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Ciel Man (2003)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Ciel Man

The name 'ciel' is derived from the Spanish word for sky, and captures the feeling of a spring morning.

Reviews of Ciel Man

To my nose this is primarily made up of base notes. I get the frankincense, patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood and the nutmeg notes.

The florals and the sweeter spices hide from my awareness. Perhaps they soften the bases, as this does not appear at all heavy to me, very light in fact.

The note tree is very evocative and seems quite balanced. I'd like to be inhaling how I would mix those individual items. What I am getting however is pretty much a linear wood and resin accord without complexity. So for the outrageous price, it's not worth the investment.

A shame to be spending so much money on pure ingredients without an end product to make it worth the expense.
02nd November, 2015
Atypical of the heavy, incense-laden house of Amouage, Ciel Man is a light, mainly floral fragrance, but it involves a good blend of seemingly a ton of notes. Lavender is the most dominant, dryer sheet / laundry soap note that is both strong at the opening and in the forefront throughout the fragrance's duration. Peach seems to be cited as one of the main notes, but I can barely detect it at all. Instead, citrus seems to be the only source of sweetness, and bergamot is the note that rounds this off. I don't see this is as spicy at all, but I give major credit for Ciel being able to embody several other genres: floral, woody, and fruity. It's not likely to offend, but not likely to amaze, either.

Ciel is a welcome departure for Amouage and certainly a deliberate warm weather entry, best for daytime use. It is symptomatic of the same value questions as the other Amouage frags, as its longevity and projection, while good for a summer EDP, nonetheless don't seem to merit the usual $230+ cost to own a bottle. Still, it succeeds as a summer fragrance more than most of their heavier fragrances do as winter fragrances because it is so agreeable and well-blended.

7 out of 10
15th April, 2015
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United States
Unlike Way Off Scenter, I don't find the opening pleasant at all, and instead agree with what Foetidus said: "I’m afraid Ciel for Him is a rather disappointing fragrance to me: First, its opening is unimpressive—a sharp, floral / herbal backed up by a light incense and cedar. The peach seems to enter into the opening also, creating what is to me a discordance that I find a touch unpleasant. I really can’t separate out the floral notes because it’s an amalgamated accord—blended to the point of seeming forced or artificial."

On another site, Dullah pointed out that there was a reformulation and that the earlier one was really bitter/sharp, so if that's true it may account for the big differences in some reviews. I had an old official sample and I'd guess it is the bitter/sharp formulation, if there was more than one. To me it's like sharp floral notes combined with a leftover ethnic food accord. I used a small amount, thinking that Amouage scents are strong, and I'm so glad I did because I don't know how sick I would have felt if more was applied. I then sprayed a pleasant "cheapo" underneath where I sprayed Ciel and that dominated it to the point where the unpleasant experience ended. I'd go for vintage Insense if I wanted this kind of thing, but so far I have only found these kinds of compositions to be quite unpleasant !
29th December, 2014
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United States
Sweet and smokey with a bold "punch-in-the-face" orange blossom and frankincense heart that pervades the air around the wearer for hours! Delightful, but very dominant fragrance. Sweet, spicy fruits underlying and occasionally come to the fore. Apple, peach, cinnamon, and nutmeg...something else...perhaps mace. Very much a gourmand scent, but that wonderful incense and smoke makes this dignified and masculine.
12th September, 2014
Genre: Fougère

Ciel opens with what have become masculine perfumery’s conventional fresh fruit and aromatic notes, quickly joined by sweet white flowers and a striking animalic note that I can’t readily identify. The flowers, particularly orange blossom, soon come to dominate, while the fruit persists bright and crisp contrast to the underlying animalic warmth. It takes some time for a very soft frankincense to reveal itself, carrying the scent in a much more individual direction.

Next to emerge is a very creamy sandalwood, followed by the merest dab of vetiver. The incense, wood and vetiver meld with the animalic note to form a very pleasantly sturdy foundation, atop which the floral and fruit notes play. Though very little of ozonic character appears, the scent retains a certain “moist” feel to it. There are also flashes of sweet spices, most noticeably nutmeg, but not enough to take the floral/fruit accord into mom’s pie territory. The floral notes recede ever so slowly during the extended drydown, eventually leaving a sweet, lightly spiced base of incense, woods, and vetiver.

Ciel is a lighter, brighter scent than either Dia or Reflection. It flirts more closely with the commonplace fresh fougère fragrances that have emerged in the wake of Creed’s Green Irish Tweed and Davidoff’s Cool Water, but distinguishes itself through its fine ingredients, complexity, and the interplay of animalic and fruity-floral elements. Ciel can be worn very much like Green Irish Tweed, and would make a nice alternative, especially for those who crave a little more spice and can accept a rather bluntly animalic men’s fragrance. (I think it would be easy for a woman to wear, too. )
11th June, 2014
This is a tricky one!
Sometimes you smell it and say, no, this is not masculine at all. but again a few minutes later some notes come in and push the scent to unisex or almost masculine side. then again they are gone and you have a completely feminine scent!
This fragrance opens up with strong aromatic note of lavender followed by some spices, bergamot, rose, jasmine and peach right after when you spraying it on!
The lavender note give the scent a sharp herbal and floral scent and very light spices giving the whole scent a little more masculine aroma.
I can smell other floral notes (jasmine and rose) that with peach and some sweetness together creating a unisex, almost feminine scent!
If there wasn't lavender with that sharp aromatic feeling and those weak spices, I'm quite sure you can easily put this fragrance in feminine section.
After a while and in the mid, the lavender and spicy notes settle down then at the same time rose and peach notes become stronger and with much stronger sweetness you will have a potent sweetness mixed with floral and fruity notes which is completely feminine!
Nothing masculine at at all!
But in the base, suddenly some woods and strong spicy notes came in and give that sweet floral fruity scent a really nice masculine kick!
You will have this combination to the end and the scent just gets smoother and weaker as time goes by.
It's not a masculine fragrance in my opinion.
It's something between unisex and feminine for me. It's pleasant though but personally I prefer not smell like this!
Both projection and longevity is insane!
23rd December, 2013

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