Narciso Rodriguez for Her (2003)
    by Narciso Rodriguez

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    This is a review on EDP; the pink bottle.

    My favourite perfume at the moment.
    It is unique & sexy. It has prominent rose & orange blossom notes but it’s not like a typical old lady’s scent; with the musky base notes, it is feminine and sensual and definitely for the women with confidence. It has really luxurious floral scents and smells absolutely beautiful on me.

    Years ago, in early spring, when I was strolling around Valencia city (Spain) enjoying the lit up historical buildings in the night, I ended up in the plaza with several stalls selling flowers. All the colourful spring flowers were radiant in the dark and, as I passed them, I was enveloped in the composite of floral scents filling the air. This fragrance reminds me of the magical feeling of that night.

    I adore it!

    25 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I read the many rave reviews on this perfume and after a long consideration ,I decided to take the plunge and buy it without ever trying this on .I purchased the Gift Set from Nordstrom that includes the EDT 3.4 ounces,Purse Mini Spray 10ml, and body cream 30 ml.I was quite nervous about loving this, as I paid $109. Well,I have to say that I am pretty happy with this perfume and it is a lovely, enchanting fragrance. Very woodsy, sulky and musky, definately fall/winter/evening perfume. However...........This is an almost identical fragrance to another perfume which I simply adore, Believe by Britney Spears. Only, Believe does not develop into a lingering barber's shaving cream smell at the dry down . I have no idea why this is, maybe the tactile musk/solar musk blend?I have to admit that Narsico Rodruiqez EDT appears to be a softer, creamier and overall more well rounded/ subtler version of Believe by Britney Spears. It has somewhat soapy, shampoo-y finish . I love patchouli and in both perfumes patchouli is quite pronounced ,much more so in Believe. Believe is sharper and less complex, yet I still found it to be more feminine that NR. Would I buy NR EDT for Her again?I am not sure. I would probably buy its sibling Believe by Britney Spears instead, that is much better value for money at $40 for 3.4 ounces and also has better staying power.Would I enjoy wearing NR for Her?Definately,it is a good perfume,just not something I am insanely crazy about.

    16 November, 2013

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    Tried this out at Sephora in the rollerball version. I was taken by surpriseat first sniff. It was really interesting and different from most of the fragrances that Canadian Sephora carries. The top notes are my favourite part of the whole thing.

    And then it quickly falls apart. It started smelling really synthetic, and it reminded me of some cheap hair products.

    Does anyone know a good alternative that smells like the top notes of NR for Her?

    13 May, 2013

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    EDT. Really nice. Feminine, but could easily be worn by a daring male.

    15 April, 2013

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    Shouts it is a Kurkdjian work, has signature of him overall. It reminds me a mix of Lumiere Noire pour Homme&pour Femme, but of course leaning to the feminine side. Very classy and women who discover and wear this is very lucky (NR being not very popular brand here in my land)

    27 March, 2013

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    I think this scent is delightful. Light, sexy, with just a tiny bit of sparkle.

    Yes, it smells delightful--in the bottle.

    It smells nonexistent on my skin. I can barely smell anything. Other people can barely smell anything. They have to jam their noses right up against my skin to smell anything at all--a ghost of a scent. Heartbreaking.

    I have ben reduced to obsessively sniffing the bottle for my high.

    This is no way to live.

    15 December, 2012

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