh, green and sweet. It is surprisingly quite warm and comforting, almost like a cashmere blanket draped over your shoulders. I'll agree that this is indeed a Wintery scent.

    I love that this fragrance is sweet without being too sweet. Forget cotton candy, think lightly sugared violets, powdery almost.

    This is by far my favourite from the Garden of Stars collection. I loved it the moment I sprayed it, even before I let it develop. And let me tell you, the drydown is divine. Soft and powdery vanilla with the slightest hint of violet.

    Once again the sillage and lasting strength does not disappoint, Thierry Mugler fragrances rarely do. This fragrance gets the thumbs up from me.

    05th June, 2011

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    Top: Violet Green, Crystallized Sugar
    Middle: Violet, Woody Notes
    Base: Patchouli, Vanilla Notes

    Part of the Garden of Stars collection by Mugler, which are floral renditions of the classic Angel, Violet Angel manages to retain the alluring gourmand character of the classic while inserting a facade of violets.

    Violet opens with a sweet slightly sugary violet flower note. Violet flower can be a temperamental note with many a bad and overpowering renditions on the market. The perfumer F. Caron was obviously aware of this as Violet Angel's sugar-violet note, while imbued with sweet sugar and floral tones, is output at half the wattage as most other violet dominant fragrances. You get the violet sweetness dusted by sugar crystals but due to the lower sillage it somehow isn't as bothersome as the description would have you believe. There is little to none of any violet leaf's green character...sweet sugar dipped violets is what the top notes are about. The rest of the fragrance is Angel/A*Men patchouli-woods-vanilla gourmand framework without the chocolate-mint fireworks.

    I would say that Violet Angel, surprisingly, succeeds. It presents a somewhat interesting and less annoying sweet violet note overlaid on a bed of gourmand basenotes. Its far less intense and loud than its big sister Angel, and consequently might be easier to wear for some. Interms of complexity and impact its nowhere near the classic that is Angel, but it may find its audience amongst people who are too scared to dip directly into the vast intimidating pool of Angels original brew.

    Rating: 7.5/10.0

    02nd May, 2011

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    I expect violet to have a dusky and somewhat piercing grey note.
    This scent is sticky-sweet, syrupy-thick, somewhat juvenile. No violet in sight. Perhaps raspberry lifesaver candy, with an irritating metallic tinge.

    19th February, 2011

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