Allure Homme Sport (2004)
    by Chanel

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    A fresh scent in a metallic bottle created by 258s, inspired by Chanel's J12 watch.

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    As a dedicated Creed wearer (Baie de Geneivre and Original Vetiver) my standards are high. Recently on a sampling spree I bought samplers of the highest recommended frags in the industry and found them all but several to be unacceptable. As for all those dime-a-dozen fresh frags, I ditched them all after chastising myself for being so gullible to believe the reviewers who themselves must have been victims to sheer marketing hype. I'm sorry, but those fresh frags ALL smell the same (loud and cheap) to my nose which is, incidentally, a Creed-born hardcore nose. And then, middle-spree, there arrived a small discreet package in the mail, the inside of which contained a small sampler of Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

    I promptly sprayed more than I intended to (2 sprays) on my arm and thought "shower time 'cause this is surely headache en route".. but something crazy happened. Instead of a blast of loudness that wouldn't go away, that cologne fell in love with my skin, sank deep beneath the surface and quickly became the me I was seeking. Minimal alcohol content, maximum soul - discreet, controlled but oozing inner beauty and ultimate craftsmanship. THIS was the long-elusive scent I had been subliminally searching that point, I knew, the search was over. Notwithstanding, I still wear my Creeds but this is the scent that I truly love. It smells like the gates of heaven when all the rushing is over.

    25 January, 2014

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    i was in the market for a signature scent i wanted a fresh aqueduct scent because they are very versatile. i went to my local cologne/perfume store and gave almost everything they had a shot allure homme sport stuck out the most out of many very great fragrances. but this isnt just another fresh aqueduct it has a smooth creaminess about it almost like lemon margarine pie but still has that signature fresh aqueduct lemon scent.....very nicely done.

    23 January, 2014

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    Well about 2 years back I tried the original Allure and loved it but honestly (maybe this is just how it comes off on my skin or doesnt match my personality) it smelled good but was a little too spicy and mature for me. So soon after I saw youtube reviews on the sport version and everyone said it was like a more youthful, fresh version of Allure so I decided to try it and to my surprise the reviews were dead on.

    This scent is just a beautiful blend of fresh,sexy,oranges up top and then when it dries down its more of a creamy, sexy scent with the orange smell still lingering in the background. My GF loves this stuff and is by far 1 of her favorite scents. Although this scent alone isnt my favorite id have to say this is overall my best fragrance based on how good it smells,compliments,longevity and sillage!!!

    29 December, 2013

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    Taiwan Taiwan

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    Good all year round scent

    When I first bought it, I needed a good summer scent. But as summer ended, I realized that it was one of the few scents that I could wear all year round because the top is great for warmer weather, but the middle and base notes work well too for the cooler months :)

    Also, it is a great compliment getter and won't offend the majority of people.

    Pros: Sillage, longevity, versatile, compliment getter

    11th September, 2013

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    Don't have a problem with this one. I can see why the general pop would enjoy it, it's got a nice citrus + sweet + this nutty kind of smell that is not offensive at all. It slightly reminds me of Bleu de Chanel w/o the woody and spicy and more sweet + nutty. Cool fragrance to have in your collection~

    Pros: Versatile
    Cons: Nada

    24 June, 2013

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    I've been a long-time fan of the original Allure and wish I'd tried Allure Sport earlier.  Allure seems like an unlikely scent to try to make into a sporty energetic flanker but Mr. Polge pulled it off.  On application there is a strong fresh citrus presence.  A lot of sporty aquatic-types come off as harsh and unpleasant on my skin but this one does not.  The citrus top slowly fades away but never completely disappears and the base is true to the original Allure.  Medium projection, good longevity.  Very nice.

    17 May, 2013

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