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Crypt (2002)
by The Goth Rosary


Crypt information

Year of Launch2002
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseThe Goth Rosary
PerfumerAnti Sally

About Crypt

Crypt is a shared / unisex perfume by The Goth Rosary. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Anti Sally

Reviews of Crypt

Genre: Floral

The provocative name attaches to a one-trick synthetic immortelle that smells just like artificially flavored "maple" syrup. Crypt is creepy only if you have a phobia of breakfast condiments. It eventually dries down to a conventional sweet amber base, but with an off-putting sour note behind it. Returns to the tomb within a half-an-hour, not to be heard from again.

Not something I'm going to exhume.
11th June, 2014
There is a plus to this stuff but oh so many negatives. This is really vile stuff it literally stinks of dirty old washing machine water, fusty not in a good way. I can not smell the moss or marble as described it just smells rancid. I tried for hours to wash away the smell but it just would not go and it was so strong I felt dirty wearing this my family would not come near me saying I smell like I have been rolling in bin water. Now the lady who makes these is a lovely person...maybe I just got a dud I don't know but's so the worst fragrance I have ever smelled or owned and I own and have smelled quite a lot. Now I will give the plus and negatives.

+ This fragrance has great Silage.
+ This Fragrance has the best longevity ever.

- This Fragrance has great Silage....unlucky people.
- This Fragrance has the best Longevity ever....please just wash off me..go anything!
- It reeks like old bin water that is just left out in the sun
- The Worst smell ever.
- Does not smell like described or a crypt...unless the crypt is by a dump.
27th March, 2014
baubo Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This review is based on the solid perfume.
Dust-dry, a touch of cedar, maybe cypress. There is nothing damp or musty about this; a mainstream company could have easily called it 'Granite' or some such. Suprisingly good sillage and longevity developing to a touch of sweetness. Suitable for m/f, suitable for office wear.
01st January, 2009
Well, green_man said it all. A subtle mossy green note combined with a stone mineral note nicely balanced. The combination is unique and I find the accord quite natural. It smells like mountain climbing in the sun — the lichens and the rocks giving off their wonderfully discreet odors. Come to think of it, it’s actually even more abstract than that, it’s almost as if I’m not wearing a fragrance, but simply mirroring the smells of that natural world I so much enjoy — it smells so fresh and natural. I get very little sweetness - sometimes having dry skin is an advantage. Crypt is satisfyingly pleasurable, and it would be an excellent office scent. A major downside is that it is very short lived... but then again, considering its name, is that really a surprise?
15th October, 2007
According to Goth Rosary Crypt is "Surrounded, haunting... the smell of moss clinging to a marble Mausoleum..." I just received my 2oz bottle today, and concur with that description. I can't describe the scent, but it changes and is very dynamic. It is a wonderful mix of faint, pleasant smelling moss and a cold stone smell. It does offer mental images of an ancient crypt. The smell is intriguing, and I truly enjoy it. I am no goth, by any means, and I believe that anyone could wear this fragrance. It seems a bit masculine to me, but it is no way overpowering or heavy. If anything, on my dry skin, the fragrance isn't quite strong enough. I really enjoy the way the fragrance will almost slip away from you for a bit, and then you get another hit of it before you forget that you're wearing it. After I use this bottle, I will definitely be ordering more from AntiSally (the owner of Goth Rosary). What a wonderful change of pace... Highly recommend this one!
10th January, 2006

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