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Very Sexy for Him 2 (2003)
by Victoria's Secret


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Year of Launch2003
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HouseVictoria's Secret
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About Very Sexy for Him 2

Very Sexy for Him 2 is a masculine fragrance by Victoria's Secret. The scent was launched in 2003

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Reviews of Very Sexy for Him 2

Victoria's Secret may have had a success on their hands with their first masculine scent, titled "Very Sexy for Him" back in 2001, but they tried a little too hard in this follow-up from 2003, and it unfortunately saw the axe come down only after a few short years. It's difficult to say if the original spawned a new trope, because it was one of the earliest of it's type to mix an almost floral sweetness with woods, mild spices, and tons of fruit juicy citrus right in the front, which was copied many a time over by a lot of other US-based mid-level designers a year later, including Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole. They would all get the axe too, but the original Very Sexy for Him would carry on, perhaps because it was subtle enough to work respectably within it's context, or because it had carved out a niche within the Victoria's Secret client base. Regardless, this follow-up came two years later in almost identical packaging with a box bottle covered by a larger chrome box cap, but with a lighter blue glass and a "2" next to the name like it was saying "Very Sexy Squared", which makes for an ironic joke due to the packaging design. The Bauhaus Box of Women-Pleasing Man Smells would receive this lighter yet somehow stiffer younger brother who was destined for failure, as it did most things larger than the first, except the things that made the first likeable.

Very Sexy for Him 2 opens up with the same sweet citrus of tangerine and lime, but is joined by juniper this time around and amped up about twice as loud. It still doesn't reach the shrill levels that some citrus and woods ozonics from this period would reach, but the opening overpowers the floral and herbal heart of geranium, white sage, and pepper also returning from the original. Cardamom, white musk, and amber round out the bottom, with no smoky vetiver in sight like the original had, throwing this off as those squeaky top notes manage to follow down through the weak middle into the bottom, leaving you with a 2000's Blenheim Bouquet (which had no heart notes) that doesn't have even an iota of the same elegance and class as that venerable niche scent. It's still pleasant and perfectly wearable on the job or as a casual smell, but there really isn't anything "very sexy" about a citrus and musk bomb with some flowers and herbs to make it less linear. The original Very Sexy for Him was just powdery and smokey enough to still have a bit of body which is probably why it outlived most others in it's 2000's class, while this just storms the castle with sheer ozonic bombast then softens to a skin scent that could more or less just be a BOD spray with beefed up longevity. If you absolutely love 2000's citrus ozonics, you can't do wrong by this and it's still plentiful plus cheap despite being discontinued as nobody really wants it.

I honestly got this by mistake when I had used up my first bottle of Very Sexy and the sales person behind the counter convinced me this was the same scent, which I was too young and gullible at the time to question despite the different bottle color and the presence of a "2" next to the name. I ended up feeling betrayed and gave this away after some time, and buying the original again. I don't hate this, but it really does edge close to that "personal Windex" joke I like to make about a lot of designer masculines from the 2000's since it pretty much fits that alcohol, citrus, flowers, and musk profile. It wears a lot better in the summer than the original Very Sexy, but I'd just the same use an aquatic, a pine-based scent like Pino Silvestri, or a mid-century aromatic chypre for that purpose if I needed something sweat-resistant. I can't give this a thumbs down because it's not cheap-smelling nor a bomb that needs scrubbing, it's just an exercise of what happens when you follow market research too closely and use demographics to conjure up your next release, which is something big designers are still doing now. Bath and Body Works also became a member of the corporate umbrella that owns The Limited and Victoria's Secret around the time of this release, so maybe that had something to do with the shift in quality, since most Bath and Body Works masculines are just terribly generic and thin, so who knows? This one is purely for completists or somebody who likes the word "harmless" being used to describe a fragrance. "Very Harmless for Him 2" is an appropriate name for this, and I'll stand behind that.
15th January, 2018
This is a weak and rather synthetic offering from Victoria Secret. With no projection nor longevity. Considering it is discontinued I am sure what is being sold online is at a much higher price than what the juice is worth. Unless you are looking of an "after the gym" scent to get you through the rest of the day I would avoid. Simply not worth it.
27th June, 2016
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
no longevity whatsoever. very run of the mill 90's fougere. decent smellin but terrible longevity and sillage. lasts less than an hour.
07th March, 2013
The Secret is out... "For Him 2" is a pleasant man's fragrance that lacks longevity...

Ok... You have to try them all...!! While shopping for Sweetie in Victoria's Secret, I picked up a bottle of Very Sexy For Him 2 - hold the comments, please..!! Based on how the tester smelled, I decided, "what the heck..!!" I have finally got around to try it...

Him 2 comes out of the bottle with notes of the outdoors, water, and floral. It finishes with notes of evergreen and floral. A nice blend that is pleasant to the nose. There has been some comparison to Versace Eau Fraiche - not sure I get that - Eau Fraiche is in my Top 5 (out of a collection of over 300 bottles). The projection/sillage is weak and the longevity is below average. Following the initial application, the fragrance is a disappointment. Following the initial application, you may get favorable comments, i.e. the Wow Factor, but that chance diminishes as the day progresses.

The bottle is a cool design in which the cap serves as a placement holder for the bottle should you decide to use it that way. The packaging is above average. The price/value is not up to par - there are plenty of fragrances out there on-line or at discount stores with better scents at a lower price.

My final tally of Him 2 is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Only recommended if you purchase at the store - "from what I am told" (i.e. Sweetie may be reading), the scenery is not bad..!! Enjoy life...
05th December, 2012
To me, initially Very Sexy For Him 2 smells like a light version of Versace Man Eau Fraiche, then it turns into something spicy almost like a light oriental. It has little by way of projection. Its longevity is somewhat confusing - the six sprays I put under my clothes disappeared after four or five hours, but the spray I put on my wrist is still there with some strength as I write this 15 hours later.

The bottle states "Cologne Spray" like numerous other American made EDT bottles have written on them (e.g. Tommy and Michael Jordan). I'm not sure how other reviewers have drawn the conclusion that Very Sexy For Him 2 is thus necessarily an Eau de Cologne.
26th May, 2012
Initially the fragrance smells nice, but it lasts a solid 5 minutes. After an hour, i cant even smell it when i bury my face in my arm. Dont expect any compliments from this unless you take off the top and pour it on yourself. Even then you would be lucky to get an hour and a half of longevity, with 30 minutes of projection. If they made a EDT version i would consider purchasing it, but with the price being what it is, this fragrance IS A JOKE!!!! it's a good thing it is no longer in production.
28th January, 2011

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