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Chez Bond (2003)
by Bond No. 9


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Year of Launch2003
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBond No. 9
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About Chez Bond

A range of 16 fragrances for men and women, each representing different districts of New York. More information here.

Chez Bond fragrance notes

Reviews of Chez Bond

I absolutely love the tea!

Personally, I find this has good longevity also.

I am not a fragrance expert. Just a guy who really enjoys that tea note!

So glad to have a bottle of this good stuff.
30th January, 2017
Like other reviewers have mentioned, a slightly softer version of GIT. Lasts all work day and projects nicely but is behind GIT in both departments. Despite it not being GIT, a great scent nonetheless and something I would wear and enjoy very much.
13th January, 2017
Greener and perhaps sharper version of Green Irish Tweed. Slightly different composition notes and Chez Bond seems to be less springtime green and more violet, tea and citrus green, however the similarities are unmistakable.

I've always thought Bond took higher end success fragrances (Creed) and knocked them off with a slight twist and a kitsch bottle. Well Chez Bond is hard to overlook as evidence. This is a very good, high quality fragrance, and I don't doubt that I would enjoy wearing it. However, I love GIT and can't see replacing it with a knockoff, albeit a very good one.

A fragrance that's overdone, so not a buy for me, yet well done nonetheless.
09th October, 2015 (last edited: 05th November, 2015)
2/10 for uniqueness. It smells way too much like Green Irish Tweed.

Green Irish Tweed is arguably the most special fragrance out there in my opinion, and I love it. So therefore, I love the smell of Chez Bond and would totally wear it. But GIT did it first.

03rd September, 2015
Chez Bond's top notes are listed as citrus notes, with bergamot being the main operator from what I can tell, which, coupled with tea, provide the main duo for the entirey of the fragrance's life. Violet, sandalwood, and vetiver are each evident to me, as well, but it's really the bergamot and tea that create the fresh appeal for this warm weather fragrance. There is not much evolution to it, as it opens a little brighter and becomes a little softer over time

Like Brooklyn, I'm not inclined to reach for Chez Bond as a warm weather fragrance purchase from Bond, partly as I think their cold weather EDPs seem to be better expressed than their warm weather offerings. This is a superior entry to Brooklyn, though, and may be closer to what I'd hope to get out of their line, though like many other Bonds, it's made more affordable by FragranceNet.

Projection and longevity are decent, but nothing to write home about, as I've gotten better of both from Creed's warm weather offerings (not that this is a house war...just for a point of reference to other niches). Target use for me would be a warm weather day, and it works pleasantly for a man, but could certainly work for a woman as well.

The comparisons to Creed's Green Irish Tweed are valid, as Chez Bond is a very natural, green fragrance with a citrus/floral/woody balance, and the two fragrances are comparable, price-wise. I'd probably say that GIT is slightly fresher-smelling, but I'd really need to compare them at the same time to have more conviction than that.

Overall, a worthy competitor to GIT and an indisputably fresh option to reach for on the EDP/niche side, particularly if the tea element isn't too androgynous for the wearer. Like GIT, not one I'd necessarily buy but an interesting option for warm weather use.

6 out of 10
31st March, 2015
Like others said, it does smell like Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed. As far as quality goes, it's right in between. Not as good as Creed's but I think this one brings a nice perspective take on the popular formula. It's much softer and smoother with the tea notes. Not as bright, fresh, strong, original, animated or as good overall as GIT, but still an overall good blend in its own right.

03rd February, 2015

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