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Rose (1988)
by Czech & Speake


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseCzech & Speake

About Rose

Rose is a feminine perfume by Czech & Speake. The scent was launched in 1988

Reviews of Rose

Crisp, green and... rosey, albeit with a marked geranium bent. No complaints from me, but if given three seconds I could name other roses I'd rather wear for their greater worldliness: Une Rose (Frederic Malle), Paestum Rose (Eau d’Italie), Nahéma (Guerlain), Rose Poivrée (The Different Company), Incense Rosé (Tauer), Black Aoud (Montale), Rose 31 (Le Labo).
18th July, 2012
Rose water over something soapy; perhaps a sprinkle of sandalwood dust if one is trying really hard. Nice enough, but a bit too simple to be a perfume. It’s a cologne, they claim, but a bottle of rosewater may do just as well.
13th July, 2012
wonderful and very natural smell of rose with a soft patchouli at the background that is throwing off sparks on a low heat. It has a clean/soapy quality mixed with a slight retro feeling that makes it very comfortable and enjoyable.
I love it!
07th April, 2012
Opens up with a nice green and leafy note. The rose begins to creep in, but is a more subtle and lighter rose than used in C&S dark rose. This one stays the course fairly well and doesn’t stray much from the green and light rose vibe. It is enjoyable, though definitely very feminine. While it isn’t something I could wear I think it would be fantastic on a woman. Foe me, thumbs neutral, but for a woman this would be thumbs up.
13th September, 2011
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United States
This opens up with a very green, tart leafy note. A small, pink rose bud of a note slowly drifts in. The green note stays throughout the scent, with the slow drydown a greenish, woody soft and subtle close. The green opening is very tart, but the green of the drydown is dusted with a patch note, retaining the herbal qualities and adding to the woody effect.
This is a soft, straightforward pink rose fragrance. I enjoyed this, but possibly not for the price that this goes for.
21st May, 2011
This isn't so much a rose as anticipation of a rose. To me it's like a tight pale pink rose bud that is just beginning to unfurl it's petals.

When I was small I used to try and pull apart the petals on these to get to that mysterious 'something' inside, of course I just destroyed the flower and never found it's heart. I killed the goose that layed the golden egg.

I'm waiting, waiting for that rose to open and the anticipation is killing me, but just as it begins to throw itself open it rains heavily, bruises, turns brown and begins to decay before it ever reached the height of its beauty.

It's a little green, a little sappy, a little sour and a little rotten, but by no means unpleasant. I do pick up a little carnation.

Lasting power is not great, I have compensated by over-spraying and believe me, it IS possible to overdo this. I get a very positive reaction from strangers, people start looking around for the source of the scent and when it's been located I get big beaming smiles !

Best applied little and often, it's very unfortunate that they only make this in whopping great bottles as a purse spray of this would be ideal for touch ups. Czech & Speake really are missing a trick with their insistence on magnum-size containers.

I like it, but there are other glorious rose fragrances around, and I'm not sure I can justify the expense that a bottle of that size demands.
16th October, 2010

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