Firefly (2003)
by Demeter Fragrance Library


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Year of Launch2003
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDemeter Fragrance Library
Parent CompanyFreedom Marketing Group

About Firefly

Firefly is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library. The scent was launched in 2003

Reviews of Firefly

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Crisp, fresh, green wet and dew-dripping grass with earth, soil. Nice, but linear. A slightly rotten undertone. Evoking summer’s in the grass, nature.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity on my skin.

Bright and summery, but very linear. Quite synthetic. Well-made in principle, less rich than Geoffrey Beene’s Bowling Green but vivid enough. It has limited longevity, but so do have fireflies. 3.5/5.
30th November, 2017
kankri Show all reviews
United States
A very static fragrance, Firefly smells like freshly-cut grass and insect guts. Or is that insect repellent? One of the two, to me. Wet, cool, and freshly ozonic. Firefly doesn't really remind me of fireflies or the catching of them, though it definitely brings me somewhere outdoors, sometime nighttime.

I'm not really a fan of this, though. While the way it smells is almost repellent to me (mainly the part reminiscent of dead bugs), I can't say I dislike it. I probably would if it were more powerful, but it wears very close and disappears very quickly, so it's really unnoticeable unless your nose is right up to the skin. When you smell it from so close, Firefly seems strangely powerful. It seems odd it would have such poor sillage.

And about the lasting power: Firefly, much like its namesake, doesn't last long. I'd estimate it hangs around for an hour or two before disappearing. But it is inexpensive, so I'd recommend anyone who's interested in the idea to try it.

04th January, 2013
For me, this scent has a very specific referent: those segmented, plastic trays of flowers that nurseries sell in the spring. Subtle floral notes compete with the loamy scent of wet, pillow-soft, mica-flecked soil, and I swear that I detect a note of chemical fertilizer, like TruGreen, whispering beneath. Powerfully evocative of suburban childhoods (and quite possibly other kinds of childhoods as well!).
28th March, 2009
A gentle breeze in the fresh night air, sweet green grass, moist earth, aaahhh one of the best smelling memories I have!
20th January, 2009

This one has immediately become my favorite Demeter. It recalls such vivid memories of my being three or four years old and, with my little buddies, getting bored with the baseball game at the village park and, still under the watchful eyes of our mothers, running off to catch fireflies, which we weren’t very good at. By the time we were adept enough to effectively catch fireflies, we were more interested in the game – sort of prepared us for some of the ironies of life. This scent is the humid summer night in the village park – the clean, grass scented air, the moist earth, the water-heavy air. I even get a picture of what the skies looked like in those days… the billions of multicolored stars; the discernable – even to a four year old – Milky Way; and on those extra special times, the Northern Lights. Within five days of sampling Firefly, I had my own bottle, and I love it. Like most Demeters, it doesn’t last long on the skin, but it does last longer when sprayed on clothing. I think it is more a masculine scent than a feminine one, but I remember there were always a couple girls or three joining in the firefly chase back then so girls are allowed.

10th October, 2008
This one is supposed to have the feel of a summer night, and it has a nice blend of grass, earth and dust mixed in to make a very unique and accurate scent. It probably won't smell exactly as evenings as you remember them as everyplace smells different but it is still a very pleasant and memorable scent. My only problem with it is the fact that while Demeters aren't known for their lasting power, most usually linger a bit even if faintly. This one after spritzing is gone pretty quickly. If you are looking for something slightly similar but with better staying power check into Thunderstorm.
12th April, 2008

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