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Clean Perfume (2002)
by Clean


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyFusion Brands America > Dlish

About Clean Perfume

Clean Perfume is a feminine perfume by Clean. The scent was launched in 2002

Reviews of Clean Perfume

A gross mix of lemon pledge and windex. If you wear this, people will think you have been cleaning the house. It also smells like a moderately well maintained public bathroom. By far the worst perfume I have ever smelled.
22nd April, 2009
What is the point! An expensive way to smell like room freshener, shaving cream, and soap. Buy some Febreze, Barbasol, and Dial and you'll smell better than this.
22nd February, 2009

This one comes across as pretty synthetic. I get a definite hair spray type response from it – kind of artificial lemon but more pledge than actual. It’s a bit musky, a bit more powdery, and very sweet. I find the synthetics somewhat a turnoff, but it’s the sweetness that bothers me the most – it changes the fragrance from a boring to being annoying. It has very good longevity. I think the man’s version is better than this one.

21st November, 2008
I've tried several in this line and none of them for me. All are ridiculously overpriced for what they offer. I generally find the "clean, freshly-showered" category of scents uninteresting and these were no exception.

Clean smells like bar soap in a bottle. Plain and simple. It doesn't stink, but why pay $70 to smell like soap, when I can shower with a nice $7 bar of soap, enjoy the experience more, and still get the same effect? Not to mention the soap's scent will probably last longer on my skin than this fleeting scent.

14th September, 2008
I loved the concept of this perfume house and after smelling CLEAN bought a bottle immediately. It doesn't translate that well on me though and I must admit that although I like the powdery notes I am not a big fan. I feel that I smell of laundry detergent! I might buy the linen or room spray derivatives I won't wear the perfume again.
29th July, 2008
As opposed to many other reviewers I don't find similarity between this and Lemon Sugar. On my skin, Clean smells sharp, synthetic, and after-shavey. Not bad, certainly clean (not an organic skanky animalic molecule to be found!), and completely devoid of sweetness. In fact of all my fragrances it's probably the one I would think easiest to wear by a man. I used to love this more than I do now, and mainly used it as a pick-me-up at work. It's no longer effective in that regard (though Lemon Sugar IS!), but I still enjoy some aspects of this fragrance--the way it softens on my skin and slowly becomes all powdery and laundered! Like I've been through the wash cycle!
02nd July, 2008

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