Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic (2003)
    by Lancôme

    • Launched: 2003
    • Type: Masculine
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian [Quest International]
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic Fragrance Notes

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    The mixed green-citrus opening is very nice, very Lancôme, soon to enter a green-herbal, slightly grassy and sweetish drydown. A light woodsy note with a touch of fruitiness then develops, with a very light vetiver undertone. Green, fresh, slightly sweet and more on the elegant side - but not aquatic. At times reminiscences of Ô de Lancôme are notable, but the base is a touch richer and has more wood notes, and is overall not as light as Ô is on my skin. Whilst it is not an extraordinary creation, it is definitely well-balanced and well-blended green-fresh spring scent. Decent silage and projection with five hours of longevity.

    21st March, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Lancôme Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is another very nice creation of Kurkdjian and one among few wonderful angels of Lancôme pour Hommes.

    Old Lancôme pour Hommes - they're not overdone in complexity, the longevity is good and projection is nice, moderate to good with an intriguing scent to match, unfortunately most of them are riddled by lack of sales that eventually led to the discontinuation.

    Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is no exception, green and clean with wet-grass like characteristics. Nice fragrance that presenting a slight herbacious notes in the opening together with fresh citric orange. Like vegetables stall, as flannelman have pointed before, but worry not for it will subdued into more vetiver and woody to be introduced to give more depths and overall touch and character. I definitely prefer this over Mugler Cologne.

    Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic is among Lancôme Angels, the cleanest and most innocent of all, however it might be advisable that you get a bottle immediately if you like it

    27 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Cant wait to give this a wear next Spring. Right up there with great Spring-weather scents like OV, Mugler Cologne, L'eau par Kenzo, Greenergy, Live Jazz, Gendarme, Central Park, Geir, etc... An excellent Floral/Grassy fragrance that like the original Miracle Homme, has a creamy quality to it. Very light and casual, nice addition to any wardrobe looking for a little green.

    02 November, 2011 (Last Edited: 15 January, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    This is like mowing the lawn in a tuxedo. There is a very fresh astringent quality with a backdrop of refinement and elegant clarity. I've only worn it once, and a friend said it smelled "yummy." If it weren't for the freshly cut "grassy" aspect, I'd give it a thumbs up.

    24 April, 2010

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    This starts out almost like a woman's perfume at first, but an immediate drydown I can smell a cream and the green fern and luckily this finally settles down to a very subtle and close scent that i don't mind wearing. But the initial spray will clear some sinuses - smells like an Avon or Estee Lauder perfume at first spray to me at first though sorta kills it for me.

    However, fresh out of the shower, spray on, then dry off, relax, take your time THEN put on a t-shirt; this is perfect for warm, dry weather. Humidity will alter it's smell - at least on my skin - and will stay way too perfume-y.

    13 June, 2009

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    Perhaps this is Lancome's finest modern men's scent. Don't be fooled by the Aqua title into thinking this is a marine/aquatic scent. It is not. It does smell like a fougere though it is not. More on that later. What it is an ode to green peppers, grass, refined wood and touch of spice. A ripe, freshly cut green pepper dominants the opening. Anybody who's sliced open a pepper will know the aroma. There's a touch of grass(vetiver) which combined with the green pepper produces a "fern" like smell to my nose. But this is no fougere. Perhaps the perfumers having a bit of fun with "fern" but wearing this does pep up one's spirits. The base comes fairly quickly which is dominated by gaiacwood & cedar. The gaiacwood here is rich yet never too strong. The woody notes blend wonderfully with the fresh green notes to make this close to a masterpiece. Perfect for summer/spring days in the sun. I tend to overspray on this one as it's a bit weak on my skin, but otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend this scent to those who want a fresh, summery scent without the usual cliches and baggage of most men's fragrances.

    22 September, 2008

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