Rive Gauche pour Homme (2003)
    by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Over thirty years since the launch of the original female Rive Gauche fragrance, comes this woody-fougere masculine partner, courtesy of Tom Ford.
    Created by Firmenich's Jacques Cavallier (Issey Homme, Opium Homme, Ultaviolet Man). The scent is also available in an "intense" version, which is refillable and contains a stronger patchouli note.

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    Colin Maillard's avatar
    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    Solid, citrus-soapy opening on lavender, aromatic woods and musks. Bit of a calone metallic feel. A nice, trustworthy, safe and well-balanced contemporary fougère, which does what eau de cologne and fougères are made for – be a manly, gentle, elegant match to a self-confident grown-up man which just wants to smell nice and polite - I appreciate the fact that perfumers still care about that.


    15 April, 2014

    Kain's avatar
    Iran Iran

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    A really pleasant and good classic fragrance.
    The opening of this fragrance is a sharp semi fresh, spicy and herbal scent.
    It's really interesting for me because the opening remind me of my childhood and a hair shampoo that I was using it those days.
    This fragrance smell like shampoo and also soaps and yes, that barber shop that people keep talking about. yes!
    It's not a stunning smell but definitely it's a classic fragrance.
    In the dry down the semi fresh smell is gone and that spicy herbal note become stronger.
    It's sharp and spicy and you will realize that you need to watch out and don't use it in high heat and you should be easy on the sprayer!
    It's almost linear so the smell didn't change that much in the base.
    A nice clean, herbal and spicy scent which remind you of soaps and shampoos back in 80s and 90s.
    Projection is good and longevity is above average.

    27 February, 2014

    rum's avatar
    Greece Greece

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    No matter how many times I reach for my 'tin can' bottle of Rive Gauche, I can't really explain this scent. There's bergamot, lavender, rosemary, patchouli and geranium in this (vetiver is also listed but I don't get much of this). A lot going on at once and yet it smells divine! Many have described it as 'barbershop' or a classic 'fougere' ("fern") and others have mentioned the smell of shaving cream. My opinion is that it's all of the above. I've discovered it in the middle of winter and others have raved about how good it is in warmer weather as well, so I am desperate to try it then as well.

    I got a tin can version from a shop that had some old stock left. I don't usually believe in the hype of 'vintage' juices, but damn the new version of this one is RANK!! What happened YSL? There's more than one ingredient different to this juice now - it just goes to show that this is just simply not the same fragrance. I will always try to stock up on this stuff, so I suppose I'm partly responsible for the stupid prices that this is going for now online. I blame YSL though for their decision to reformulate this stuff and driving their own, once worthwhile product line into the ground. What a shame. Easily a top 5 scent for me.

    07 February, 2014

    reinhard5490's avatar
    Netherlands Netherlands

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    truly deserve its status

    The finest of aromatic fougere that ever existed, that name could be fitted into Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, which is now discontinued by Yves Saint Laurent itself. Left us wondering what's actually going on with these houses currently, keep discontinuing the good fragrances and launches a horde of new fragrance that far from memorable, let alone became a masterpiece.

    It's opened with weird notes; mostly anise and bergamot and makes me think like 'The hell. Nothing special' but when the cloves and lavender start to appears and followed by the rest, I start to change my mind 180. Rive Gauche is neither clean or dirty, it's both, and that's what makes Rive Gauche interesting. It's like yin and yang, the two polar that united into a single harmony; I notice there's a bit of sweet and smoky character in Rive Gauche as well, which is form a single symphony - Nothing heavy, it's smooth and charming, doesn't need to scream to make other people know it's presence; stays long and have great projection without getting overwhelming, the key in Rive Gauche is simple, less is more.

    Personally this fragrance shocked me more than just when I wear it, but also the people reaction towards it. It's barbershop feelings never offend anyone, and they all give good compliments, even those who get offended by something as simple as YSL L'Homme give a compliments! Could it be that this fragrance is impossible to be hated? probably. Either way, he's now vanished and left a golden imprint in history.

    score : ?????

    Pros: scent, longevity, character, projection
    Cons: hard to find, an acquired taste"

    20th October, 2013

    Unvisible's avatar
    United States United States

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    First, I think this is an amazing fragrance. Classic. Super versatile and not dated at all. But what a shame. YSL made this masterpiece and decided "let's repackage it in a new bottle that we will use for our other standard YSL's, put in half the amount we originally did, and double the price." Bad move. I have a sample of this, and I will not be buying a bottle.... ever. It is sad to see greed result in the death of a masterpiece. Consumers are on to this, and I imagine they won't be buying this for over $100 a bottle either. A+ for the smell, F for marketing and price.

    Pros: smells great
    Cons: new bottle design along with far less in quantity and a ridiculously high price"

    02 October, 2013

    necrosero's avatar
    Romania Romania

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    Barbershop smell

    This is a CLASSIC. Classic both in age and in terms of quality. If you like how shaving cream (that typical '90s shaving cream) smells, you will love Rive Gauche. It is clean, neat, orderly. Best suited with a white shirt put on after a long shower. Could easily be a signature scent, it will never offend anyone. It just smells good, and this is all that it does. Good longevity, medium projection, best worn by 35+ people in my opinion.

    Pros: Squeaky clean smell
    Cons: Somewhat dated and "mature""

    10th September, 2013

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