Ciel Man (2003)
    by Amouage

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    The name 'ciel' is derived from the Spanish word for sky, and captures the feeling of a spring morning.

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    Iran Iran

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    This is a tricky one!
    Sometimes you smell it and say, no, this is not masculine at all. but again a few minutes later some notes come in and push the scent to unisex or almost masculine side. then again they are gone and you have a completely feminine scent!
    This fragrance opens up with strong aromatic note of lavender followed by some spices, bergamot, rose, jasmine and peach right after when you spraying it on!
    The lavender note give the scent a sharp herbal and floral scent and very light spices giving the whole scent a little more masculine aroma.
    I can smell other floral notes (jasmine and rose) that with peach and some sweetness together creating a unisex, almost feminine scent!
    If there wasn't lavender with that sharp aromatic feeling and those weak spices, I'm quite sure you can easily put this fragrance in feminine section.
    After a while and in the mid, the lavender and spicy notes settle down then at the same time rose and peach notes become stronger and with much stronger sweetness you will have a potent sweetness mixed with floral and fruity notes which is completely feminine!
    Nothing masculine at at all!
    But in the base, suddenly some woods and strong spicy notes came in and give that sweet floral fruity scent a really nice masculine kick!
    You will have this combination to the end and the scent just gets smoother and weaker as time goes by.
    It's not a masculine fragrance in my opinion.
    It's something between unisex and feminine for me. It's pleasant though but personally I prefer not smell like this!
    Both projection and longevity is insane!

    23 December, 2013

    Noblesse Oblige's avatar
    Noblesse Oblige

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    Flowers to spices to grasses. This is very linear and predictable once you understand it. At no point until the base comes on could one think that this is a masculine perfume. It is far too sweet and flowery. At the end of the day one has the sense that this scent is too easily described as, "Hey, lets add some vetiver and patchouli to our women's scent to make it more masculine."

    22 November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    good peach style scent with a little animalic notes

    Closest I've found to a QUALITY Millesime Imperial.  A little darker (not much) and more musky but in a good way.  A little more longevity than MI as well.  Great for all seasons.  To my nose this is blended well and is a masterpiece.

    EDIT:  While I still like this scent, I've grown to appreciate the other Amouages more.  For some reason, this scent can become a tad cloying at times.  Maybe I should stick with it in colder weather only.  I loved it then.

    Pros: good for every season, decent longevity/projection
    Cons: as with all Amouages - price

    17 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Doesn't smell very masculine to me....not really feminine either. Kind of reminds me of someone spraying a Sucret's throat lozenge with Fahrenheit cologne. Then some white flowers pop up to confuse the mix. I'll pass.

    20th April, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Ciel for men is in a while under my unholy nose fresh fruity/floral lavender and spicy orange. The initial airy vibe seems to be aldehydic, fruity (orange, peaches), ozonic (a bit reminiscence about some tanning foams) and vaguely incensey (frankincense). The air around is dominated by the contrast between an heavenly sort of airy/ozonic lavender and the bitter/sweet prickliness by the chord of nutmeg, patchouli and cardamom (a bit kind of dry plums effect). The fruity/floral blue lavender is type of detergent one, conjuring faintly a general soapy "after shower" atmosphere. Tamed down the initial bitter/sweet pungency from the spicies the dry down becomes supremely soapy with hints of fluidy vetiver and cedarwood. In this stage emerges finally from the soapiness a virile woodsy sophistication (mastered most of all by the vetiver). This fragrance expresses some elements in common with scents like Must the Cartier pour Homme (with reminiscences about Gucci Envy) probably because of its spicy/airy soapiness. The final aroma itself is celestial but unfortunately i tend to perceive this type of scents a bit too much detergent/synthetic and this places this summery juice just one step under my full pleasure.

    17 January, 2013

    's avatar

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    Ciel is one of the best florals i've ever smelt. Unique. Great for summer. Dries down to a beautiful fruity/woody smell. It works well on a woman also, so for me it's unisex. Definetely worth it and thumbs up!

    01st December, 2012

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