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Oland (1970)
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Year of Launch1970
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Oland is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 1970

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Side by side with the excellent 1975 Etienne Aigner this scent may seem Old Fashioned, however the structure, colour and statement is similar enough to have it share a relationship. Perhaps Olander is an older brother who was farmed out to the country in his youth lacking some little bit of Sophistication of the younger.
The Aigner is slicker,rounded and carries a richer more complex drydown and polish. A scent of the well-heeled Leather set City set.
Oland is well worth a try, as it trades rather inexpensively.

The Aigner is almost extinct.
15th November, 2017
Avon Oland is probably one of the best masculines of Avon's 60's through 70's period. It was made at a time when the door-to-door perfume giant was really trying to make headway with the male market amidst a rising tide of male-aimed fragrances from perfume houses high and low abroad, but in the US where Avon ruled, had still mostly been the province of the barbershop, apothecary, or drugstore. Past efforts like the original Avon for Men (1949) and 'Vigorate (1957) had been simplistic, but with Avon's first fully-realized men's fragrance line Tribute for Men (1963), Avon proved ready to go toe-to-toe with rivals like Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Yardley, Coty, and the like. A slew of really unique and fairly high-quality scents followed, with a few strange failures along the way, but with the rate Avon has always pumped out new scents, it really didn't matter. Oland was coming out of the gate in 1970, the beginning of a decade that would see an equal number of hits and misses for Avon masculines, with some of the shameless derivation Avon would become known for among it's masculines starting to appear. Oland itself was a strong creative force however, presaging soapy and floral leather scents by a few years with it's top notes, and factoring in that vintage bay rum feel for the mature men of the day that weren't ready for the future. The best way to describe Oland is as a faux-Scandinavian take on the bay rum trope, with some leathery base notes and woods, undoubtedly to offer a cheaper alternative to Kanøn (1966), but really smells nothing like it.

Oland opens with a lemon, lime, bergamot, sage, and bayberry, which is where it gets it's bay rum comparison. It's a very similar opener to the much late Stetson by Coty (1981), except that scent would head in a might brighter and more floral direction. Stetson could almost be Oland's offspring, free from it's legacy elements and rife with androgynous components that ironically belie it's cowboy countenance. Oland has no such complexity nor contradiction of form versus purpose, and plows ahead with orris, cedar, bay leaf, and carnation in the heart. The base here is amber, labadnum, oakmoss, leather, and tobacco, which instantly takes it in darker direction after the soapy orris simmers down. Oland is the smell of a man in a smoker's jacket holding a night cap, listing to some old swing on his turntable. Oland doesn't have a lot of secrets, and isn't terribly sophisticated, but it's clearly masculine and suave, being sweeter than the average male-aimed scent of the day but still rich enough to assert itself. One can almost see the DNA between this and the feminine chypres of old, but while stuff like the later aforementioned Stetson was really just a re-skin of roaring 20's feminine chypre design for a man, Oland seems to borrow less-heavily from that time and blends the chypre idea with a compromise between a more aromatic scent and a full-on nostril-opener. Seems Avon learned it's lesson after the fairly divisive Avon Leather (1966) and instead tried to incorporate some the those ideas from that scent into a masculine with wider appeal for the day. Oland has one foot in the 60's for that reason, and one foot in the direction that the 70's would be known for with male perfumery.

Oland also bears a close resemblance to the later Jacomo Eau Cendrée (1974), and Etienne Aigner No. 1 (1975) both with their leathery aspects and aromatic elements, but the Eau Cendrée goes darker and drier than Oland with more vetiver, while Aigner veers further away from the thick and sweet bay rum and orris one-two of Oland and tries to be rounder and more complex, both leaving the high street aspects of Oland behind for something closer to The Pall Mall or Savile Row. If baroque, unmistakably masculine scents like Oland coming on like a room full of bearded, barrel-chested men dressed in turtle necks with smoking pipes sounds like your ideal, Oland is definitely for you. If you're less Grizzly Adams and more Roger Moore, then you might want to skip this one, as there's nothing really classy about it, but it is just tremendously comfortable in it's masculinity. Oland is likely my favorite Avon masculine from this period, tied only with stuff like Avon's own Tai Winds (1972) and Avon Black Suede (1980), which would serve as the opposite bookend for the decade and be another chypre worth checking out, but leaning more towards oriental spice and leather. Oland seems more inspirational to other houses than anyone really mentions, especially how you see it's vibes repeated in altered form throughout the 70's, but unlike the Avon blockbuster masculine Wild Country (1967), neither Oland or any of them would survive the passage of time, which is a shame. Oland is best worn in the comfort of your own home, or a casual day of errands. It's the kind of scent that doesn't need context or purpose, but isn't flashy enough for a night out, or sophisticated enough for formal attire. At best, this could be an office scent, but unless you want your days at the office to feel like a rerun of Colombo, I'd probably not wear it there either. One thing's for certain, there isn't much out there like it, and it's the kind of scent you never forget regardless of how you feel about it, as it's both familiar and unique all at once. Avon just doesn't even try to make them like this anymore. Great stuff!
15th September, 2017 (last edited: 15th April, 2018)
Stardate 20161208:

Old style leather and spice and some stale cigarette ash. Stetson type.
For the price a no brainer.
08th December, 2016
A very soapy Aramis with some Bay Rum and more spices thrown into it.
If you like barbershop fragrances, this is for you, and plus the strong soapy vibe that makes it an emblem barbershop scent.
Not as well constructed as Aramis, but I do like it better, but not by too much.
It is very difficult to find it, so if you have not experienced this very unusual fragrance, you will probably never do, although you can see it in ebay.
Not good enough for a thumbs up, but decent enough to get a high neutral.
13th April, 2013
Over the years, Avon has created countless so-so fragrances. But hey, I am most certainly not blaming them. These very simple perfumes were dirt-cheap and they made it possible for many people to smell reasonably good at an affordable price. In the bunch, however, there were quite a few nice ones. I believe Oland is one of them. My mother gave me a black pot-belly stove bottle of Oland when I was 17, in 1971. I wore it all the time to go ballroom dancing and all the women swooned over this unpretentious and inexpensive EDT. Back then, I did not like Oland that much. I thought it was too dry and too old for me. At the time, I prefered fresher and zestier fragrances. I haven't been around Oland for close to 40 years and I still remember very clearly what that fragrance smelled like. I wish I could find it now. I would proudly wear it again.
16th October, 2011

I just discovered that a good bottle of Oland is almost identical to Old Spice's "Burley" from 1967-1968. It's a clone, just like Avon's "Spicy" was a near exact duplicate of Shulton's original formula Old Spice.
12th March, 2011 (last edited: 22nd July, 2016)

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